1. This is already WW III and in the current moment, Jews and communists are losing and we are winning.

    Last thing they have are mass destruction weapons pike those labs in Ukraine and now is necessary gently uproot the Jew so that Jew can not use the Samson Options. This is the reason why all leaders Trump and Putin working so slowly and carefully.

    • It seems that the Zionist state in Palestine is showing support for Russia and wants this crisis resolved peacefully. Strange times!

      • “It seems that” is the correct, key phrase. Yes I think They’re just being coy. Notice also that They abstained from supporting the U.S.’s U.N. vote against Russia, and the U.S. was fine with that.

        We know They want Russia out of Khazarkraine and Crimea, and out of Syria and the rest of the Middle East. Russia must die now, so The Crimea Project can live.

        • Russia will not die. She is the only nation today, that is actively stopping the sodomite and Talmudic agenda. Even as she has her own Jewish rats in her bosom. HOW EVIL AND DAMNED THE JEWS ARE…

    • The same people that sold us the Trump lemon in 2016, are now shilling for multi-racial Russia’s invasion of the whitest county in Europe in 2022.

      The. Exact. Same. People.

      • Russian state media just said, Russia is not going to save white Christianity, because Russia is about “Diversity”.

        See here:
        “Russian state media blatantly telling “dissident rightists” they’re not on their side”

        The copes in the comments are the same as when Trump didn’t keep the promises he ran on. “3D chess!”

      • “the whitest county in Europe”:

        Not a real country at all, but a man-made, ethnically-mixed proposition nation in which an ethnic and religious minority is enabled to persecute and even genocide the ethnic and religious majority, for the benefit of another, smaller minority and a foreign power.

        Even the original Ukraine, called Galicia, Ukraine proper, now eastern “Ukraine” was never the whitest country in Europe, but the most heavily Jewish-populated.

        • “Ukraine proper” – STFU and look at a historical atlas, you moronic leftist. “an ethnic and religious minority” – the Ukrainian government is pitiful but it does have popular support in much of the country, and not just in Galicia, and not just among Uniates. Are you willfully ignorant? You seem to have serious cognitive defects. Imagine being told in 1900 that Galicia was “the Ukraine proper”

          • You might try looking at the atlas yourself. There was no country called “Ukraine” before 1991. The “Ukrainian S.S.R.” was a concoction of the communists whose own boundaries changed between 1920 and 1990. The northwest corner of the present fake-country was indeed once part of the Austrian empire. The puppet-regime in Kiev is merely a forward base for the Globopedo empire. Those natives who support it and its Jew-puppet are either criminals or morons, as are those whites who support the monstrous regime in Sodom-on-Potomac here in Wokeunduh.

            There is a very informative article over at Unz about Country 404 and how things have worked there since 1991. It is appropriately entitled:

            Draining the Ukrainian Swamp

            As a commenter in noted:

            Reading this article was an eye-opener for me. If even 25% of the article is fully true and correct, then Ukraine is truly a basket case. While it’s true Russia has its own Jewigarch problem (as I’ve mentioned several times here), in Ukraine the wild looting and mafia control of the 1990s never went away. That’s why it’s known as Country 404. Wonder how many standing ovations the Country 404 Puppet-in-Chief got from our “freely elected” congress today?

          • Re: “Whitest country in Europe”: NOT! Galicia (and Podolia) was up to 20% Jewish, the highest concentration in the USSR, and in Europe, and most of the world, with lots of mixing too.

            “Ukraina” means borderland in Russia, an odd name for a people to give themselves (and they didn’t) – and until the early twentieth century the word “Ukrainian” was used to identify a borderland separatist, not a people or an ethnicity. Note: I do not deny that there is a distinct Ukrainian ethnicity, and a Ukrainian (Ruthenian) language, descended from both Russian and Polish, that has existed for centuries.

      • Yeah, we saw how “White” a lot of those refugees fleeing jewkraine

        Nice try boys, but when the sheenies of international finance, especially the Rothschilds are on team jewkraine, the other side has to the lesser of the two evils.

  2. SPECTRE wants WWIII for the bug pod reset.
    Please make a note of it.
    Rally around the foam columns of muh democracy comrade, the Russians are coming!
    Everything yellow and blue in honor of the glorious motherland Ukraine.

  3. We are on the verge of WW3 if the US sends ground troops to Ukraine or provokes China further. If that happens a nuclear war is not far behind especially if ships and planes start get sunk and shot down.

    • Everyone thought if there was going to be a third world war it would have taken place during the cold war, not 30 years after the USSR broke up and Red China turned capitalist! The USA needs to be put down like a mad dog. I think once it’s destroyed the gods will be so angry they won’t allow any remnants of it to exist, like Troy and Carthage.

  4. Breaking news: A “secret” U.S. base in western Khazarkraine that was used for training Neo-Nazi mercenaries was destroyed today by a Russian missile strike. Around 200 mercenaries were killed, more wounded, of course, and everyone was very surprised by a Russian missile strike hitting so much further west than they had expected. The Saker explains about the base: “Ever since the first Ukie civil war, the Nazis have been organizing what they called ‘safaris’ where wealthy western Nazis could pay a lump sum to travel to Donbass to shoot some ‘Snow Niggers.’ Of course, the problem with this concept is that sometimes you could mistakenly hit a solider rather than a civilian and this Snow Nigger would shoot back. So now, instead of asking Nazis to pay to kill Snow Niggers, now the Ukies (and their US masters, of course) are willing to pay Nazis to come and fight the Snow Niggers. And Lvov in western Ukraine, hundreds of miles away from the LOC must have felt extremely safe and cozy. This is how this facility is described in an interview of the Mayor of Lvov by the Israeli website Ynet: Those who were there a week ago said some 100,000 men, some of them new recruits, were at the base undergoing a fast-track army training before going into battle. It appears the Russian intelligence received a tip on the action at the base before deciding to bomb it.”

