Russia Uses Thermobaric Weapons In Ukraine

In the United States, the debate over the past week has been centered on how to get two dozen Soviet-era MiGs from Poland to Ukraine. Congress also passed $13 billion in foreign aid to Ukraine.

The globalist hawks showed Russia who is boss by getting those Stingers, Javelins and drones to Ukraine. Predictably, Russia has responded to this tit for tat by using the more lethal hypersonic missiles and thermobaric weapon systems in their arsenal.

We love the Ukrainians. We have transformed their country into a warzone and have already created the worse refugee crisis since World War II and the war is rapidly on its way to becoming worse than Syria. Slava Ukraini!

Note: The odds of escalating up to the use of tactical nukes has increased in Ukraine.


    • NYT. is reporting major gains by Russians on all fronts.

      So, things must be getting really bad for Ukraine, if that yellow rag concedes gains by Russians.

      • Yes, you are correct. They KNOW the end is approaching. When regular Khazarkrainiain troops who would be shot for deserting are dressing in civilian clothes, and trying to mingle with civilians trying to flee, it means the authority of the Zio-Nazi commanders is breaking down. Please read accurate sources such as Colonel Cassad and Southfront, linked below. With a very small deployment of troops to cover an area the size of France (actually about 10% larger than France) that is making an extreme effort (and losing men) to avoid civilian casualties and damage to civilian infrastructure, what has been accomplished by Russia so far in Khazarkraine with so few soldiers, and so much care for lives and property of the civilian population, has perhaps never been matched in the entire history of warfare!

        Check out Colonel Cassad and South Front to see some of the progress being made:

        I noted that some of the hundreds or thousands of sea mines that were laid in front of Odessa have broken loose in a storm and are drifting toward the beautiful tourist-trade beaches of Romania and Bulgaria, puppet-allies of the U.S. against Russia. The beaches of Odessa are also filled with land mines, buried treasures for the future, to remember the Zio-Nazis by.

    • Vaginosis 1970,

      If that is indeed HW’s Twitter account, why are you revealing it? Do you want fagtifa, blm, and ADL have the judeo-pajeets terminate it? That’s a really faggy play on your part. Did you have a crappy purim and you’re lashing out?

  1. If the warmongering hawks finally stumble across the red line and push the world into a nuclear show down between the Yankee Empire and Russia, would the past showdown influence the tactics and outcome of this future one?

    Putin may NOT make ANY concessions at all for Russia that Khrushchev made for the Soviet Union this time around…

    Khrushchev’s fall from power two years later was in part because of the Soviet Politburo’s embarrassment at both Khrushchev’s eventual concessions to the US and this ineptitude in precipitating the crisis in the first place. According to Dobrynin, the top Soviet leadership took the Cuban outcome as “a blow to its prestige bordering on humiliation”.

    The enormity of how close the world came to thermonuclear war impelled Khrushchev to propose a far-reaching easing of tensions with the US. In a letter to President Kennedy dated October 30, 1962, Khrushchev outlined a range of bold initiatives to forestall the possibility of a further nuclear crisis, including proposing a non-aggression treaty between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Warsaw Pact or even disbanding these military blocs, a treaty to cease all nuclear weapons testing and even the elimination of all nuclear weapons, resolution of the hot-button issue of Germany by both East and West formally accepting the existence of West Germany and East Germany, and US recognition of the government of mainland China. The letter invited counter-proposals and further exploration of these and other issues through peaceful negotiations. Khrushchev invited Norman Cousins, the editor of a major US periodical and an anti-nuclear weapons activist, to serve as liaison with President Kennedy, and Cousins met with Khrushchev for four hours in December 1962.

    Kennedy’s response to Khrushchev’s proposals was lukewarm but Kennedy expressed to Cousins that he felt constrained in exploring these issues due to pressure from hardliners in the US national security apparatus. The US and the USSR did shortly thereafter agree on a treaty banning atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons, known as the “Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty”.

