Breaking Points: Matt Taibbi: Orwell’s 1984 Comes True In U.S. Propaganda

We are “fascism.”

We are “authoritarianism.”

In light of our experience with the liars who led us into Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, we don’t want to jump into a war with Russia over Donbas, a place which 99% of Americans know virtually nothing about and have never visited and which literally no one cared about here just two months ago.

Note: If you dare to disagree with Twitter, you are a traitor to Ukraine and NATO and therefore an enemy of the state who needs to be investigated by the DOJ and the FBI.


  1. Drumpf hysteria, covid hysteria, BLM hysteria, vaccine hysteria. Now Ukraine hysteria.

    What moral panic / hysteria will sweep the Left next?

  2. .”Tucker Carlson needs to be tried at the Hague as a disinformation agent”:

    I agree that he disseminates disinformation, and so do all the others. A half truth is still a full lie, the same as any full lies are.

    The U.S. controls the international law courts as well as the court system in the “homeland,” so it is impossible that a case of anti-Russian disinformation in service of imperialism could even be heard.

  3. Orwell fought for the Marxists tho in Spain. Did he ever come clean on that? I’m assuming that’s why he wasn’t unpersoned by our satanic overlords. Hemmingway was just a piece of shit.

    • Yes he did. That’s how we ended up with both 1984 and Animal Farm. It’s not like Orwell became a monarchist or accepted Christianity, which still existed in parts of the UK late in his life (the place is a dead zone now, like all Western Europe) but he very much soured on communism after seeing what his comrades did to Spanish civilians, including the outright slaughter of Catholic clergy and nuns. Marxism is just another utopian notion – based on the master lie of equality*. The thing that one starts to notice is that when Jews are running the show – regardless of whether the economic ideal is socialist or free-market in nature – it will always turn into a criminal racket run for the benefit of the tribe. No exceptions.

      *[Satan to Eve]: “For God knows that when you eat of it [the one fruit off-limits] your eyes will be opened, and you be like [equal to] God, knowing good and evil.

      As you can see, it’s a very old lie. Yet, like the hapless figures in Kiplings Gods of the Copybook Headings people fall for it over and over again. They used to teach stuff like this in Sunday school but now all they teach is how whites are evil and negroes are without sin. Up is down, evil is good, etc. … the usual B.S. in other words.

  4. I like Tucker Carlson because he doesn’t care what these shitlibs think of him. He has thick skin and smart enough to know that if you backdown to the shitlib mob it just emboldens them.

    Never apologize to someone unless you absolutely have to. People are like sharks. If you give them a drop of blood they go into a frenzy.

  5. All these whores screaming for the heads of the likes of Carlson & Gabbard are themselves traitors in the service of organlized kikery. the billionaires & the MIC. They should all be hacked to bloody chunks, or better still impaled ass-to-mouth Vlad Tepes style.

  6. Carlson is a war criminal aiding and abetting a hostile enemy of the U.S. while thousands of American veterans are risking their lives helping Ukraine defend the free world from Putin

    If thousands of Murikan veterans are in Country 404 fighting in a war not their own – while the borders of their own country are wide open to an ongoing invasion – they are in fact traitors who will hopefully earn their well-deserved Darwin awards soon. Likewise for the evil woman who made the above statement. “Free world” my ass.

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