Jimmy Dore: Elites Say You Need To Pay Higher Gas Prices – Cuz Russia

More sacrifices are coming.


  1. You wouldn’t believe how many idiots think it’s Russia’s fault that food and gas prices are rising and not their own criminal govt. It’s not just liberals either. The media on both sides have really brainwashed the sheep today. Most can’t think, reason and apply common sense anymore. It’s all by design.

  2. The jews always make pests of themselves. But they get usually get away with it because there are always lots of gentile sellouts willing to do their bidding, eg, Steven Colbert, Namrata Randhawa, Sean Hannity and John McCain’s window Lindsey Graham.

    • Hopefully, this Summer, when the EBT runs out, the kikes’ pets will go on a rampage and take some of their anger out on their owners.

      Reading about collective and personal Jewish suffering always mitigates any revulsion and horror I feel at mobs’ raping, looting, murdering and commiting arson.

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