1. Larry is right.

    Trump launched the chain of events what started with Trump Derangement Syndrome, continued with Corona and Ukraina and what will end up with collapse of the Empire.

    Without Trump, brats would be sitting in the closet and Ukraine situation would be calmed down like Georgia after 2008

    War is shitty thing but it is naive to hope that Jews and communists just give up their power and go away.

  2. I can see it now, if a nuclear war happens the stooges in the Govt, Fauci and media will call on all citizens to wear masks to filter out the radioactive isotopes. If they fell for with “covid” why not a nuclear holocaust?

  3. This whole soft weak society is like that scene from Scarface where he says…this town is like a great big chicken just waiting to get plucked.
    (G Rated version)
    How the controllers play the sheep like a Stradivarius and they are a lost cause.
    As part of the indispensable egalitarian equality uber alles, all will be going down with the ship.
    After all we are in this together and erybody poda hep (everybody is supposed to help) for the collective.

  4. Trump called the invasion of Ukraine “A crime against humanity.”. So many Trumpkins who sought a Champion Against International Jewry in Putin after Trump dashed their hopes are quite upset with Trump and this will probably be the final nail in the coffin of Trump’s 2024 hopes.

    • He babbles on like this.

      You can’t pin any position on him. He doesn’t believe in anything but himself

      • Yep. The ‘cult of personality’ applies even more to Cheetohead the Clown than it does to Koba the Dread. Stalin at least had a couple of good lines – like “With a person there is always a problem. No person, no problem.” and “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” He also had Trotsky whacked, a plus in his column. Zion Don is truly the God-Emperor – of grifting.

      • Trump is a politician – he realizes that the pro-Putin/Russia factor is a very thin slice of American voters. The parts of his CPAC speech where he spoke in semi-reverential terms of Putin were greeted with cool indifference.

        • Trump was on Hannity the other night and refused to condemn Putin as an evil dictator. He will say things like we should bomb Moscow and in the next breath say he doesn’t mean it. He babbles on and contradicts himself like this all the time. The only thing he has been consistent about is his own narcissism. Trump doesn’t care about any of this stuff.

  5. Liberal Larry has to do a better job transitioning from one ZOG manufactured crisis to the next.

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