    • Anonymous,

      If you thing those grug brained thugs playing ADL and Hollywood “neo-nazis” for the global jewsmedia are actually National Socialists, than you are in for quite the unpleasant surprise.

      Btw, fagtifa international are as close to 21st century radical leninism as that talmudic ideology can muster.

      • Paul Craig Roberts really needs to stop with his “Nazi” bullshit. Other than that, he’s been pretty accurate.

  5. Uncle Shmuli wants to keep Russia weak and surrounded with the goal of eventually breaking it up altogether. And they apparently don’t care how many millions of lives are placed at risk in the process. That being the case it looks to me like an atomic war is possible, though not probable.

    • The G-ddamned Jews would rather destroy the world, than: a) admit their guilt, and b) acknowledge that they crucified God’s Son.

      They are damned, and don’t see anything wrong, with taking (they think) as many Whites with them, as they can. Of course, we would be martyrs, and gain immediate entrance into Heaven. While their predestined state is, and always has been, Hell.

      It’s the Jews, stupid! – Edgar J. Steele, American Martyr.

  6. Sadly, WW3 may already be a forgone conclusion. When Hitler went into Poland, almost immediately France and Britain declared war on Germany, but other than a limited incursion into Germany by France on Sept 7, 1939 which came to a total halt, nothing really happened for another 8 months until the ALL-LIES were ready and able to fight. Then all hell broke loose. Already the jewsmedia have worked the moronic normies into a frenzy of hate against all things Russian. They believe everything FOXjews tells them, and don’t give any of it a second thought.

    Today, the Russians, Chinese, and Iranians, are being demonized as the latest evil Germans and “Japs” and the dumb-ass Murikans can’t wait to kill and die for the kikes in yet another one of their totally manufactured World Wars. Apparently, normies are too ignorant to know: jews said, ‘Wars are the Jews’ harvest and Jesus said, “there is no truth in them” John 8:14.

    • The fact that the USSR invaded Poland two weeks later(also a violation of the British agreement with Poland) without any Allied reaction whatsoever, tells you everything you need to know.

  7. Western leaders are beyond stupid and reckless — even someone as cynical as me finds it shocking.

    The sanctions are an act of economic war — providing lethal weapons to a combatant in a time of war is also, and has always been seen as, an act of war.

    WSJ — NATO Members Mount Huge Operation to Resupply Ukrainian FightersWestern countries mobilize aircraft, trains, automobiles to help Ukraine get more missiles, rockets to fend off Russian forces

    Two interesting posts from Telegram:

    linkThe Authorities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia invited Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit Riyadh as the kingdom looks to deepen ties with Beijing amid strained relations with Washington, people familiar with the plan said — WSJ

    linkMaksym Marchenko, Current Zelensky-appointed Governor of Odessa Oblast, Commander of 28th Mechanized Brigade & Former Commander of National-Socialist Aidar Battalion, and the French/Algerian Sephardic Jewish Philospher Bernard-Henri Lévy, one of the main Academic philosophers in favor of Internationalist Liberalism and the author of “The Spirit of Judaism”, spotted walking together today in Odessa, Southwestern Ukraine.

  8. China could dump all of our debt.
    Iran could shut down the Strait of Hormuz for $20 a gallon.
    India won’t sit on the fence forever.
    Saudi Arabia is rolling with Russia and is full Let’s Go Brandon.
    All of it a feature and not a bug to the global soviet.
    You’ll own nothing and like it serf.
    If you have a purpose, such as rump Schwab, then you’ll be allowed to live.

  9. Why don’t they just flat out say “censorship”. Just say censoring all criticism of the NWO. Do they think they are really clever by saying “stopping the spread of misinformation”? It’s censorship. Period.

    The people who fall for this NWO stuff are not too bright. No critical thinking going on upstairs. The people running the show know that what they are spewing is bullshit. Look at Obama for example, tells everyone to wear a mask then has a maskless party, he tells everyone to stop producing energy because of the climate and yet lives on a 13 million dollar mansion on the coast.

    If it comes down to WW3 there is no way I’m taking the side of the New World Order. I will be cheering on Russia and China to win. If they flatten NYC and San Francisco with nukes, that will improve my quality of life.

  10. They are practically telling us now that The Mother Of All False Flags, sure to frame Putin and defame and debase Russia forever, is fully prepared now and about to be pulled off. Corporate mainstream “news” media, which includes Fox News, is also fully prepared, all ready to run with it.

    See: https://www.moonofalabama.org/2022/03/ukraine-officials-announce-false-flag-attack.html

    I venture to predict that it will go down in two days – planned to be coincident with the holy day of March 16th. Will the masterpiece false flag attack be nuclear, biological, or chemical? I predict that it will be chemical.

    • This would explain why western propaganda has been so intent on lying that the Ukraine is winning. I could understand people like those on reddit hyping themselves up on that stuff, but why would system media want to give the false impression that Ukraine is winning? It only invites overconfidence and sets people up for a letdown after they lose.

      One explanation would be if the USA is planning a false flag. They would need to spread the idea that Russia is losing and desperate enough that they went ahead and gassed a town or released anthrax or whatever. When the USA tried to blame gas attacks on Assad, they failed in part because Assad was clearly winning, so it made no sense that he would suddenly gas a bunch of people for no reason. Maybe they learned a lesson, so this time they intend to spread the idea that Russia is on the verge of defeat.

      If the USA really wanted to start something, they could even target Poland and blame it on Russia, instantly dragging all of NATO into the war.

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