Ukraine Calls On Countries To Follow Germany’s Lead In Banning “Z” Symbol


This is a war between oligarchs and democracy.

This is a war between democracy and autocracy.

This is a paradigm shift and the return of the Cold War.

This is a war between the Free World and tyranny.

This is a war against an Evil Empire.

This is a war between black and white, good and evil, liberty and oppression.

Maybe … just maybe, this has more to do with how Western liberals see themselves these days. This flattering ideological self-image is less and less tethered to liberal practice in the West.

ITV News:

“Publicly displaying the symbol ‘Z’ to show support for Russia’s war in Ukraine could be made illegal in parts of Germany, with those who brandish it liable for prosecution.

The letter Z has become a powerful pro-Putin symbol since Russia invaded Ukraine, both inside and outside of Russia. Russian forces have been displaying it on military vehicles while supporters of the war have also begun brandishing it on car windows and clothing as a sign of their solidarity with the Kremlin’s war. …

Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba called on other countries to follow Germany’s lead.

In a tweet he wrote: “I call on all states to criminalize the use of the ‘Z’ symbol as a way to publicly support Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. ’Z’ means Russian war crimes, bombed out cities, thousands of murdered Ukrainians. Public support of this barbarism must be forbidden.”

Lithuanian politicians are debating a ban on using the ‘Z’ symbol when used as a show of support for Russia’s attack on Ukraine. …

“The Russian war of aggression on the Ukraine is a criminal act, and whoever publicly approves of this war of aggression can also make himself liable to prosecution,” he continued. …”

This isn’t how we see them.

Here in the West, it is PMCs who have been drifting toward totalitarianism for years. We give them too much credit when we associate them with “liberal democracy” because that has never gotten in their way. It is more like they are comfortable wielding absolute, despotic, unconstitutional power to crush anyone who fails to sing their tune. They are the ones who are drifting toward autocracy with each new craze or fad becoming the latest excuse to justify more censorship, more surveillance, more power grabs, more crackdowns on civil liberties. It is worse in countries like Germany than it is here.


“People who display the “Z” symbol in Germany to demonstrate their support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine could be prosecuted for it, the country’s Interior Ministry said Monday, as three German states moved to ban the symbol.

The Interior Ministry’s statement that displaying the symbol could be an offence came after the states of Lower Saxony, Bavaria and Berlin announced they were banning the display of the symbol, with offenders facing up to three years in jail or a fine. …”

Right …

So, if you have a different opinion on the war in Ukraine, you can be censored, prosecuted and imprisoned in parts of the “Free World.” That is what makes us different from “autocracy”!

Note: Zelensky has become the avatar of “liberal democracy” in spite of banning his political opposition and censoring the media.


  1. Germany already throws people in prison for expressing unpopular or “unacceptable” opinions. This includes a 90+ year old woman.

  2. Maybe … just maybe, this has more to do with how Western liberals see themselves these days. This flattering ideological self-image is less and less tethered to liberal practice in the West.

    linkthese people are the zombies from romero’s dawn of the dead, who show up at the mall out of some barely functional reptilian brain instinct. they don’t even remember what their “values” are anymore, or why they believe in them. they just remember who they’re supposed to hate

  3. A Jewish comedian in high heels masquerading as a leader of state is the perfect avatar for the new world order.


    • Patrick,

      Modern Germany is the product of the Allies literally traumatizing Nigger-worship and Globohomo into the German psyche.

      NO WESTERNER OR AMERICAN has a right to cast scorn on the Honorable German Folk, who are still under occupation and psychological torture. The Germans resisted the world we have today to the brink of their absolute destruction! Fat, Nigger worshipping, Jew loving Americans accepted the world we have today without needing it forced on them. Watch your damn mouth.

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    Zorro takes on the world! These European dogs and other anti-Russian heathen are no match for señor ZORRO!!!

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  5. If Putler were one tenth the thug retards in the west claim he is, he would have gotten rid of oligarchs ranging from Abramovitch to Kholomoisky in the same manner they deal with those who refuse their offers with a choice of plata o plomo (silver or lead). It wouldn’t be difficult for a Russian sub in the Mediterranean to dispatch the Abramovitch mega-yacht so it simply vanished with all aboard. Private jets could likewise easily be destroyed. Putin instead works through the duma to reduce oligarch influence. There is more evidence for a primitive rule of law in Russia and China than anywhere in the west. For example, in “free” Germany yesterday, hundreds were arrested for online criticism of politicians.

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