Peter Hitchens: “We’ve Used Ukraine As a Battering Ram Against Russia”

H/T Friedrich Braun

After Iraq, who could have ever predicted that neocons and neolibs would lead us into another bipartisan foreign policy disaster?


  1. I get a kick out of ZOG trying to convince the American public that they really give a damn about the welfare of the Ukrainian people. Our hostile alien “elite” regards the Ukraine as being nothing more than a hub for their international drug smuggling, arms smuggling and sex trafficking operations. Of course it can also serve as a forward base for military attacks against countries that refuse to submit.

  2. Fox is beating the war drums harder than CNN and the other leftist outlets while getting rich off their crimes of WMD and other illicit operations.

  3. If you have the opportunity, donate to the fagtifa fund to send their anarcho-tranny janissaries to fight for ZOG in Ukraine.

    Speaking only for myself, I’d love to see the videos and photographs of what the Chechens do to them when captured alive.

    • I would love to see Sean Hannity, Lindsey Graham and the rest of those neocon chickenhawks turned over to the Chechens and the Taliban for some Tarantino-style revenge.

  4. @Spahnranch,

    I would too, but they aren’t going to be in harms way, if they can avoid it.

    Fagtifa is fundraising to send some of their bull dyke mutants to die in Ukraine.

  5. After Iraq, who could have ever predicted that neocons and neolibs would lead us into another bipartisan foreign policy disaster?

    Anyone who has been actually paying attention to what they are up to. That’s part of the problem. Plenty of other distractions – see that squirrel? Just one small detail observed by a number of folks as much as 14-15 years ago: None of the PNAC-crowd, who were the biggest cheerleaders for the whole “War on ter-r-r-r-r-r”, went away – even after the whole country soured on Iraq and Trashcanistan. The Imperial legions remain in Iraq today and only left the other place after two decades of securing the Pashtuni poppyfields.

    Remember how Housenigga Hussein got the peace prize and proceeded to up the war in the graveyard of empires? See any of the shitlibs – same ones who screamed about ‘Bushitler’ – walk off the sitlib plantation? (Damned few). Turns out the (((same folks))) were running the show. Looks at what went down in Libya, the “Arab Spring”, Syria and (of course) Ukraine while the “lightworker” Hussein was the puppet-in-chief. The Repukes were quite on-board will all of it. What ever happened to the Tea-Party? Oops, same thing that the R-jerseys have been doing to the Charlie Browns since the Nixon era: yanking the ball at the perfect moment. The Charlies never learn though, so they keep doing it – as they will this fall. Vote moar harder!

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