Jimmy Dore: U.S./NATO Preparing False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack In Ukraine?

I’m sure everyone here vividly remembers the time in April 2017 that Assad “gassed his own people” and Dump responded by launching Tomahawk missiles into Syria. Brian Williams thought it was such a beautiful moment on MSNBC to see our missiles flying into Syria that Trump really became president that night. He was promised more for that missile strike than anything else he did as president.


  1. ZOG loves accusing its enemies of using ” chemical weapons” on civilians because a) the public doesn’t understand what those weapons are about, and b) such weapons don’t leave any physical evidence of ever having been used.

    ZOG checklist for vilifying foreign leaders who won’t submit to Globohomo:

    He’s crazy/insane

    He gasses his own people

    He’s another Hitler

    He’s a butcher

    He’s guilty of aggression against his neighbors

    • It’s a classic case of ZOG (Empire of Lies) projection. Accuse those who oppose you of doing the exact thing you and your minions have been up to. So now we have a new strain of the COVID virus in China and (((Bourla))) – a true minion of the devil – announces a fourth Death-Job will be required. Keep in mind they still have all manner of folks in what amounts to prison and house-arrest in both Australia and in Austria. The figures coming from the regime are lies as is everything they say.

  2. I have a vision——

    “Putin is gassing his own people.” Screams everybody and his Aunt Tilly. BAHA

  3. Or maybe they will claim that Russian troops took Ukrainian babies out of incubators and threw them on the floor. Oh, wait a minute, they’ve already used that one.

  4. Excellent new essay by Gilbert Doctorow on the information war against Russia that the U.S. always wins: https://gilbertdoctorow.com/2022/03/15/parallel-worlds-or-parabolic-mirror-images-media-coverage-of-the-russia-ukraine-war/

    If the U.S. says that Putin used chemical weapons, it will be impossible for Russia to disprove it. There is no impartial international forum, and no amount of evidence or lack of evidence that will help Russia. The word of the Empire, amplified by its attendant media, is like God and His angels passing firm, final judgment that can never be appealed.

  5. I think most of us have given up on ever having our own country ever again. There is no hope, and you know if you say this, someone will call you a pessimist or negative. But there is no sign or even money behind anything moving in our direction. Most whites are just lost and drugged with modern consumption.

  6. And the drooling dullard dupes of the hiveborg will still fall for it even after tthe plan to do so was broadcast for over a week.
    Let’s see babies on bayonets, attacked a maternity ward, gassed a nursing home, the possibilities are endless and the Hollywood sets are being constructed, crisis actors at the ready, places please everyone, the show is about to begin.

  7. Using chemical and bio weapons as a false flag was obvious ever since those labs were found. The CIA will probably blow them up and say the Russians did it.

  8. “I’m sure everyone here vividly remembers the time in April 2017 that Assad “gassed his own people” and Dump responded by launching Tomahawk missiles into Syria.”

    Yes I remember Richard Spencer throwing a temper tantrum because Trump bombed an empty airfield.

  9. I can’t wait to see the global jewsmedia run with the story about some Ukrainian jew that “survived 6 Nazi death camps,” only to succumb to Putin’s chemical attack.

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