Joe Biden: Vladimir Putin Caused Inflation

Come on, man.

Give me a freaking break! Putin did this!

Putin caused us to declare total economic war on Russia! We couldn’t have minded our own business!


  1. He can’t really effectively pass the blame to Putin when he and everyone else in the government are saying that Americans will have to take the economic hit to “stick it to Putin.” They openly admit that their own policies are causing it.

  2. I wonder what % of the American idiots actually believe him when he says it’s Putin’s fault for the inflation in the US? That would be like Putin saying the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown was Reagan’s fault.

  3. Your friends and family who voted for Biden…never forgive…never forget. In supporting Biden, even just by voting for him, they made themselves accomplices in all the shit that is now going on.

    (BTW, didn’t Spencer support Biden?)

  4. The ironic thing is, Ukraines Jewish leader is opposed to invasion by white Russians, yet if he wins the war, he will likely continue to support unarmed invasions by incompatible browns.
    A lesson is to be had here:- never invade a white nation………unless you’re an unarmed mud with a sob story at the ready. Unarmed invasions will change your country in a more profound way in the long term.
    Take note that Biden hasn’t imposed economic sanctions on Mexico due to America being invaded by Mexico crims and drug lords. Oh……..they were ‘unarmed’ at the time.

  5. I hate politicians who hire those those mimes to wave their hands around. It’s extremely distracting. But that’s probably the point.

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