Tucker Carlson: “Journalists” Are Parroting Pentagon Disinformation About Ukraine’s Biolabs

Jennifer Griffin should be on soon with the Pentagon’s latest talking points.

The Hill:

“The head of the U.S. intelligence community said Thursday that biolabs in Ukraine do not produce weapons or conduct dangerous research, slamming claims to the contrary as “classic” Russian propaganda.

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines told the Senate Intelligence Committee that Ukraine “operates a little over a dozen” biolabs for biodefense and public health response. She said the U.S. has, at least in the past, “provided assistance” to the labs “in the context of biosafety.” …”

I have no idea what is going on here.

I just know that Jennifer Griffin repeats whatever the Pentagon tells her is true. The same is true of the “journalists” with the “intelligence community” who often have people like John Brennan on their shows. Clint Watts seems like he is running the place at MSNBC.


  1. What do you expect from the govt/ media complex? FOX and Hannity are the biggest propagandists. When ZOG gets caught with WMD they project it on to their enemy. I hope the sheep are seeing through the lies!

  2. Was this like a McBioweapons lab chain? Testing local white populations for something gene specific and lethal? I guess we shouldn’t be surprised once you know them.

    • Biochemical warfare includes pathogens, toxins in food and water supply and drugs as well. US has been the main target for decades. Destroyed generations of leaders.

  3. Washington DC IS A BIOWEAPON! A gigantic, bloated parasite sucking the blood from its American Heartland host while it injects faggococcus & other poisons. Eventually it will either suck the host dry to a dead husk, or Americans will burn it off like a foul tick.

    I hear the Russians may have a remedy…some kind of nuclear medicine…

    • To be fair, there is a kernel of truth in your ramblings. Yes a New America, should it ever be born will need a new Capital. Fence off the entire Bos NYC DC corridor and cut it free like a demilitrized Singapore to go it’s own way for all the dissidents who don’t want to like in a reborn patriarchal America. Then build a brand new Capital City somewhere in the center of the country like Branson or Kansas staffed with completely different people loyal to the new regime. The west coast will not be ceded, the land is too valuable, the cretinous enemies will be given the choice “conversion, expulsion, or the sword.” But DC can never be the capital of a reborn America, it is far too tainted with these people who have been destroying America.

  4. Why the hell should we believe anything ZOG’s state-run media says? We know it’s full of CIA disinformation. Tucker seems OK but he’s definitely no outsider or rebel. He attended a highly prestigious boarding school in my old neighborhood. And his mother was a TV dinner heiress!

  5. Europe’s greatest son knew that the G.A. Z. E. had a bleak future almost a century ago.

    “My spirit will rise from the grave, and the world will know that I was right.”

    – Adolf Hitler

  6. Spahnranch,

    I’m sure you’ve seen those msm flowcharts with the six pointed star on the faces of all the jews running the Lügenpresse networks.

    Before Hitler and his merry men removed the jewish control of the Lügenpresse in Germany, they were almost as entrenched in all outlets of disinformation, as they currently have in the jewSA and the rest of what remains of the West.

  7. Archive page has the data from 2010 featuring senator Dick Lugar (Uniparty) stating that the labs are about getting rid of the toxins.
    There was also a bridge for sale in Brooklyn and some Arizona oceanfront property.
    The banksters and Schwab need WAR for the Great Reset and this is just getting started.

    • The USSR broke up decades ago. Why would Ukraine still need a chain of facilities to supposedly get rid of biological weapon stockpiles/residue?

  8. They best and brightest of the Global Soviet Leap Forward have already warned of a bioweapon attack to be blamed on Russia.
    The dumbing down was done for a reason and the bugmen and women will eat up the Russians are coming and mask up to protect against the 7500 degree mushroom cloud.

  9. Why would a small, poor country like the Ukraine even be bothering with bioweapons labs? Aren’t such extravagances only reserved for the largest nuclear superpowers or nutty rogue regimes like the DPRK? Why would 30 year old Soviet labs still be operating? What was the CIA really up to in their puppet state? Putin must know a lot more than we do about what is going on there. A KGB man is like some “Bluto” type ruffian experienced in bar fights, the kind of person who can tell exactly when the other guy is getting ready to throw the first punch. Able to pick up on the signals the average person would be oblivious to that a physical confrontation was imminent. No doubt the real goal is the removal of that entire deep state Soros CIA puppet government in Kiev. For the most part I think covid was probably just the result of typical Chinese carelessness at their lab, but could the deep state have been so reckless to have released it there to cripple the Chinese economy and make sure Trump didn’t get re-elected? Probably still to far fetched, but you never know with people so evil they want to make white Americans–in other words AMERICANS a minority in their own country outnumbered by the global south.

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