Crude Oil Crashes Below $100 a Barrel

Zelensky is losing the war.


“Crude oil prices have tumbled to their lowest levels since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, with the U.S. benchmark WTI well under $100 per barrel again. …

“Expectations of positive developments in the Russia-Ukraine ceasefire talks bolstered hopes to ease tightness in the global crude market,” said Fujitomi Securities analyst Toshitaka Tazawa, via Reuters. …”

Why is progress being made in the peace talks?

It is because Zelensky is being forced by the military situation on the ground to agree to Putin’s demands. The price of oil is dropping because oil traders expect this will be over soon.


  1. Fuckem. Your average basic vanilla Ukrainian isn’t going to know the difference under Russian rule.

    But we will foot the bill for Cold War 2 so that Raytheon and Northrop can make stacks of cash for stuff that doesn’t work.

  2. “Zelensky is losing the war”:

    Still look for the biggest false flag operation in world imperialist history. Purim is an auspicious date to launch it. They keep announcing and repeating that They KNOW Putin is preparing a chemical weapon attack.

  3. “The price of oil is dropping because oil traders expect this to be over soon.” – sure, Wallace – that’s the reason.

  4. The markets are unambiguous: this is over

    (Putin took the gloves off and Russian trains are moving whole armies westward)

  5. Regardless of the war, if we used the oil we have the war would make no difference. It’s not affecting Russia because they don’t rely on oil imports.

  6. What I see the traders saying is that they now expect Iranian oil to come on the market soon, and that is why the price went down the past couple days. Iran has the sour the Texas refineries need.

    I also see that Russian export of natural gas is 30% above 2021 levels. Strange, during combat, the gas flows on.

    This time next month oil could be at 200. No one knows.

  7. ” now expect Iranian oil to come”

    Russia exports 8 million bbl/day, no one can replace that.
    It would take another saudi Arabia to replace that volume.

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