Eliot Cohen: America’s Hesitation Has Been Heartbreaking

Before taking Eliot Cohen’s foreign policy advice and escalating into a hot war with Russia in Ukraine in the span of two weeks, you might want to pause and consider his track record.

The Atlantic:

“When you’re at war, you’re at war,” the saying goes, and if so, you have to accept the implications. So too in the present circumstance. The United States and its NATO allies are engaged in a proxy war with Russia.”

I will give credit where it is due.

This is exactly what is going on here. The political establishment led by disgusting warmongers like Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham and Chris Murphy have been engaged in a quiet proxy war with Russia in Donbas. Ukrainians are being used as cannon fodder in this war. Eliot Cohen himself has said in his previous article at The Atlantic that the goal is to turn Ukraine into Afghanistan.

“They are supplying thousands of munitions and hopefully doing much else—sharing intelligence, for example—with the intent of killing Russian soldiers. And because fighting is, as the military theorist Carl von Clausewitz said, “a trial of moral and physical forces through the medium of the latter,” we must face a fact: To break the will of Russia and free Ukraine from conquest and subjugation, many Russian soldiers have to flee, surrender, or die, and the more and faster the better. …”

Once again, an evil alliance of Jewish Russiagaters and neocons have incited a war in Ukraine to kill Russians. No one else wanted this war but them.

“Thus far the Biden administration has done an admirable job of winning the information war, mobilizing the NATO alliance, and imposing crippling (if not yet complete) sanctions on the Russian economy. It has, it appears, sped the delivery of some weapon systems (notably Javelin anti-tank missiles and Stinger man-portable surface-to-air missiles) to Ukrainian forces. But beyond those measures to prosecute this proxy war as a war, it is stumbling. …”

We also have to destroy the Russian economy.

These people haven’t caused enough human misery over the past 20 years.

“But perhaps the most pernicious note here was the hand-wringing over escalation. On the face of it, that is an absurd notion. Javelins kill Russian soldiers. Stingers kill Russian pilots and soldiers. A MiG-29 is just one more weapon that would kill Russian pilots and soldiers. And having already hinted that the United States would supply more sophisticated surface-to-air weapons to Ukraine, the notion that transferring fighter planes would escalate the conflict is simply preposterous. …”

We’re “handwringing” over escalating this conflict.

This is the same bloodthirsty lunatic who co-founded the Project for a New American Century which masterminded the Iraq War and who previously sold America on World War IV.


  1. Heartbreaking only to Jew supremacists like himself. You’ll never see Cohen or one of his fellow cockroaches putting their own ass on the line – even for Israel, but they are perfectly fine will telling the goyim of the urgent need to defend the borders of the “democracy” (puppet-state) in Ukraine while our own are wide open.

      • Good to see someone else has been paying attention.

        Imagine if the Greeks had carried out their plan to eradicate the jews back in antiquity. Boy, did they drop the ball..

  2. I’m just… not gonna do it is all. If called up to fight I will not go. If forced to the battlefield I will not fight.

    Send the Israelis. After all, they are such tactical masterminds that this should be a walk in the park.

    • Send the trannymen, n-words, and Talmudics from here on out, and “reduce the surplus population.”

  3. The U.S. has never hesitated. It has been consistently persistent. Woodrow Wilson and his allies sent U.S. military forces into Russia immediately, to support civil war against the new socialist government; and when that did not work, plans were made to pit Germany against Russia, which caused 27 MILLION Russians to die; but when Russia somehow survived Barbarossa (which is still the greatest military operation in world history) the U.S. made a new plan: to atomic-bomb Russia out of existence, but Russia shocked everyone by building a nuclear arsenal to protect itself in record time, and a cold hybrid war instead of a hot war against Russia ensued, with revisionist leaders (traitors) like Khruschev and Gorbachev effectively supporting the U.S. against Russian interests; and finally, the arch-traitor Yeltsin’s coup regime handed Russia to the U.S. for near-destruction in the 1990s. The U.S. has continued to attack resurgent Russia since then without hesitation.

    • Anonymous,

      Why do you say Khrushchev was a “traitor?” That Ukrainian conmie mofo was a bufoon (e.g., pounding his shoe on the podium at the UN threatening ” to bury” the US and its vassal states), but he was hardly a traitor to the ass backwards Soviet Union.

      Khrushchev escaped causing WWIII by sheer luck.

      Did you know that in addition to the medium range nuclear tipped missiles Khrushchev was installing in Cuba, there was an additional dozen tactical (i.e., range of 40KM/25 miles) nuclear weapons that were also in Cuba to vaporize any invading American military invasion force, which was about 24 hours from being sent had Khrushchev not accepted the deal floated to him by JFK and RFK with the assistance of the GRU Chief of Station at the Soviet embassy in Washington, DC.

