Rich Lowry: Yes, $1 Trillion

In case you were wondering, yes, this whole Ukraine situation is 1.) another proxy war like Syria to weaken Russia that uses Ukrainians as chumps and cannon fodder like the Kurds, 2.) the new laudromat to siphon away our wealth to the military-industrial complex now that Afghanistan is closed, 3.) an excuse to justify the censorship, surveillance and curtailment of civil liberties that the establishment already wanted and 4.) finally a means to raise oil prices which suits both Republican donors in the oil industry and the progressive activists who are motivated by climate change hysteria.

National Review:

“Phil and Jack have taken exception to my call for a $1 trillion defense budget.

Phil says we can’t afford it. No argument from me. But I don’t think we can let unnecessary spending crowd out necessary spending. It’d be one thing if we said we are going to maintain a modest defense budget completely insufficient to the twin threat from Russia and China and perhaps lose our edge in advanced weapons and, on the other side of the ledger, domestic spending were going to be drastically reduced. But domestic spending is not going to be reduced. So the question, functionally, is whether we will have unsustainable spending with an insufficient defense or unsustainable spending with a sufficient defense. I favor the latter. Fighting a war because our deterrence isn’t what it should be, and especially losing a war, would be much, much more expensive. …”

Who is the loser in this?

If you figured that you are the loser because you get a more dangerous world, less freedom, less social services, higher gas prices and inflation, you are correct. The usual warmongers are also posing as faux humanitarians and democracy crusaders again like in Iraq, Syria, Libya, etc.

Note: The White Helmets were redeployed from Syria to Ukraine. It is only a matter of time before we get a “Putin is gassing his own people” false flag event to justify intervention.

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  1. They may spend the money but they don’t have the qualified manpower to operate all their high tech weaponry. Eventually these scumbag “conservatives” will try to pass a bill of conscription to get enough White males to staff the MIC. Naturally the “conservatives”, the wealthy and well connected, the Usual Suspects et al. will be exempt except for a few tokens for propaganda purposes and they will be safe in the rear with the gear. Just don’t do it fellow Whites, let the Diversity run the show.

    If this is what “Democracy” is all about (and it is) then good riddance to “Democracy” with its trannies, 57 genders, debts, wars, censorship, poverty, destruction of civil liberties, frauds etc. The Globohomo Shopping Mall has reached its expiration date, actually well past its expiration date.

  2. Not only “peaceful, humanitarian” White Helmet false flag actors were deployed by the U.S., but also hundreds of bloodthirsty (for ethnic Russian blood) Al Qaeda terrorists (Al Nusra) have been deployed by the U.S. – transported straight from Idlib through Turkey, and provided with Stingers and MANPADS – and they know how to use them!

  3. Whenever the politicians, media, NGO’s and global capitalists are all on the same page it’s no accident and it’s never good for us.

    • We need to form a Hero’s Brigade, where brave men like Willard Romney, Lousy Rich Lowry and Boomer-Scum Hannity can be deployed around the world at a moment’s notice, defending freedom and values.

  4. At least those earlier empires all enjoyed a period of high culture, when the arts and sciences flourished. American high culture consisted of Monday Night Football and Bowling for Dollars.

  5. How did we ever allow such weak, cowardly wretches like Rich Lowry to wield so much influence over our society?

    • He wields no influence. He’s just a propaganda hack who scribbles what they pay him to scribble. NR is insolvent and has been supported by Jews and their monopoly money for some time now – even before Cuckley kicked the bucket.

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