    Further after the crisis, the US and the Soviet Union created the Moscow–Washington hotline, a direct communications link between Moscow and Washington. The purpose was to have a way that the leaders of the two Cold War countries could communicate directly to solve such a crisis.

    The compromise embarrassed Khrushchev and the Soviet Union because the withdrawal of US missiles from Italy and Turkey was a secret deal between Kennedy and Khrushchev. Khrushchev went to Kennedy as he thought that the crisis was getting out of hand, but the Soviets were seen as retreating from circumstances that they had started.

    Khrushchev’s fall from power two years later was in part because of the Soviet Politburo’s embarrassment at both Khrushchev’s eventual concessions to the US and this ineptitude in precipitating the crisis in the first place. According to Dobrynin, the top Soviet leadership took the Cuban outcome as “a blow to its prestige bordering on humiliation”.
    — Wikipedia: “Cuban Missile Crisis”

    The key is that the Yankee Empire started this present crisis by trying to put NATO on Russia’s border even though they will lie through their teeth denying it.

    • Don’t suck JFK’s C….K….JFK brought the Planet to within 60 seconds of Nuclear WW3…and this was after he played a major role in bringing Barack Obama’s Muslim father into the US when he was a US Senstor…

      Where he alive in the 1990’s…1970’s…JFK:”‘full speed ahead with voting Whitey into a white racial minority within the borders of America!!!!….more Hindu Legal immigrants please…”

      • Not me. Hope he and all his fellow Yankees get what they deserve.

        Castro would have tried to wipe out the Yankee Empire with the nukes that the Soviet Union was to have given him after the numerous assassination attempts and the Bay of Pigs Invasion by the CIA apparently with JFK’s blessing. And JFK committed adultery with Marilyn Monroe (plus others it seems) between the time of the Bay of Pigs Invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis — what could go wrong?

        However, JFK once did speak sorta kindly of the South (at least North Carolina). Much better than most today even many Southerners. I will give him that.

        “There is, of course, no place in America where reason and firmness are more clearly pointed out than here in North Carolina. All Americans can profit from what happened in this State a century ago. It was this State, firmly fixed in the traditions of the South, which sought a way of reason in a troubled and dangerous world. Yet when the War came, North Carolina provided a fourth of all of the Confederate soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice in those years. And it won the right to the slogan, ‘First at Bethel. Farthest to the front at Gettysburg and Chickamauga. Last at Appomattox.'”
        — John F. Kennedy – Address at the University of North Carolina Upon Receiving an Honorary Degree, October 12, 1961

        • As sort of an ominous sign of the coming nuclear crisis in Kennedy’s presidency happened within 90 hours after JFK’s inauguration in January 1961. A B52 carrying a “payload of two Mark 39 thermonuclear bombs … on board, each with yields of between 2 and 4 megatons” (8.5 mi 100% kill radius, “more than 250 times the destructive power of the Hiroshima bomb”) had a fuel leak and before it could be landed safely the pilots lost control and the 6/8 of the crew ejected (5/8 of the crew survived the incident). The two bombs were separated from the plane over a farmland area northeast of Goldsboro, NC. One bomb [1st bomb] descended via a parachute and landed hanging in a tree. The other bomb [2nd bomb] hit the ground traveling about 700 mi/hr and parts of it descended as deep as about 180′ according to one estimation. There is some controversy on the switches in the bombs preventing detonation. Some claim that one of the bombs came very close to detonation. Similarly the Cuban Missile Crisis came close to causing a nuclear war.

          “The United States Army Corps of Engineers purchased a 400-foot (120 m) diameter circular easement over the buried component [2nd bomb]. The site of the easement, at 35º29’34″N 77º51’31.2″W, is clearly visible as a circle of trees in the middle of a plowed field on Google Earth.”

          Google map location of easement where the remainder of the 2nd bomb is buried:


      • “all air is sucked out and temperature skyrockets – burning anything in its vicinity”

        Inconsistent narrative, how is there burning without air? Something is wrong.
        Poster is BS’ing, talking beyond his knowledge.

        • The incendiary bombs suck up all the air around them, like the kind that were dropped on German cities in WWII.

