Secular Talk: U.S. Dollar Hegemony Collapsing

If there were any hot takes out there connecting cancel culture to Twitter to the end of the petrodollar in 2022, I didn’t see them. This is a wilder scenario than any of us imagined.

Note: I anticipated that Russia might invade Ukraine in 2022. I didn’t think through the consequences of what that would entail. I assumed that it would likely happen a little further down the road in the late 2020s. We were spiraling toward our fate faster than I imagined.


  1. It all started at Charlottesville. Shlomo got freaked and started over reacting outside of the “law” or any western concept of fair play.

  2. Greed and corruption has finally run its course. You can’t keep printing money and expect it to be worth something. The jews overplayed their hand again.

  3. @Hunter Wallace

    Functional racism
    Racism is the ultimate form of nationalism. In this version, nationalism reaches its extreme stage. Members of some fictitious nation, in which various ethnic and cultural elements will necessarily be present (but this is precisely what nationalism and racism are denied), are proclaimed the “master race”, which (it is not known by whom, because religion is considered a relic) is given the right conquer the lower ones.
    Racism was the most important component of European colonialism, primarily Anglo-Saxon, where the right to subjugate and enslave entire continents was based on the “racial superiority of the white man”. In the traditional Empires of antiquity, any conquered peoples had their own legal status and it never occurred to anyone to enslave them or consider them inferior. European racism arose in modern times and was also a bourgeois invention. A race is as much an imaginary phenomenon as a nation. But it emphasizes biological characteristics, as in the case of animals – for example, thoroughbred trotters. The typical appearance of this or that people, of course, matters, but the idea of basing social and economic hierarchy on biological differences is pure absurdity. Perhaps the talents and cultures of different peoples are really different, but it is impossible to build a hierarchy between them without arbitrarily taking one of the peoples as a model and ideal. And this is racism: the identification of one’s culture (one’s own skin color, language, history, values, etc.) with a universal model.
    If for some – primarily for the Anglo-Saxons, who created the first complete racial theories – racism served as a justification for colonial domination and slavery, then in other cases – in Nazi Germany – racism was used – just like nationalism, but only more radical – to rally bourgeois society, falling apart as traditional religious, political and social institutions disappear. Mere nationalism was not enough to unite the disparate German lands of Western and Southern Germany, and Protestant Prussia, which was completely different from them, into a single “imaginary Empire” was not enough. Therefore, ultranationalism was involved – that is, biological racism, borrowed from the British and brought to the most absurd and inhuman theories – the glorification of the Aryan race (which was identified with the Germans), the declaration of other peoples as “non-humans” (including the Indo-European Slavs or Gypsies) and their mass extermination.
    And again for the same purely pragmatic goal – to unite what has crumbled into atoms with the help of a false theory.

    Alexander Dugin

    • Anybody named babyboo has got to be a retard.And who cares about some Jew claptrap by Alexander Dugin.There is a God and there is a White race.Funny how all those darkies in antiquity always,always wanted White women as slaves,guess it was all in their heads,right moron.

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