NASA Focused On Pronouns As U.S.-Russian Space Cooperation Breaks Down

You can’t make this up.

If it wasn’t for Elon Musk, we would be screwed in space.


“The head of Russia’s space agency has suggested American astronauts use “broomsticks” to get into orbit after it halted the supply of rocket engines to the United States …”


“Russia’s Roscosmos space agency has produced a video clip depicting the International Space Station (ISS) being split apart, with the Russian section becoming separate. …”

ABC 7:

“Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Russia’s Space Agency and a close ally to Russian President Vladimir Putin, responded to Biden in a series of hostile tweets. On Feb. 26, he posted a video in Russian that threatened to leave Vande Hei behind in space and detach Russia’s segment of the space station altogether. …

NASA has remained silent on Rogozin’s threats to abandon Vande Hei in space. Prior to the conflict in Ukraine, Russia had announced plans to pull out of the space station as early as 2025.

Although war continues to wage on Earth, Kelly said he hopes that the U.S.-Russian partnership in space can be mended. …”

Have you heard that Russia is threatening to leave an American astronaut behind on the International Space Station? Is this what a progressive space policy looks like in practice?


  1. The moon landings are one of the OG of scams perpetrated on the American public. I seriously can’t think of a time when the federal government was a benefit to Americans.

    • The first victim of America was the Americans

      a constant abuse still going strong, this is the longest long-con in history

    • If you are challenging the veracity of the moon landings the audio transcripts of the complete missions are available on Jtube. Compare to “Sandy Hook” or 9/11 and tell me which are real and which are fake or if they are all fake.

      • I firmly believe those events are all fake, with moon landings being the easiest to debunk. The federal governments purpose seems to be make shit up to swindle rights, blood, and money from us, they’re parasites. I seriously can’t make an argument for why we need them/it, they’re a massive f***in liability at the very least.

  2. It would be hilarious if they ditch the american there. Not that I wish them harm but to see NASA try to get him back will be endless comedy. They might have to beg the Russians. The ISS is about as useful as NASA is. Maybe the Russians did something useful with it but we didn’t. The lesbian spat and subsequent banking fraud from space was pretty funny tho.

  3. This Reminds me of a childhood near disaster when I was kid in Arizona. My friend Albert wanted to show me a clever little trick with matches. And then a desert grass fire that took us over an hour to stamp out. Wonder if Albert made it to the Stat we Department, after we grew up. Sounds like him

  4. Leave him Ruussia

    one less republican patriotard the better! he can salute the 50star rag until his air run out

  5. The US is making all these demands and boycotting everything Russian but has no leverage to make any of it work. Now they want to sanction China for supporting Russia. If that happens China can really cripple ZOG by refusing to export all of the products we use. When you make nothing you don’t hold the cards. The people in charge are either stupid, evil or both.

  6. There is a brand new branch of the imperial army: the U.S. Space Force. The U.S. intends to dominate Outer Space, the Moon and other planets like it dominates nations on earth. It intends to privatize the natural resources of the Moon and asteroids. Why would Russia help it do that?

  7. ZOG USA is like those casino hotels in Las Vegas that are big and flashy but were never intended to last for centuries.

  8. FUCK the jew Ass Oy Vey and itz faggot democracy. There are literally millions of my “fellow” ‘Murcan scum I long to see dead.

    • I know our country was gone by 1969 but that was still worth living. This not so much.

    • That’s a pretty good movie, Right Stuff, showed America in it’s glory days right before the subversion set in. Pretty much all white guys doing the heroic stuff, and the funny “My name Jose Jimenez” comic bit making fun of a stoned out Mexican day laborer that was on national TV back then. Now we get transgendered and black female rocket scientists in our TV commercials, young white girls swooning over ghetto blacks asking them to the prom. The old America is dead.

  9. China is building it’s own space station, expect Russia to sign on to join their project as this stuff is extremely expensive for little more than propaganda purposes, that’s why everyone got together to share the cost when things were less tense in the 90s. How many Chinese spies are entrenched at SpaceX? Does Musk do a good job of keeping them out? Because once they steal the specs to land boosters and reuse them then the US lead will again be gone?

  10. Russia must honour its promise (made before it began this war) and return this American astronaut to Earth and send him home on a plane. It would be a decent act at a difficult time. I’ve already quoted the movie 2010 from 1984 which depicted the USSR and USA spacemen in a similar conflict and the American Haywood Floyd says:

    “Listen, just because our governments are behaving like asses doesn’t mean we have to. We’re supposed to be scientists, not politicians”

    Being decent human beings comes before either.

    From a news article:

    “Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Russia’s Space Agency and a close ally to Russian President Vladimir Putin, responded to Biden in a series of hostile tweets. On Feb. 26, he posted a video in Russian that threatened to leave Vande Hei behind in space and detach Russia’s segment of the space station altogether.”

    These are outrageous threats even if it hilariously brings to mind the breakup of the space station at the end of the Moonraker (1979) James Bond movie when Roger Moore (Bond) says Richard Kiel (Jaws) and his girlfriend will be OK as he leaves them behind on the disintegrating space station and departs in an STS orbiter.

    • Let the new U.S. Space Force (in their new “Star Wars uniforms”) go to the rescue of one stranded U.S. astronaut.

      • Abandoning the American will make the Russians look brutal; it will also give the U.S. the opportunity to mount an Apollo-13/Gravity style rescue mission possibly using the Boeing X-37 robotic spaceplane (which can likely fit an astronaut in its payload bay for return to the Earth) or the SpaceX Dragon-2 capsule which has been successfully sent into orbit and returned to Earth and is human-rated.

  11. What kind of two-bit country can’t even put, or return a man from space? United States is a joke. Oh well. I’m sure all those rocket scientists sneaking across the border will quickly solve this pressing issue.

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