      • Instead of blaming JFK for forcing integration on Southern public schools of all levels, you ought to direct your animis towards the SCOTUS, which at the time, iirc was comprised of eight WASPs and one jew. They are the ones that unanimously ruled in favor of Brown (as in Brown v. Board of Education). After that, war criminal Eisenhower and Kennedy’s hand were tied by federal dictate from the highest court in the country.

        The 1965 immigration act was going to eventually occur because of the postwar liberal consensus in the West against racism, nationalism, and authoritarianism. At best, something like it would have become law when the Democrats controlled both Congress and the White House, during say the Carter administration. So if you want to blame a Kennedy for the passage of the 1965 immigration act, blame drunk pinko Ted Kennedy.

        Eisenhower was POTUS when Cuba fell to the communist revolution. Kennedy was left with the poorly planned Bay of Pigs CIA (WASP from head to toe), which turned out to be a fiasco. Sure, JFK could have used jewmerikan air and sea power to assist the Cuban insurgency, but chose not too, which is why he had to “play hard ball,” during The Cuban Missile Crisis.

        Had Kennedy listened to the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s (JCS) recommendation and other war hawks, the US and USSR would have been in a real hot shooting war. On top of that, even sociopath Air Force General Curtis LeMay acknowledged that he could not guarantee that the USAF would be able to knockout every MRBM in Cuba, and that any airstrike on the missile emplacements would kill hundred, if not thousands of the Soviet troops (~42,000 on the island).

        A lot of people sound off out of ignorance, like those that talk out of their asses about “Hitler’s blunders,” or that “Hitler started WWII.”

        “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove any doubt.” -A. Lincoln

  2. I just posted that on another thread, HW. None of this would be happening if the US didn’t overthrow the elected President, put in their puppet President in Ukraine under Obama and antagonize the Russians.

    The US can’t mind their own business. This time they might have bitten off more than they can chew and Ukraine is the one paying for their arrogance right now. The US never admits when they’re wrong in foreign affairs and it might cost all of us this time.

    • The USA is arrogant enough to try scolding and morally shaming China, which is integral to 99% of supply chains keeping the USA afloat. The Chinese are just openly laughing in the faces of American officials and publicly humiliating them now.

      • To quote Vox Day:

        “You don’t want to mess with Joltin’ Joe Biden. He’s a hardcase. He’s from Scranton, PA. You just ask Cornpop, he’ll tell you Joe isn’t a man you want to cross when he tells you off:”

        Xi (Winnie the Pooh) response to Jar-jar Joey:

        In response to the tough talk, China declared that it would continue doing whatever it deemed to be in the interests of the Chinese people without any interference from the United States or anyone else.

  3. This clownshow demonstrates how desperate Jews and communists are. Power slipping out of hands.

    Unfortunately Samson Option comes closer every day but pure fact that we are not in the massive war yet, also Poland MIG saga and other things demonstrate, there is already serious resistance inside system too.

    Typical Empire collapse scenario. Apparachiks and lackeys refuse to obey and fill orders.

    • Using thermobaric weapons makes you just as evil as using nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons, because they don’t discriminate between military and civilians. There is a growing movement to outlaw their use.


      I found this interesting thread on the game theory of Russia’s war in Ukraine. It examines the outcomes of doing nothing, fighting now, or after Ukraine joins NATO. Very interesting:

      But then there was this response:

      “However much Russia is spending on this war — in cash, lives, credibility and reputation — would have been better spent spinning up a domestic semiconductor industry to rival the West or a Manhattan project for life extension or genetic enhancement…

      Putin even has enough personal command over his nation, has enough personal power over the mobilization of his countrymen, to make these things a reality.

      But he didn’t do this.

      Because he’s a boomer.”

