Republicans Push Legislation To Ban All Oil Imports From Iran

Who are the evil doers?

Who are we going to scold and punish today with sanctions?

How much inflation can we live with to punish all the wicked people who live in distant foreign countries? How much are we willing to pay in record high gas prices for more clarity?

Note: The United States isn’t a safe place to do business or invest money.


  1. Iran just launched a satellite from a portable launcher. They are very ready for ZOG aggression it seems. One conventional missile on the secret non-existent nuclear facility in Palestine would have serious consequences for the local parasite population.

  2. The moral panic is for the fart sniffers/narcissists, the real plot is more great reset/replacement through manufactured crises. They also bet the farm on their climate scam nest egg and they’re going to get that PHAT return just like the fat wealth transfer they got from the scamdemic vaccine mandates, Americans, Ukrainians/Russians, Arabs, Iranians, Canadians, Mexicans, Europeans, f*** em all.

  3. My guess is 95% of Republican voters are going to vote MOAR HARDERER in the fall for the Ukraine-supporting Republican line-up like Miss LIndsey and Bitch McConnell. Land of Consumers, Home of Slaves.

  4. Just as in the past, those who have forsaken God, God will forsake.

    For those of you who believe, plan accordingly. Get a passport, invest in some tangible/fungible assets in another country, pay off all bills (if possible) and start the process of becoming self-sufficient. We may need to petition our little burb to allow chicken coops within the city’s limits, and not just on the outskirts.

    • “chicken coops”:

      Didn’t you know? Avian flu is about, in the U.S. homeland in 2022. Some very large commercial flocks have been destroyed in several states and even very small hobby flocks (as few as eight hens) are being destroyed if they are found to be, or thought to be, infected. Without increasingly strict biosecurity measures, pesticides, vaccines and medications, modern commercial agriculture, especially factory-scale production of meat, milk and eggs will quickly fail. They really don’t want you to have the chickens, but in the meantime there is profit to be made selling supplies to backyard hobbyists. Self-sufficiency inside the over-populated belly of the capitalist Beast is a mirage.

  5. Too bad Venezuela and Iran need the empire’s petro$hekel, otherwise they could gleefully tell the JewSA to f**k off.

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