David Rothkopf: They Are All One Team

What is the goal of our team?

The globalist team of Zelensky stooges wants to 1.) wreck the American economy and impoverish the American middle class and working class and 2.) entangle the United States in this war in Ukraine. They want to take sides in this conflict and expand the war with Russia at our expense.

The anti-globalist team wants to prioritize the economic interests of the American middle class and working class over virtue signaling PMCs and our belligerent foreign policy establishment. We are done with making “sacrifices” for the same people who we watched launch all of our previous devastating wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan. We don’t want to entangle the United States in this conflict in Ukraine. We don’t want our military to intervene on Putin’s side or Zelensky’s side.

Note: Chime in below if you are against ZOG and the NWO.

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  1. There is no reasoning with people like Rothkopf or our traitors and scum marching with him. They need to be replaced.

    • WAKE UP. As Jazzhands McFeels says over at FTN, this is quintessential JEWISH FINKELTHINK, both sides playing (and using) the WHITE MIDDLE, whether it’s DEM/REP, Black/White, Europe/RUS, etc. solely for the JEWS’ benefit, and no one else’s.


      “Jews have been erecting false dialectics for millennia, going back to antiquity in ancient Rome, as noted by philosopher Bruno Bauer. Most people do not understand how the basic version of this dynamic works and are forever trapped in the false dichotomies of red team vs. blue team, right vs. left, conservative vs. liberal – the political Punch and Judy show. Getting oneself unglued from that is often a major step forward on the road to political enlightenment. It also presents a new set of problems for dissidents. If the dichotomy is false and the dialectic is disingenuous, who has my back? Who understands the system like I now do? Who is BASED? It’s important that we also understand that the system accounted for this phenomenon as well. Intelligent people won’t be finked forever and are very rapidly beginning to re-examine the power structure through a new lens and begin asking questions about who sits atop its superstructure.

      Finkel-Think has evolved with the express purpose of tricking this newly minted dissident demographic in addition to keeping normie lightswitch brains stuck in two party ping pong politics. Having two strategies running simultaneously – what novelty! It’s what Trump’s entire 2016 campaign was predicated on. And Bolsonaro’s. And dozens of politicians across Europe. This is the essence of Fake Nationalism.

      Finkel-Think can be both active and passive in that it is used for the practical purposes of electing candidates to office to carry out pro-Israel policy objectives as well as in media, by select conservative pundits whose job it is to keep the most enlightened elements of the electorate engaged and believing people in powerful positions implicitly and even explicitly espouse their views. When those heroes of based rhetoric don’t go far enough, it’s always because they have to keep up the “good optics” in order to keep playing the long-game, or something. Lionizing mainstream public voices for simply alluding to Jews and Jewish power through dog whistles or innuendo is a dangerous litmus test. The tell for me is what those purported heroes do at times when the system is under intense pressure. The track record is never good.

      Don’t fink yourself, my dude.” – https://read-right.com/finkle-think/

  2. This filth loves word play here is some clarification—–

    An anti-globalist is a Christian, and Christians are those who reject the anti-Christ, the Jew messiah and one world government rule over the world by ant-Christ, AKA Moshiach.

    A Judeo-Christian is an Irishmen who betrayed Christ and plays on team Jew.

  3. The Beast of the technocratic superstate ruled by nihilists will be born if Putin fails, and perhaps even if he succeeds.

    People talk a lot about “living in pods” and “eating ze bugs”, but overlook the part how they want to “merge with the machines” as it will be the only alternative to extinction in the face of super AI and robots.

    All this talk about liberal democracy is a ruse that gets exposed further during every crisis.

    That’s why I support Trump, Putin, and any number of other less than savory groups, The Beast is the far greater threat.

  4. “”” We don’t want our military to intervene on Putin’s side….”””

    100 years ago Poles and other Eastern Europeans did not want to involve to Russian civil war either.

    Our people thought that Lenin is Russian problem and let the Russians deal with communism

    Well, Russians failed, 20 years later communism roared back to Eastern Europe and probably a lot of people thought that we should fight when we had the chance.

    But standing next to the Katyn mass grave was already too late.

  5. Glad you’re finally beginning to understand that Trump was the least bad option. Maybe you could be forgiven for thinking the Democrats would be at least minimally competent, but this isn’t the party of Bill Clinton or even Obama. These people are completely unmoored from reality.

    And, of course, without Trump’s influence, the Republicans are reverting to the party of bloodthirsty neocon warmongers. Trump may have f-ed up occasionally – like with assassinating that Iranian general – but his instincts were clearly antiwar. These establishment Republicans can’t get enough war, no matter the cause. Maybe a more persistent antiwar sentiment would’ve taken hold among Republicans if he’d been able to stay in office, but now we’ll never know.

    And you thought the Trump-era censorship was bad? How are you liking the post-Trump-era censorship?

    • The simpleton Israel-lovers were cheering when Trump did that assassination. Faux News is always able to stir up the bloodlust of the majority of the Republican base.

  6. Zelensky is valued at what $1.5 billion, this “public service” is a good gig.
    Any society as stupid as Amerikwa is already destroyed.

  7. Sarcasm alert

    NO, no, DAVID ROTHKOPF is victimizing whites and whites are acting like victims, so DAVID ROTHKOPF is actually the good guy because victimizers are good. Thinking you’re good because you’re a victim and not the victimizer is bad because that is “slave morality” and then in that case you’re just being a Christian and that means you’re the real Jew, not DAVID ROTHKOPF! DAVID ROTHKOPF is the real hero here, not you because you’re trying to be a victim and that means you’re the Jew. ZOG is actually good because power.