  4. End of the Evil Empire?

    But if it’s true that revolution is only three lost meals away the response of our native populations will be epic. So make yourself a coffee, light a cigarette, settle back in your favourite chair and contemplate the upside of the collapse. Banishing the armies of shrieking pink-haired worthless parasitic feminist land-whales currently gorging on the productivity of White males. Formerly tenured academics sitting on the footpath holding signs saying “Will Condescend For Food”. The disappearance of jobs with titles like Diversity Manager, Director Of Inclusivity And Equal Opportunity (i.e. anti-straight White male) Commissioner. Newly impoverished White men will – belatedly – give short shrift to incompetent minorities hogging the fruit of their labour. And just watch when the EBT cards stop working and the shitlib metropolises that house the parasites go up in flames. We could see the central bank money changers come under scrutiny or even driven from the temple with a flail, a stop to intellectual property theft by Israel and China, the end of wars for Israel, much-delayed justice meted out to the utterly corrupt alphabet ‘security’ agencies and the broader military/industrial/political complex, to the fake news media and degenerate Hollyweird.

    What a glorious prospect. But the Tribe and their goyische enablers won’t let Whites easily slip the leash. They remember the last time that happened and fifty million Europeans had to die before we were brought back under control.

    • No not against a real country, 20 yrs in Afghanistan and still basically all was activated at one time or another

      we are talking WW1 levels of casualties so we would be looking at a draft and the federalization of all the National Guard into the old system of field division since the RCTs and standing army would be chopped up in no time, all USMC reserves the whole kit and kaboodlee

      A real fn war like in 1917 or 1941

      Truth is the US would have to go nuclear and then the Russians would BBQ the whole of Europe in return, Fact is Russia hold all the cards in a European war
      it´s also likely that in case of a European war that the Chinese would open up a second front since the whole fucking world want the US gone

      The US also need to launch this war before the Arabs crash the Dollar as is happening right now, the Saudis is not even answering Joe the Irishmans calls for help

      US war power rests in the Air Force,Navy and the Nukes and that´s it

    • Don’t think so. Many people still remember Viet Nam. Easy for Lady G to run his mouth when he won’t lose anything. There was personnel shortage getting people to go to Iraq. They were waiving ages up to 40 something and allowing for a few convictions as I recall. to get the needed bodies. This is just my take.

      • My grandfather lost his leg there. My mother lived there as a child. It was a complete waste

        • I’ll presume to say you disserve your grandfather with that statement, Mr. W. It’s exactly what those who undermined the U.S. effort in Vietnam would want you to say. You should be full of wrath toward them.

          “For that war was lost, not through defeat of American armies in the field, nor yet through treachery among them, but through a massive sedition at home.” (David Stove, in an essay in “Against the Idols of the Age”)

          The war against Communism was vital, which is why Vietnam and Korea don’t belong on your list of ill-advised American military ventures. Vietnam went wrong only because America itself was rife with Communists, as it still is.

          • It is not the reason why I am so hostile to American imperialism. I formed my views on that subject during Iraq

          • If you believe that “the war against communism was vital,” then you’re simply an anti-White liberal/conservative.

          • @J. B. of global-cosmopolitan Philadelphia:

            You must love global-cosmopolitan race-mixing. Thanks to the Imperialist war to re-subjugate the three newly independent nations of southeast Asia formerly known as French Indochina, the U.S. population now contains a considerable proportion of people of Vietnamese, Hmong, Cambodian and Laotian descent. They are all here because of the war!

            Uncle Ho was right. He said, “We have a secret weapon. It is called Nationalism.” The Vietnamese are a real people. Vietnam is a real nation.

