1. China holds all the economical and military cards. If the US tries to strong arm the chinks, they will withhold all of our imports which we use or need. The US outsourced all of its goods and has no leverage in the game.

    • Militarily China is a paper tiger, they have deep rooted inferior complexes to begin with.

      Right-wing amerilards are so desperate that they have to put their hopes in alien specimens like the Chinks with their obnoxious physical appearance and eating habits and Putin (who would throw them in jail for ten years for white nationalistic ideas and anti-semitism).

      • I think Chinese people actually (naturally) prefer their own appearance. They don’t find it obnoxious or unnatural, and they don’t feel inferior to Europeans, like many of them did during the “Century of Humiliation.” They are just a different people, different than us. East is east and west is west.

      • I thought Stalin’s mongol already raped and genocided the masculinity out of your saxon genes in the invasion of Germany thats why you all are limp wristed LGBT soybois crying about “the right”

        • @James
          I don’t find East Asian women attractive, generally. They come into our retail store to shop and seriously, they look and sound about 12! No curves. No personality.
          Give me a voluptuous white woman any day……..a real woman. Even African, east Indian and Middle Eastern women are preferable to me. Unfortunately, Asian women find white men attractive, and I guess we are compared to their own men. That’s why there’s so many mixed marriages now……..but only in white countries………and it concerns me.
          White men who marry Asian women are generally effeminate geeks who can’t cut it with white women. I said to my son years ago:- if you want to attract a real woman who’s white, then just act like a real man:- frequent the gym, stay off drugs, grow some stuble, be handy around the house, stand by your principles.
          He listened and is now happily involved with someone.
          Straight women love real men.
          But……. I’m sure there are Asian women who are exceptions to the rule.

    • @John
      ……..and that’s EXACTLY what we need to happen. Being exposed to our weaknesses may knock some sense into us, and force us to adjust how we operate. It would make us stronger and more resilient. I don’t want Chinese garbage as the only choice when I shop for everything from paint brushes to angle grinders.
      Bear in mind, the companies manufacturing there are for most part, not Chinese, they’re just set up there.
      If we pulled out, and prevented further intellectual property theft, China would fall behind.
      Prior to the late 70’s, it was a nation made up of rural peasants. Engagement with the West lifted them up.
      We made China. We can unmake it.

      • Goose,

        Those companies that are there are American but the workers are Chinese and the labor is cheap and so are the materials they use. Those American companies went over there because of our high taxes, unions and our bureaucratic rules and regulations that makes it almost impossible to operate over here.

        Yes, it can be reversed but not with the current govt and it’s labor practices

        • Problem here is that people pay lip-service to “America First”, but at the first sniff of an extra dollar they’ll hire a bunch of illegals or ship their factory to China. Some of the loudest “patriots” are the quickest to sell out.

        • They aren’t ‘American’ companies, any more than they are ‘white’ companies.

          They went there because capitalists like you couldn’t care less about their race.

          • Don’t you have White Irish to attack, Brownstein? Everyone here has your number. You’re a Anti_White POS pretending to be pro White. Go play with your mulatto kids.

  2. China has got Joe boxed in. China controls Kim of North Korea and because of the Mutual Defense Treaty between South Korea and America, Joe must defend South Korea should the North attack.

    “I may be Irish, but I am not stupid”. Get me liberty or give me a gallon of malt liquor. Either way I’m okay, right Mick?

    • By some bizzaro twist of history, the non Russian eastern europeans have become the Achilles heel of the race! The stupid Pollack jokes were all true! (Ukrainians being the stupid peasants of the Pollacks!)

      Those calling China a paper dragon should observe their moon rover and space station. They should recall the images of the Chinese crackdown on Nepal with the endless columns of tanks rolling unopposed.

      Let the dragon sleep, for when it wakes it will shake the world!

  3. @ Robert Browning,

    Hating on other whites is why we are strangers in a strange land.
    Throw in with the replacements and apparatchiks and let us know how that works out for you.

    • @Heinrich Himmelfarben—-I hate those who persecute and torment the weak and the innocent. Namely, the Jews and their henchmen the Irish. And if you don’t like it retard, you can do straight to hell. I serve Christ, who do you serve Christ killer? Moshiach?

      • You really are are retard. You serve Moloch your father you Anti_White POS. Everyone here thinks you’re a jerk off and has called you out on Anti_White rhetoric many times.

  4. It’s theater. The Chinese technocratic dictatorship and the US federal (trying hard to nullify the pesky constitution and to become a technocratic dictatorship just like China) have the same end games and goals.

  5. I am no fan of the Chinks and their eating habits but calling them a paper tiger is laughable. That paper tiger with multiple nuclear weapons could ruin your day in less than 15 mins if provoked.

  6. Xi is the quintessential embodiment of Chinese ethnonationalist, in-one-country socialism “with Chinese characteristics,” which include Confucian “values” such as social credit system and strict meritocracy.

    Slightly off topic now, but good: Patrice Greanville of the Greanville Post demolishes “Bernie the Bomber” Sanders the fake socialist who is a real Nuclear War Hawk, and gives his excellent analysis of the conflict in Khazarkraine: “It was inevitable that Sanders would join the mawkish, sanctimonious Ukraine crusade, a disinformation shitstorm without precedent in modern history, unleashed by the Deep State on the scandalously brainwashed publics of the West, by circulating his own piece of dishonest garbage. Dishonest because, like all members of the morally repugnant Western establishment, ‘Bernie’ does not dare mention what the historical context really is behind the current tragedy in Ukraine. Minor details like who made this crisis inevitable, or how much milder threats on America’s borders would have resulted decades ago in probably a horrific military retaliation by the Pentagon are conveniently left out. For his chief purpose is to obfuscate what this enormously important historical juncture is all about: (1) the assault by the united, hypocritical West on Russia to effect regime change in Moscow, part of the US empire’s war on Russia, China, Iran and other sovereign emerging powers; (2) Russia’s existential struggle requiring the neutralisation and denazification of Ukraine; and (3) the concurrent birth of a new peaceful, multilaterist order likely to replace the rapacious, unfixable, and incurably war-thirsty US hegemon”: https://www.greanvillepost.com/2022/03/18/those-who-still-follow-bernie-sanders-are-suckers/

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