      What about the other incident about the Soviet navy submarine B-59 that lost contact with Moscow for a couple of days, and was under a barrage of signaling depth charges (intended to force a submarine to surface, not blow holes in hull). B-59’s captain (Valentin Savitsky) wanted for fire their “special weapon” (a nuclear tipped torpedo) believing that war had already broken out, but the Chief of Staff of the Soviet submarine flotilla (Vasily Arkhipov)was also the executive officer of B-59, and in order to fire the torpedo that would have started WWIII needed unanimous agreement, and “The man that saved the world” Arkhipov refused to authorize its use. Had a US navy ship been hit by B-59’s “special weapon,” WWIII would have broken out

      I agree that Khrushchev was an incompetent autocrat, but he was hardly a traitor to the USSR. The only people that thought of Khrushchev was a traitor were the Castro brothers and Chè Guevara because he didn’t use the nukes against America, and sacrifice Cuba for your beloved “socialism.”

      • Anonymous is our resident commie revisionist history buff. The only people that love communism never had to live under it.

        • Have YOU ever lived under it? The majority of those who have lived under both systems such as East Germans tend to agree that socialism was a better life for the vast majority. Realize that socialist countries have always lived on a war footing, under sanctions, blockades, cold and hot war, “free world” propaganda, and threat of nuclear annihilation by imperial Capitalism, yet it is amazing what they have accomplished. No nation has ever risen from being one of the poorest in the world to one of the wealthiest in just a few generations by following the methods of capitalism, only by socialism.

      • Re: “Why do you say Khrushchev was a “traitor?” That Ukrainian conmie mofo was a bufoon”:

        Khruschev was a revisionist, and he was on Stalin’s purge list along with the Jewish doctors when Stalin suddenly had a stroke. Like Boris Yeltsin, Khruschev was BOTH a buffoon and a traitor, stupid enough and also evil enough to work against the interests and direction of Russian socialism, while his counterpart U.S. President and top General Dwight Eisenhower was even more stupid and evil!

        And yes I am familiar with the story of the Russian commander Arkhipov, who saved the world from nuclear destruction. Actually, it happened again about twenty years later, when another Russian soldier in the Far East made a correct judgement call. I’ve mentioned them here before.

  4. On a positive note, reportedly some American volunteers are being slaughtered. Most of these guys are “former” ZOG forces in Afghanistan or wherever. I guess they thought it would be like Afghanistan where they could watch gay porn in their bunk all day in between missions to murder unarmed children.

    • But I guess to ask that the volunteers slaughtered were Jewish or Christian Zionists is too much to ask for?

      • None of them will be jewish. Plenty of fake ‘christian’ zionists, though, I’m sure. As well as libertarian turbof*gs mad at ‘authoritarian’ (wah) Budin.

  5. Since about 1898, when the US flexed its muscle on a planetary scale, it has been the proverbial “Bull in a China Shop” rampaging through nations, smashing and breaking everything in sight.

    No worries though. No “blowback” on the American public. The rampaging Bull could smash everything in Cuba, the Philippines, Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragua, etc. and America suffered not one problem or inconvenience.

    But wait, what is this? The Bull is no longer in a “China shop”, he is about to rampage through a “weapons of mass destruction boutique” with large supplies of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons. Breaking and smashing things in this store is much different than a Cuban China Shop of 1898. This WMD boutique of Russia bites back; unlike all of those poor, unfortunate nations who found themselves in the Bull’s raging path.

    Yesterday, Senator Sodomy (Lady G) went on the Sunday talk shows and urged Putin’s assassination and the US going to war with Russia. When asked about Russian nukes and WWIII, Senator Sodomy said, “Putin is bluffing. He won’t dare launch nukes against us.” Really? Are we willing to bet the fate of the world on the rantings of a lecherous, war-mongering homosexual?

    • America’s chickens are coming home to roost.

      Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

      Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

      Muh karma.

      It makes me sick to think about the hellfire that could await those of us living in the United States. Objectively, we deserve it. We have used our power to loot wealth and spread degeneracy. We reveled in stupid violence as a populace. We callously dismissed the suffering of millions. We allowed ourselves to be lead by a bunch of Godless chickenhawk grifters.

    • If the US seriously destroys Russia, there will be no free white nation left on earth. Our nation is now governed by the Soviets. “We have met the enemy, and the enemy is us.”

  6. jews love when Whites are killing each other. Since Whites don’t off each other in record numbers like the blacks, pitting White countries against each other is even better and more productive.

  7. Maybe Americas woke, rainbow army should go and fight………so the Russians can whip their arses. The real men can stay home and protect the southern border.

  8. Too bad his evil subhuman ancestors weren’t turned into pizzas and fashionable lampshades and lamp Accessories by the Führer

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