            Ho Chi Minh’s Message to the American People, dated December 23, 1966: “On the occasion of the New Year, I would like to convey to the American people cordial wishes for peace and happiness.The Vietnamese and American peoples should have lived in peace and friendship. But the U.S. Government has brazenly sent over 400,000 troops along with thousands of aircraft and hundreds of Warships to wage aggression on Vietnam. Night and day it has used napalm bombs, toxic gas, fragmentation bombs and other modern weapons to massacre our people, not sparing even old persons, women and children, it has burnt down or destroyed villages and towns and perpetrated extremely savage crimes. Of late, U.S. aircraft have repeatedly bombed Hanoi, our beloved capital.It is because of the criminal war unleashed by the U.S. Government that hundreds of thousands of young Americans have been drafted and sent to a useless death for from then homeland, on the Vietnamese battlefield. In hundreds of thousands of American families, parents have lost their sons, and wives their husbands.Nevertheless, the U.S. Government has continually clamoured about ‘peace negotiations’ in an attempt to deceive the American people and the world when in fact, it is daily expanding the war. The U.S. Government wrongly believes that with brutal force it could compel our people to surrender. But the Vietnamese people will never submit. We love peace, but it must be genuine peace in independence and freedom. For independence and freedom, the Vietnamese people are determined to fight the U.S. aggressors through to complete victory, whatever the hardships and sacrifices may be.Who has caused these sufferings and mournings to the Vietnamese and American people? It is the U.S. rulers. The American people have realized this truth. More and more Americans are valiantly standing up in a vigorous struggle, demanding that the American Government respect the Constitution and the honour of the United States, stop the war of aggression in Vietnam and bring home all U.S. troops. I warmly welcome your just struggle and thank you for your support to the Vietnamese people’s patriotic fight. I sincerely wish the American people many big successes in their struggle for peace, democracy and happiness”:

          • Mr. Bonaccorsi,

            I agree with your beliefs and yes this website is proof communism and it’s creatures are still alive and well in the USA. and on a white nationalist website at that. I am fading fast from this website but I thought I had to break silence to support you.

            Those non white refugees likely would have been brought to the USA regardless of involvement since that is what America does regardless if the USA was in the war or not.

            My grandmother remembers that Jimmy Carter promised the USA would receive only 100,000 vietnamese boat people but of course America received millions, Not only do politicians lie but in supposedly “liberal democracies” the powers that be are quite ruthless and totalitarian when something supports or threatens their agenda.

            In short liberal democracies are neither liberal nor democratic.

            I will only read November, daragason, and any comment you make on this thread and then I need to and should be gone for good.

            By the way you keep late hours.

          • Thanks, Merthyr. That statement from Ho Chi Minh was so stirring it almost made me forget he was a Marxism-addled nothing, who got untold thousands of his people killed to protect them from the evil American Pizza Huts they’re now happy to have. (Should you get a hankering for pizza if you’re ever in the city named for him, you’ll have a choice of several locations, I believe, but you might prefer the one closest to the War Remnants Museum. It’s just a ten-minute drive from the Hard Rock Cafe.)

          • It never ceases to amaze me how forgiving the Vietnamese are towards us, after what we did to their country.

            Absolutely heinous, our war in Vietnam. Senseless and wicked – and opened the door for Godless Jewish-Left counterculture sedition at home (although that may have been part of the plan).

          • Thanks, CRA. I appreciate the support.

            Years ago, I happened upon a statement from Edwin Walker, a U.S. Army general at whom Lee Harvey Oswald (it seems) fired a shot in early 1963, half a year or so before Oswald killed President Kennedy. Because I’d been too young at the time of the Kennedy assassination to know anything about politics, I didn’t recognize Walker’s name when I read, some years after the assassination, that Oswald had fired at an Army officer. Accordingly, it was quite a surprise to me to encounter this Walker statement. I hadn’t realized the person at whom Oswald had fired was prominent.

            Anyway, the statement, which Walker had made before a Congressional committee or something, was to the effect that, in the State Department or Defense Department or something, there was an apparatus—a human apparatus, that is—that was constantly steering the U.S. away from victory over Communism. That rang true to me, and it comes to my mind when I ponder things like America’s involvement in Vietnam. Not only did the Communists here undermine the American military effort; they ensured that the whole thing ended in a fiasco of a departure, a refugee problem, and, it seems, no proper accounting for American POWs. Half a century has passed since Vietnam, and I still see that POW/MIA flag flying. I think I recently saw it at a post office.



            I tend to think you’re right that life in our liberal democracy is not—well, not what juvenile I, at the time of the Kennedy assassination, would have expected it to be.

          • “It never ceases to amaze me how forgiving the Vietnamese are towards us, after what we did to their country.”

