Tucker Carlson: The American Standard of Living Is Plummeting

The U.S. Senate has a three pronged bipartisan plan to deal with this.

  1. Cancel Russia. Russia is bad and has to go. This is the first thing that has to be done to solve the inflation problem. Everything that is produced in Russia whether it is oil, metals or fertilizer needs to be removed immediately from the global marketplace because it is soaked in Ukrainian blood. We can always find another Russia to do business with.
  2. Take out the petrodollar. MBS is bad and Saudi Arabia has to go. We should be doing everything we can to make Saudi Arabia a pariah state. We can always find another Saudi Arabia to prop up the value of the dollar.
  3. Cancel China. Xi is helping Putin who is an evil dictator. China is subsidizing the moral atrocity in Ukraine by helping Putin escape the sanctions that we have imposed on him. This means we need to punish China too with harsh sanctions. We can also find another China to do business with and to finance our national debt. We can also just move the global supply chain somewhere else.

In the future, the dollar can be backstopped by the full faith and moral clarity of Twitter.

Note: We might need to punish India too which isn’t going along with our sanctions.


    • Capitalism = when Jews get to print money to purchase and asset strip your economy and sell it to your enemies.

    • This is not capitalism !.

      This is bank and corporate parasitism.

      When you speak of capitalism, make the distinctions, production vs. Parasitic.

          • We produce very little thanks to corporate taxation (35%) that has forced most US companies to go overseas in order to make a profit. What we do make is very expensive and the quality is not as good as it used to be thanks to low wage employees, usually Mexicans and other beaners.

            I remember when everything used to say made in Japan, now it’s China. That was in the 80s

  1. The Kwanstain has served its purpose and can now dry up and blow away as Netanyahu said.
    Import the third world and become third world.
    Drooling dullards of the hive will fiddle with their electrogadgets and smoke some more weed as it all crumbles down around them.

    • Import the third world and become third world.

      Golden rule of sociology.

      Just wait, this is only the edge of the cliff, we are about to go over.
      USZOG FED DEBT. 130% of GDP.
      The wheels of a nation come off when nat dept is over 100% of GDP.

      The sjws have squandered the wealth our ancestors accumulated.

  2. A viral video: “Americans, you are about to be P-O-O-R !” https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=gonzalo+lira+american+you+are+about+to+be+poor&&view=detail&mid=955721EDAE265617AB05955721EDAE265617AB05&&FORM=VRDGAR&ru=%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dgonzalo%2Blira%2Bamerican%2Byou%2Bare%2Babout%2Bto%2Bbe%2Bpoor%26go%3DSearch%26qs%3Dds%26form%3DQBVDMH Well, maybe not extremely poor yet, but more than 90% of us lower and lower middle class “trickle-down-to”s will soon be a lot less well off. Maybe we will learn to know our neighbors then, and share our goods and labour without charge, when we can’t afford to buy everything. Call it de-atomization.

    • “Maybe we will learn to know our neighbors then, and share our goods and labour without charge, when we can’t afford to buy everything.”

      Who’s “we,” “labour” boy? Americans spell it “labor.” And to be consistent, shouldn’t you also have spelled it “neighbours”?

      • Alright, and thanks, AAAAHHHH!!!. I know I’m inconsistent with the spellings. I try to catch myself, to make everything American, but both spellings are correct, unless one is referring to Labour PARTY.

    • “Maybe we will learn to know our neighbors then, and share our goods”

      Nope, that doesn’t work in a multi-ethnic society, the opposite happens, we fracture.

      I side with the theory,
      ” civilizations are ruined by the racial decay of their population.”
      The jevvs know this very well, that’s the reason they force it onto all gentile nations.

      • I fully agree and I really had thought of adding that, about the multi-ethnic “neighbours,” but I dash these things off in a hurry and inevitably leave out something important. Well, if neighborly sharing doesn’t work because of “multiculturalism,” there is always barter, while the Bankers’ money hyper-inflation rages.

    • “Call it de-atomization.”

      Nope, more atomization will occur.
      The mixing of races is a caustic combination,
      Like mixing ammonia and chlorine.

      We are already fallling behind ethnically pure societies, like Korea and Taiwan. We can’t fab the next generation of VLSI ICs, only the foundries in Asia can. America will only fall farther behind, the gap will increase.

      We can’t educate our children in a mixed society, much less in mixed schools. WHITES are being made into tards.

      • “more atomization will occur”:

        How could it be any more than it is now, and be increased by hyper-inflation?

        “mixing of races is a caustic combination, like mixing ammonia and chlorine”:

        I agree, and that’s why I rail against it. I say it’s not natural!

    • Here is another way the standard of living is plummeting in the U.S.:

      Over one thousand U.S. citizens are still dying DAILY from Covid, while China that has over three times the population has only TWO Covid deaths in more than a YEAR! This is the stark, undeniable difference between: (1) a real socialist ethno-nation with a real universal public health system that cares for ALL the people’s health, at no cost, and (2) a hyper-capitalist, big business promotion arrangement (this fake, so-called “nation” called America) that forces people to pay the highest prices in the world for private profit health care, and for private profit health insurance (the HIC – “Health Insurance Industrial Complex”) – that is pleased to remove over one million, mostly sick and elderly White, “useless eaters” from legacy social welfare programs – Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security – a few years ahead of schedule thanks to the pandemic.