    Victimizers are always good because victimizers exert their own power. If you don’t like it then maybe you should have victimized harder, and if whites are not in a position to be the victimizer then they deserve to die. So, if we let these victimizing Jews prey on whites then eventually whites will be killed off entirely or until only the true Aryans remain, and then we will win. Oh by the way I am a 44 year old manchild absentee father who never worked a real job in his life, who in his mid 40s still lives off of mommy’s allowance, and despite my edgelord view of Christianity and victimhood in my recent trial I tried to acquit myself by comparing myself to Jesus Christ being unfairly scapegoated, i.e. victimized by lower class white males and really the whole world. I was the true VICTIM of Charlottesville, not the nasty Nazi Incels in the court with me today and their incel audience that I helped build and curry favor with for a decade. You’re supposed to PITY me. LOL

  8. Vladimir Soloviev, prominent Russian TV host so strongly associated with Putin he is on the sanctions list, has begun to criticise the Ukraine invasion on his popular Russia TV show, and suggesting it’s time to pull back to just holding the Russian areas

    This raises the puzzle of whether a Russian deep state group is now openly countering Putin for a bad decision … or if Putin himself secretly authorised the critique as part of exit strategy

    Russia’s military has not achieved much for a week now, tho there was an alleged missile strike on a hotel housing USA & other ‘Ukraine war volunteers’, perhaps killing some lefty posters from Reddit who had travelled there to ‘fight Russia’

    Some suggest Russia’s military is holding back itself, not wanting to kill Ukrainians whom they see as ethnic cousins, in a war whose scale Russian soldiers find extreme … hence also the abandoning of so many Russian vehicles, allegedly ‘breaking down’

    For a wilder take on this, a British guy posting pictures and video from Kiev and Ukraine on Twitter as ‘LezLuthor’, is saying things are looking fairly fake and staged as far as he’s seen, with Ukraine functioning semi-normally, trains running etc, some of that reposted here –

  9. The jews are betting bolder and more cocky each passing day. That’s because they don’t fear us or any consequences.

  10. The globalist team of Zelensky stooges wants to 1.) wreck the American economy and impoverish the American middle class and working class …

    I’m not sure they want to do that, but like Madeleine Albright and the dead Iraqi children, they probably don’t really care, and see it as survivable ‘collateral damage’ — after all, we’re talking about the same malign class of people who presided over the de-industrialization and economic immiseration of large swaths of the country, and then completely ignored the opioid epidemic (death toll now approaching one million) for the better part of two decades.

    … and 2.) entangle the United States in this war in Ukraine.

    They’ve been playing brinkmanship with Russia and Putin over geopolitics, particularly NATO expansion, since the breakup of the USSR (the Cold War never really ended) — they are so used to waging war with impunity and bullying other nations that they probably think they can do it with Russia too — the reckless ease, even enthusiasm, with which they agree to provide lethal military aid to Ukraine, which will be used to kill Russian soldiers, is both telling and shocking.

  11. Did we learn nothing from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya? 30,000+ veteran suicides since 9/11. Trillions pissed up the wall. People around the Middle East with their lives and nations destroyed. For what?

    We must resist people like Rothkopf and their war drum banging. They won’t be the ones dying on the frozen steppes around Stalingrad.

  12. @ anon 1511hrs,

    Insane mental gymnastics, all 57 genders are gob smacked and the 1000 pronouns got up and left the room.

  13. Well. Well. Well. We have already exceeded Weimar cultural degeneracy, and now we are full steam ahead for Weimar economic conditions. Weimerika, here we come.

    • That is also were we will stay. The population is already too degenerate and degraded for any kind of salvation.

      • No Austrian painters for you, Murika! Here you wanted Hitler and all you got was a retarded Boomer whose daughter is married to one of the snakes.

  14. Where you go wrong and get confused is when you listen to Jews. Then you start believing some of their lies.

    To clarify, Trump did the following, for the yids:

    He recognized Jerusalem as their capital. He moved the U.S. Embasssy to Jerusalem. He recognized the region of Syria known as the Golan Heights as part of Israel. He bombed Syria. He sent American troops to invade and occupy part of Syria north of the Euphrates, to steal the oil for Israel. He ended the JCPOA deal with Iran.


    One reason. From 2016 to 2020 Sheldon Adelson pumped in 200 million to Trump and the Edomite Party, and those were his demands.

    Concerning Ukraine and Russia Trump:

    Ended the INF treaty, creating this whole missile crisis in Europe. He made two major arms sales to Ukraine, including Javelin anti tank missiles. He sent American troops to train the Ukranian Army. He endorsed putting Macedonia and Montenegro into NATO. He never once opposed the proposals to put Georgia and Ukraine into NATO.

    Continuing. Trump sent Ametican troops under NATO to the Russian border. He massively increased naval and air war games in the Black Sea. He sabotoged and destroyed the approval of the Nord Stream Two Pipeline, creating the immediate crisis and war.. He knowingly continued funding all of the bioterrorism labs in the Ukraine, for four years.

    This is what Trump did for us: ( ).
    Error: Empty Set. Nothing there.

    Stop listening to Jews.

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