Stephen Colbert: A Clean Conscience Is Worth a Buck Or Two

PMCs have no clue what they are starting here.


    • 75 million, 100 million. Does it matter? Most Americans will never see 1 million in their lifetimes.

    • F***in eh. Shitpants telling America that 10 dollar a gallon gas is worth the sacrifice to protect freedom anywhere but here, when they charge all their expenses to the tax payer, pisses me the **** off. If the white house and congress exploded with all the craven politicians, I would sleep like a baby.

  1. It must be nice to earn $15 milion a year, and brag about having a clear conscience about paying $4.00 a gallon for gas.

  2. For someone that used to put out an article or 2 a day Comrade Brad is a regular Hemingway now with his prodigious written output – perhaps a position in the nomenklatura is in the offing.

  3. Moral fagging. Its the thing everyone hates the most in their leaders because we all know they are hypocrites, and that only we truly bear the cost of their poor leadership, or malicious social engineering.

  4. Our overlords have become way too disconnected to us and can no longer relate to the gen pop. This is not a good situation.

  5. Folks, please read Mein Kampf.

    It’s available in English on the web (for now).

    Although it’s tailored to Germany’s specific situation and solution at a comparable time, 99% of your questions are answered there.

    Frankly, it’s a political/cultural cookbook. A veritable Betty Crocker cook book as to how we can escape our misfortune.

  6. I want to see these smirking shitlib scum tortured to death in spic narco-style videos. Flayed alive. Burned, Hearts ripped out. Dismembered.

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