Axios: Inflation Hits New High In February

In other news, you steadily became poorer in February, as the ruling class on Twitter was swept by the gale force winds of their emotions into waging all out economic war against Russia. This was also before the war in Ukraine exploded and the post-Cold War era came to a definitive end which is going to have enormous negative consequences for gas and food prices, inflation and the supply chain.


“Inflation continued its relentless surge in February, driving the rate of consumer price increases to a new generational high.

By the numbers: The Consumer Price Index rose 0.8% in February, and was up 7.9% over a year earlier, the steepest 12-month rise since 1982. …”

It is important to make it crystal clear now who is responsible for this. The economic pain that the American working class and middle class is about to experience is just beginning.

Those of us who wanted nothing to do with our previous adventures in Vietnam, Serbia, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan – all of which have turned sour – have always been opposed to meddling in Ukraine. This is a much more serious conflict with bigger consequences than any previous crisis in our lifetimes.

Iraq was a conflict that most of us watched on television. The ripple effects of Ukraine are going to create havoc in the global economy which will have an immediate negative impact at home. This time we are going to pay a huge economic price for our foreign policy establishment.


  1. Inflation rapidly disappears working people’s life savings at a double-digit yearly pace, because there is essentially no bank interest.

    Fuel prices and inflation were very high in the 1970s but bank interest on savings also went up, reaching double digits on CDs that even poor, common working people could have.

    • I’m disgorging USD as fast as possible. I buy farm equipment, Bitcoin, real estate, PMs… what else is a man to do?

      • If you can find well priced farmland, that’s probably the most secure and prosperous investment you can make

    • My grandfather, who was a risk averse civil servant, made big bucks in cds at 21% interest. I think it was the only investment he ever made.

    • “bank interest on savings also went up, reaching double digits on CDs that even poor, common working people could have.”

      USZOG has its foot on the throat of American citizens, either invest in overpriced stocks or real estate, else watch your money evaporate.

      They control banks and consequently all interest rates, keeping them low. They activily manipulate gold-silver to suppress those as alternatives. They have used excessive immigration to juice the economy to an unsustainable rate of growth, creating a frenzy of inflation.

      We are in the midst of a great asset bubble.

      When will it burst ?
      What will be the full consequences ?

    • ” bank interest on savings also went up, reaching double digits on CDs ”

      They can’t do that now.
      All asset classes would crater and bankrupt most ppl. Additionally, federal debt is so gigantic that the entire federal budget would be interest payments.

  2. I strongly suspect that the levels of debt and inflation are beyond control. If fedzog does anything to arrest inflation, the economy is so brittle that it will shatter. And they know this.

    But the consequences of runaway inflation are the same as a runaway train.

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