1. Who is coordinating the messaging?

    This is Irish ZOG stooge, Jake Sullivan.

    “Yesterday, Sullivan explicitly threatened China in an interview with CNN. He said: “We are communicating directly, privately to Beijing, that there will absolutely be consequences for large-scale sanctions evasion efforts or support to Russia to backfill them. We will not allow that to go forward and allow there to be a lifeline to Russia from these economic sanctions from any country, anywhere in the world.”

    • “It’s okay for us to supply weapons to one side, but don’t you dare have economic relations with the other.” As arrogant and self-righteous as any other Empire ever was, and it will collapse just as all the others have.

    • I’m going to start voting Demo-rat if they keep this up. Not that voting matters.

  2. The pink palmetto princess Lindsey Grahamnesty is pure comedy gold, until a nation gets a color revolution regime change.

  3. I mean, Biden should have just said to Putin, “Fuck you Vladimir. If you nuke any Nato country we’ll nuke Beijing first”. They are the ones calling the shots on this right beside the Jewish oligarch war profiteers.

    I don’t give a god damn if we shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Showing weakness has cost the American people (Whites I mean) just the same as going too far afield on foreign adventures. Never apologize to an adversary. Should they be our adversary? No. But after they threaten to end the existence of your country isn’t the time to naval gaze. That happens beforehand.

    Now? We cut bait and let Ukraine swing in the breeze cause fuck them anyway. Let Nato do its Job and minimize our commitment to it while shifting our focus to domestic issues. If we need oil we should drill our own or steal it from Venezuela cause fuck them too.

    • “If we need oil we should drill our own or steal it from Venezuela”:

      Do you approve of piracy theft on the high seas? The Empire is doing that. The U.S. Navy and Coast Guard are privateering now. I can cite examples of ship boarding and cargo stealing, and of stealing foreign ships along with their cargo, that are never reported on mainstream news.

    • Ironic, you are a hasbara Jew fooling noone here.You think we care if your ZOG gov looks weak.Your dumbass phrases like “navel gaze””cut bait and run”is a Jew trying to imitate a low IQ jarhead.My country is already dead,murdered by Satanic Jews like you.

  4. China is partly pre-occupied fighting another people’s WAR against disease, as the new “Deltacron” strain has slipped in like an enemy several times across the border. This newest form of Covid is even more transmissible than Omicron and almost as deadly as Delta (it goes deep into the lungs quickly, unlike most Omicron infections), and bypasses immunity acquired by vaccination and/or infections with earlier Covid strains. The claim that Covid would become weaker and weaker over time is disproven.

    The contrast between the U.S. that is losing over 1,000 per day to Covid, a controllable and eradicable disease, month after month, year after year, and socialist China with mostly ZERO Covid through most of this time, is very stark, and strong evidence that socialism is the superior system.

  5. China has the Kim card to play. America has a duty to defend South Korea under the Mutual Defense Treaty. If Kim starts shelling South Korea, Joe is obligated to fight. That could be a headache for Joe.

  6. If USZOG attacks China or Russia, it’ll be annihilated. And the idiots in Washington dang well know it.

  7. Not only does this nasty little punkass bitch want a war with Russia, she wants a two-front war with China on the Pacific end. Betcha Larry Fink and the rest of Jewdom’s rodentine hands are rubbing furiously at the prospect of goyim killing each other all over the planet (= greater Israel in Jewspeak).

  8. It’s about time we have some regime change at home. I’m sick of this globalist bullshit.

  9. I don’t want a war with China. I just want these little Ching Chong faggots out of my country. We are flooded with their cheap, disposable crap that used to be made here…..and made well, and their slutty women are chasing weak, treacherous white men to marry and breed us out.
    I want them OUT!

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