            It never ceases to amaze me that American companies do business in the city named after the Marxist, Ho Chi Minh, whose senseless pursuit of the world Soviet dream got tens of thousands of Americans killed or maimed or injured.

      • @Dogface,

        If you recall, the US was so desperate to maintain troop levels in Iraq, they used the “Stop Gap” measures.

        It was getting so ridiculous that people were jokingly saying that Bush Jr was going to deploy the Boy Scouts to Rimadi and Fallujah.

        I knew a guy that was in the fricking Coast Guard Reserve that was sent to the Persian Gulf for nearly a year!

        I don’t know if you caught the interview with retired Colonel Douglas MacGregor, but he said of the Americans 18-24 that could be conscripted, only 30% actually would pass muster.

        • November,

          Do you remember when we first met how much I hate scorpions? I have been stung twice-once in Decatur Tx, and once in Durango Mexico. It burns like fire.

          Some of my brothers and sisters went on a scorpion hunt to kill and burn scorpions. Well my sister Maria ( the monster) captured one and put it in a jar and calls it Stinger. She has done this before.

          Since she is father;s favorite she can do this. Any words of wisdom on how I can get this scorpion and burn it like the rest? Or on you Maria’s side?

          • @Cristina,

            Well, burning invertebrates aren’t really something I indulge, but I know that you and your siblings, except Maria do.

            Is “Stinger” Maria’s “pet,” or is it a curiosity? If Maria has an attachment to stinger, I do not think she will want to see it in incinerated. Therefore, I recommend that you and you brothers and sisters leave Stinger be, or incur the wrath of “the monster” in Maria.

            BTW, back in the day, me and my childhood friends used to used a magnifying glass and the sun to give ants some heat.

        • November,

          My previous comment to you did not post. Maybe I hit the wrong button for I have long fingernails and a small laptop.

          You made an excellent and amusing comment on the scorpion issue. It combined wit and amusement.

          Not to fret however, we have noticed that the jar housing Stinger has no holes so I think the Stinger is not long in this life. Maria thinks I must be part scorpion myself due to my 2 stings from those creatures.

          If you are ever stung by a scorpion —get an ice pack and keep it on for hours.

          • @Cristina,

            Good to know if I ever get stung by a scorpion. Hopefully, I’ll never have to use your advice. 🙂

        • November,

          There used to be a bounty in Durango for dead scorpions but modern spraying does a reasonable job on the creatures.

          About 250,000 people in Mexico are stung by scorpions each year—more people than in any other country. Several dozen people die each year.

          No we do not do it for money only fun and a free public service and for me a vendetta. Texas also has lots of scorpions in certain parts.

  5. I don’t know if Russia used thermobaric armament, but if they did it would have been used legally, on a legitimate military target. I do know that Khazarkraine fired another cluster-armed missile (on Thursday) targeting a city center in DLPR crowded with civilians, a very serious war crime! Fortunately Russian anti-missile defense disabled it completely. The previous cluster bomb atrocity was almost prevented by Russian anti-missile fire, but one of the 100 cluster canisters did reach the ground, causing 20 deaths, all civilians, some of them children, and many more wounded. Thousands of civilians would have been killed in that crowded city center if the missile had not been hit and mostly disabled. Fox News did not report any of these real Khazarkrainian atrocities, only fake news about Russia.

  6. >Thermobaric Weapons

    The word thermobaric sounds scary and probably reminds people of thermonuclear.

    Most explosives contain both fuel and oxidizer — but a thermobaric explosive contains no or very little oxidizer, hence it has greater fuel density than conventional explosives — it uses atmospheric oxygen as the oxidizer — due to the greater fuel density, pound for pound a thermobaric explosive has more punch (greater yield) than a conventional explosive, and generally creates a hotter and bigger explosion as atmospheric oxygen is sucked in to oxidize the exploding fuel — as a result, it also produces a more powerful shock wave.

  7. If you havent been following the Daily Mail’s coverage, all I can say is WEW BOY.
    It’s peak propaganda.

  8. I hate Mittens Romney – THE worst RINO, Cuckservative, chickenhawk, has THE worst Je* Neo Conservative adviser Max Boot.