      The vast majority of the U.S. population will continue to get sicker and sicker, as well as poorer. More years of falling average life expectancy lie ahead, and higher infant and maternal mortality, and millions more opioid, alcoholic and other recreational drug caused deaths because there is no freedom and no hope for the vast majority in this system.

  3. @MR,

    The glorious indispensable equality of results for all will finally be achieved.
    Some will live the golden life as apparatchiks and nomenklatura because they are a little more equal.

    • Socialist equality is NOT “equality of results,” which is impossible and absurd. Individual, ethnic and racial differences of talent and ability are real, and natural. “From each according to his ability” expresses it well. Some have more ability than others, just as individual needs differ.

      Equality means simply that no one is taking advantage of others. Equality is liberty. Fraternity (brotherhood) both requires it and makes it possible.

      “More equal than others” is a slogan from George Orwell’s very confused story about Russia and Stalin. I thought it was a terrible story when it was required reading in school.

  4. Tucker doing his populist schtick with the goyim that earns him a cool $4M/year from his Moshe Stream Media masters – he sure isn’t rubbing elbows with the unwashed masses down at WalMart.

  5. Buttigeig saying ” take public transit”
    Yeh, and get knifed.
    Like a girl in Portland, get beaten, kicked and then stomped on the floor by urban chimps.

    I’m glad that Tucker is pointing out that our overlords live in a bubble.

      • Where are the stagecoaches? No, seriously, there should be some public transportation in rural areas, and much more access in suburbs and cities. In a real ethno-nation it would be possible.

  6. The world is splitting into two. There is no longer a “global marketplace”. Soros was right about that, Xi Jinping and V. Putin are destroying the yid’s monopoly on power.

    Three officers from the Tennessee National Guard have been killed while fighting with Azov. From the Tennessee NG website pictures they all look like regular white Southern men.

    My take, these three would kill you or me just as fast as they went to Donbass to fight with Nazis and to kill the inhabitants of Donbass. They were not good men. A good man would have refused that deployment. Some probably did.

    Some of you did not realize there are thousands of active duty American military already fighting in Donbass and Novorussia. And that it was Trump who sent these American units there.

    This week, V. Putin announced the second stage of the war. And the fighting then turned much more brutal. With 200,000 soldiers now in theater, the Russians are no longer holding back.

    The movement of forces strongly suggests that Moscow is creating a partition. And they want the majority of the former Ukraine, as it appears.

    The puppet American Senate is being instructed by their Kosher controllers to create a larger war . The European goy puppets are acting the same. But this is not new. Creating a war with Russia has been the goal, at least since 2014.

    They did that to the South leading up to 1861, and the Southern leadership fell into the trap. They did it to the dumbshit corporal Hitler, who neatly fell into their scheme to put him into a two front war.

    They did it to the Japanese empire.

    Moscow is well aware of this scheme, as is Bejing.

    All the NATO weapons and soldiers fighting the Russians have been effective. Definitely many Russians are dying, and progress is slow. East of Odessa this week the Russians were pushed back. The Black Sea Coast is still not secured, although Odessa is now being bombarded from sea and land (not air).

    V. Putin said the reason he invaded is because the enemy was poised to invade Donbass from the West. He said, if your enemy is poised to strike, rise and strike first. He further added, as he has said many times, if America and NATO start a war with Russia, it will he nuclear.

    Finally, as to the missile sites in Poland and Romania, V. Putin as well as Lavrov have said several times their response will be to place their own missiles close to the U.S., perhaps in Cuba or Venezuela. Direct attacks upon Poland or Romania have never been suggested.

    What has been said is that the situation is intolerable. The response to the situation has already been articulated. They will place hypersonic missiles in Cuba and Venezuela.

    The Jews will not give up their global marketplace easily. When the missiles are placed in Cuba, and they will be, that is when the real fun starts.

    Hunter is absolutely right about one thing. We should have stayed out of this.

  7. Maybe the rural areas need to start a black market for “moonshine” gas. Start drilling for oil and refining their own gas and sell/give to their local friends/families in their communities. Thunder Road (1958) with oil/gas tank trucks.



    That would drive Biden’s handlers crazy: “Hey man, I am trying to force you to buy electric cars, NOT moonshine gas!”

    Come and listen to my story about a man named Jed
    A poor mountaineer, barely kept his family fed,
    And then one day he was shootin’ at some food,
    And up through the ground come a bubblin’ crude.

    Oil that is, black gold, Texas tea…


    Start using this same concept to replace every other high priced item. Cut the global economy, the Yankee Empire and all government regulations and the greedy middle men in between out of the equation.

    Sounds like a utopia…

  8. “They did that to the South leading up to 1861, and the Southern leadership fell into the trap”:

    Yes, Fort Sumter was one provocation, causing some worked-up young men to start firing on it regardless that the final outcome of war with the much wealthier, more populous and industrialised North was certain.

    But the U.S.’s many recent cold-war provocations of Russia – in Khazarkraine, Georgia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc. – could cause a hot war that could go either way. Khazarkraine is a U.S. proxy war (using “the Ukrainians”) to destroy Russia.

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