Republican Senators Pressure Joe Biden To Defend Ukraine’s Borders

I was angry with Joe Biden last year.

I’m still angry with Joe Biden and the Democrats.

I’ve said all along though that I don’t trust these people. I don’t support their foreign policy. Both parties want to relentlessly meddle in Ukraine and continue to escalate this conflict. These people slammed Joe Biden last summer because they wanted to stay in Afghanistan forever.


“WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican U.S. senators are imploring the Biden administration to reverse course and allow the transfer of Poland’s MiG fighter jets to the Ukrainians to fight the Russian invasion, a sign the Defense Department’s rejection of the offer may be running into steep resistance on Capitol Hill.

Forty GOP senators signed onto a letter from Sens. Joni Ernst of Iowa and Mitt Romney of Utah urging President Joe Biden to answer the plea from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who told lawmakers over the weekend that if the U.S. could not help with a no-fly zone over his skies, it could at least send more planes for his people to defend against the attack from Russia.

“Enough talk. People are dying,” Romney said at a press conference on Capitol Hill. “Send them the planes they need.” …”

I don’t care what the polls say.

I want nothing to do with this war in Ukraine. I think it was a foolish mistake to get so involved and that it is going to backfire and turn into a disaster for us in the long run. I have zero desire to jump on the “do something” bandwagon. We need to be less involved in Eastern Europe, not more. I would support “doing something” if it meant trying to negotiate an to end the war like Israel is doing.

The hawks now own disaster this like they own Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Libya. This folly is going to be worse than all those wars combined in the negative impact that their stupid, belligerent foreign policy is going to have on the standard of living of the American working class and middle class.


  1. ” with electro-magnetic pulse attacks”

    Just great, as if the Russians can’t play that game.
    One pulse attack, then another, then an accidental ground burst, then a nuclear exchange.
    We are ruled by fools, evil fools, dangerous fools.

    I especially like funds to defend ukraines borders, but too expensive to defemd ours.
    Republicans are worthless, a few exceptions.

  2. “I want nothing to do with this war in Ukraine. I think it is a disaster.”

    Amen, Amen, Amen !

    Russia ain’t no Iraq.

    • The Ukraine needs to realize it’s going to be a part of something, so why choose the zoggist NATO or others, when they could be a protectorate of Russia?

      • Logical choice considering they are the same people. Now they;re killing each other over more bullshit.

    • The irony is most of them are White. Nevertheless, they’ll probably serve as a permanent 5th column to agitate on cue for any hostilities against Russia.

  3. The Republicans are despicable warmongers just like the Democrats. Idiots like Senators Cotton and the loathsome Mitt Romney are ready to roll the dice on nuclear war after plunging Ukraine into a war they cannot win.

    A perfectly reasonable solution of a neutral Ukraine and Georgia was available that would have preserved both countries and prevented war, a solution similar to Finland’s status during the Cold War. Now Ukraine is wrecked, thousands are dead and no one yet knows where this will end. The scumbags in Congress don’t care as long as they get to grandstand.

  4. WASHINGTON — A $13.6-billion emergency package of military and humanitarian aid for besieged Ukraine passed….

    Where’s our border wall ?
    Oh, it’s too expensive.

    • There’s so many of them here, that if someone doesn’t start kicking them out, the US soon will be gone. And how about all the whites mixing with them like it’s just normal?

  5. Despite the false narrative of the ((media)), the Russians are taking great care not to cause civilian casualties. They could level those cities, causing 100,000s deaths and mass immobilizing panic , form a safe distance.

    They are showing amazing restraint.

    When weapons due kill civilians, it is most likely caused by ‘defensive countermeasures’ , provided by the west, to interfere with Russian targeting.

    You’ll never hear the ((media)) blame civilian deaths on Ukranian countermeasures.

  6. Great idea:

    Threaten and play chicken with a nation with 10,000 nuclear weapons.
    What could possibly go wrong ?

  7. Yes, provide the Ukrainians with fighter jets and no mention of the mercenaries (Americans) that will pilot them.

    “Well, they’re Ukranian Americans, the pilot had a Ukranian great-grandfather, sort of.”

    (This is the same as before America entered WWII, many ‘British’ warplanes were American planes, with American crews and a British Roundel painted on the sides.)

  8. Those chamber of commerce Uniparty cucks certainly don’t care about the southern border.
    Just like Obiden, they don’t work for the former USA.

  9. Putin is the latest reincarnation of Hitler, so no holds barred in bringing him down. Even if the world goes up in mushroom clouds it’s well worth it. Insane, evil psychopaths.

        • Both Hitler and Khaddafi built up their nations. There are so many people that think most other leaders are bad, except for our noble guys in DC.
          Remember, we always get the slanted side of things.

  10. It’s interesting how the psychology of this works. Our oppressors constantly direct contempt and hatred against us, but we have to hold our outrage inside lest we be doxed and otherwise harmed. But when they want to target one of their enemies, they give us full permission to vent our anger–as long as it’s misdirected against that target. They’re all for hate when they can manipulate it for their purposes. .

    • It’s the whole US is perfect and righteous crap. We’ve destabilized nations. We invaded Irag without a formal declaration of war.
      Everyone else’s leaders are bad. Ours are good and stand for noble causes like our certain ally.

  11. Just in case I didn’t need any more reasons not to vote Republican…. talk about destroying the brand.

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