ABC News: Germany To Disarm “Far Right Extremists,” Restricts Gun Access

Vladimir Putin is an evil dictator.

Unlike Russia, the West is something called the “Free World.”

ABC News:

“BERLIN — Germany’s top security officials announced a 10-point plan Tuesday to combat far-right extremism in the country that includes disarming some 1,500 suspected extremists and tightening background checks for those wanting to acquire guns.

Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said the far right poses the biggest extremist threat to democracy in Germany and said authorities would seek to tackle the issue through prevention and tough measures.

“We want to destroy far-right extremist networks,” Faeser told reporters in Berlin, saying this included targeting financial flows that benefit such groups, including merchandising businesses, music festivals and martial arts events.

Authorities will work to remove gun licenses from suspected extremists, crack down on incitement spread online through social networks and combat conspiracy theories online. …”

Of course, if you live in an authoritarian country like Germany, you can be banished from the financial system or sent to prison for uttering the wrong political opinions. You can be disarmed by the state. You can be hounded out of employment. You can be purged from the police and military. You can be censored and have all your civil liberties violated. You can be put under surveillance by the “intelligence community.” Such is how the glorious world of “liberal democracy” really operates.

Note: “Liberal democracy” in the West has swiftly degenerated into nothing more than arbitrary, despotic rule by the professional class which incarcerates dissidents and seizes property on whims now.

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  1. Germanistan?
    Emasculated eunuchs after 80 plus years of Jerry bad.
    She (?) gave out a good tip though, never join groups or networks.

    Democracy is 51% of the people taking away the rights of the other 49%.

    Thomas Jefferson

    • Our leaders always lie to us.

      “We are invading XYZ country to bring freedom.”

      Fine, then give each country THE BILL OF RIGHTS.
      Not once has USZOG given an invaded country our BILL OF RIGHTS.

  2. The biggest extremist of them all is the Moshiach. He wants to rule without reason but by force. Why can’t people have their own point of view and their own way of see things. It is Gods will, that is why God made us all different, each of us with our own point of view, and to deny Gods will is anti-God and anti-Christ, and pro- Moshiach.

    Are you down with the totality of the total awesomeness of the Moshiach, yes or no?

    Me no.

    • “No wonder modern Germans are such assholes. They are miserable”

      If you knew the absolute terror they suffered at the end of WWII, you would understand.

  3. So what. It’s meaningless, really, because Capitalist Germany is re-arming to the teeth and it is ALL far right, and all its politicians are right-wing, including the hyper-capitalist, warmongering, Russia-hating Fake-left GREEN PARTY.

    Bring back the G.D.R.! Many Germans who experienced both systems are sick of the capitalist rat race, the individualism, the ubiquitous usury, and other moral corruption. Some say “the wall should be re-built and made ten meters higher.” They call it “Ost”-algia.

  4. I am guessing that the Far-Right in Germany doesn’t suck Putin’s ass like the Alt-Lite in the US does and they realize that he is just another shit-bag Russian.

    • Really curious why you think opposing Globopedo’s war in the Ukraine = sucking Putin’s ass. You enjoying any beach time there in Israel, Schlomo? Still haven’t signed up for the Azov Battalion I see. Better hurry up as they will soon be no more.

      • Simping for Putin and accusing people who don’t do the same as being kikes is what all of the Alt-Lite Cool Kids are doing now. And I thought the Azov Battalion were “Nazis” which should put them in good graces. It must be terribly confusing for you to root for a country that joined International Jewry in snuffing out the last, best shot that Europe had of being free from the kikes.

        • You must not read much. The Azov battalion are referred to as “nazis” but they are funded and commanded by Jews and serve the Jew clown-puppet who is “president” of the Globopedo colony called Ukraine. These “nazis” are unusual in that are only interested in killing snow-niggers (Russians) instead of the many thousands of negroes (golem) imported into the colony by their Jew masters. They are every bit the nazis as the ones who marched in Skokie, IL many years ago for the benefit of the (((ACLU))) were. Since you obviously endorse and support this Talmudic Khazarian colony, why haven’t you signed up yet?

        • Christop1070 any way you look at it you are choosing the Jew side.Simping?Is that in your IDF booklet on how to sound hip and alt right while dishing out hasbara.You ain’t fooling noone Jewboy.And my personal take is Jews control the West and the East both and their father Satan wants war and murder and chaos.God will bring peace one day and sending the Christ murdering Jews to Hell will be part of that.Enjoy Izzy.

        • “a country that joined International Jewry in snuffing out the last, best shot that Europe had of being free from the kikes”

          You mean USA and Britain, who you side with?

  5. I think the proper term for the German Okrug of the EUSSR is “totalitarian”. The rulers there are also genocidal in that they openly seek to exterminate native Germans and replace them with Africans and all manner of other invaders from the third world. Perhaps older Russians who are sentimental for the USSR should visit to get a taste of the familiar: secret police, news which consists of 100% lies, etc. There are probably the equivalent of gulags already. The only thing truly different is the presence of the Globopedo military occupation force called NATO, chiefly made up of Wokeundans. The French, Spanish, Italian and other okrugs are no different – though the French okrug doesn’t have the Wokeundan forces stationed there to defend them from the Red Army (which withdrew to its own borders over 30 years ago).

  6. The legislation itself is way more bark than bite.

    Nancy Faeser has been in the middle of a scandal, because she was found out to have recently given a gushing sympathetic interview to an Antifa-affiliated publication that is under observation from the Federal Office of the Protection of the Constitution (the same one you blogged about last week wrt the AfD), that publication did a lot of the heavy lifting in the logistics of the far left rioting at the G20 summit in Hamburg in 2017.

    • >The legislation itself is way more bark than bite.

      Hard to say — it’s a continuation of the ‘Kampf gegen Rechts’, a feature of the later years of the Merkel era.

      >Nancy Faeser has been in the middle of a scandal

      Ein großes Nichts — it won’t matter — the ‘Kampf gegen Rechts’ is heavily supported in the media, and in that cause a lot is forgiven of German politicians: basically, it’s very difficult for them to be seen as too close to the radical Left — Barbara Borchardt (Linke) is a judge in Brandenburg, even though there is video and fotos of her marching with Antifa (link).

      Merkel repeatedly lied about evidence of a ‘Hetzjagd in Chemnitz’ without consequences — due to plagiarism, Franziska Giffey lost her Doktortitel and resigned from Merkel’s cabinet, yet she’s now Bürgermeisterin of Berlin — it takes a lot to damage a German politician badly enough to affect their career assuming they show the necessary Haltung.

      If you want to get rid of Faeser, ask Klemens Kilic (link) to come up with a Telefonstreich — it worked with Johannes Kahrs (link; you can watch a video of it here, but not from an IP address in Germany — via a legal complaint Kahrs had it blocked).

      Alles klar?

  7. Germany has been pretty much disarmed since the end of WW2. You can by guns it’s limited. If I were a German ,living in Germany, buy them of the street.

  8. Look at that “tough” crossed-arms commie cunt running her mouth about “destroying” people. She clearly thinks that none of her intended victims could ever destroy her instead.

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