    Most White LDS Latter Day Saints are nice people, make good neighbors. The poliitcians are horrible. as bad as the Je*s.

    • “Mittens Romney – THE worst RINO, Cuckservative, chickenhawk, ”

      Mr. 4 deferments from the Vietnam draft.

        • I hate lapel patriots, they wear that dinky flag on their lapel, who wouldn’t even serve in the reserve or gaurd. Just sickening.

  9. It is notable that Khruschev, had a real Ukrainian, far-western, Polish-Ukrainian common law wife. He was given charge of the mines in Donbas and later, of the entire Ukrainian SSR. Finally, as head of the USSR he added Crimea to his Ukrainian wife’s dear Ukrainian SSR. Russia was too generous (at the expense of ethnic Russians) to all of the non-Russian ethnic soviet socialist republics, not only generous with economic subsidies but also generous with Russian land – making the Ukrainian SSR, for example, three times the size that it should have been, and then, Khruschev made it even bigger by giving it Crimea! The Kazakh Soviet Socialist Repuplic (now Kazakhstan) was also made much too large, including most of the best grain-producing part of Russian Siberia. Northern Kazakhstan is majority ethnic Russia to this day. There is also a large ethnic Russian component of the population of Kyrgystan and several other former SSRs include a Russian majority in some areas.

    Khruschev was allied with Trotsky but later, he appeared to be very loyal to Stalin. He was next on Stalin’s list to be purged, along with the plotting Jewish doctors, when Stalin suddenly (some say suspiciously, others, miraculously) had a stroke.

  10. Excellent, very excellent video, Ukraine Agony, still up at Jew Tube. Link is up at

    Video is 5 years old, before Azov was included into the army and then took it over.

    Highly recommended. The German journalist in this documentary shows exactly how narration should be done. He is calm, manly, not emotional, and keeps still. He maintains self control, not waving his hands around or wagging his head insanely, contrary to basically all Americans these days.

    Why is there a war? Ukraine Agony shows you why.

    Update: Russian troops inside Mariupol. The land bridge to Crimea will be completed with that.

  11. The rainbow poop emoji empire has no Thermobaric missiles?
    Diversity is our readiness, comrade
    Our missiles shoot out hashtags and rainbow poop emojis with purple haired mean girls or satyricon trannies launching them from a video game console.
    I thought war was obsolete in the Benetton globalist utopia?

  12. Hey Nancy, our founders hated democracy, that’s the reason we’re a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, you demonic douche bucket.

    Notice how the witch got in the jab for nationalized voting rules.

  13. If Nancy Ghoulosi and Willard the Shifty-Eyed Mormon get us into a newkyuler conflikt they will be safely escorted to a vast underground complex in the mountains of western Virginia. But what of the self-styled experts on thermobaric weapons, international finance and Hitler Dindunuffinism who piddle out their contributions on Occidental Dissent? I’m afraid they shall not fare as well. No trace of them, their rusting mobile homes on cinder blocks nor of their 1993 Ford Tauruses shall remain.

  14. I hope they add a gridsquare saturation strike by TOS-1A thermobaric MLRS to the World War 3 fps thats going f2p on steam shortly. Thermobarics are badass.

    In honor of Ukraine, I’ll put a little Ukraine flag on my soldier’s magazine carrier. Slava Ukraini!

    Its gonna be a hell of a game.

  15. Thermobaric weapons are nothing new. We used to call them “fuel-air explosion bombs” and used them liberally during Desert Storm. Anyone seen the “bloodangels” in the bunker hangars under Al Jabber Air Base? That’s all that’s left of some poor Iraqi Air Force mechanics that were down there

    • “Thermobaric weapons are nothing new…..”

      These were developed by the Germans in WWII, called taifun rockets.
      They did most of the developmental work and testing, using various fuels.
      They used fuel-air weapons against the USSR.
      The weapon was so devastating that the USSR threatened to use nerve gas against the Germans if they continued, in retaliation.

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