Politico: Dems Catch a Break From the Culture Wars

Joe Biden was in a terrible spot.

He was sinking under the weight of 1.) the collapse of his own domestic agenda, 2.) runaway gas prices and inflation and 3.) a unified opposition hammering him on the dozens of unpopular cultural battles picked by progressive activists. Democrats were facing an apocalyptic defeat in the 2022 midterms.

What do you do in this situation? You have to change the national conversation to a topic that galvanizes your base, splits your opposition and covers up your own screw ups.


“For more than a year, Democrats have been on defense, with the party’s own polling clarifying its vulnerability to the GOP’s “alarmingly potent” attacks in the “culture wars.”

But the war in Ukraine and the ensuing domestic economic fallout have given Democrats a chance to put those matters aside and focus on an unlikely, more favorable set of issues eight months before the midterms.

For once, it’s not banned books or transgender athletes nonstop on Americans’ TVs, but foreign affairs and rising gas prices. In the past week, Biden’s public approval ratings have ticked up, and the generic ballot has improved slightly for Democrats. Democratic governors are proposing gas price relief, while the party’s campaign arms are pummeling Republicans on taxes and health care costs. …”

You have to “wag the dog.”

It’s all Putin’s fault. We’re all paying the “Putin tax.” They are openly saying that now.

Putin caused the highest level of inflation in 40 years and the highest gas prices of all time. There was absolutely no way that Antony Blinken could have peacefully resolved this issue with Russia over NATO expansion and Donbas. Putin was making impossible demands by saying we shouldn’t be flooding Ukraine with weapons which are used by Zelensky’s military to shell Russians in Donbas.

UPDATE: I just got this text out of the blue.


  1. So now were all one big happy patriotic family rallying around the foam columns of muh democracy?
    Bwahaha! Not everyone has a double digit IQ or the attention span of a gnat CPUSA (not my) comrades.

  2. Oh yeah, everybody is going to forget Bidens disaster’s. It ain’t the world it once was. The media isn’t going to hide all the mess this time. Too much, too fast, too many disaster’s. Also the progressive Left can’t stop their stupid culture wars on all the rest of us.

  3. The Democratic Party is waging a race war against Slavic Russia…

    The Democratic Party is waging a race war against the Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority…

  4. The media and govt can only push one propaganda crisis at a time otherwise it will overload the brain on the average idiot.

  5. The Democrats are lashing out because their policies when it comes to masks, vaccines, CRT, pushing anti-White beliefs, cultural Marxism, and all of Biden’s failures are coming into full display. You would think that Republicans would take advantage of Biden’s massive mishandlings in order to get ahead but instead they would rather virtue signal by wearing Ukraine flag pins.

    Republicans lose because they are spineless and are gate keepers for the Dems who hate White people to the core.

  6. Yes Hunter, I can see Biden trying to benefit politically from Russia Bogeyman. But Iran just slapped our Irbil consulate with missiles. Big middle finger. What’s Big Joe gonna do?

    Send in his sidekick – the Brown Bimbo.

  7. I’m sad that even Hunter Wallace brooke off relations with Spencer, because i remember the old times of alt-right in USA and Europe and also because i think Spencer is still on our side, even if in his egocentric and irritating way.

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