MSNBC: U.S. Government Warns Russia May Plan False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack On Ukraine

The White Helmets or their Ukrainian equivalent are getting ready.

Given the encirclement of Ukrainian forces in the north and east, the false flag could come as early as next week. Zelensky is also broadcasting in front of a green screen.


  1. If the govt is talking about a false flag it usually means they’re about to pull one and blame it on the other guy. It wouldn’t be the 1st time.

  2. I guess that whole “No More Wars Among White Christian Brothers” goes out the window when the Alt-Lite finds another Tough Guy like Putin to get all gaga over.

  3. >U.S. suspects Russia is planning a chemical weapons attack that makes utterly no sense

    None of the Assad gassed his own people stories made any sense either — yet shortly after taking office, Blumpf, who had just campaigned against dumb, pointless foreign interventions, launched cruise missiles into Syria in response to one such story.

    A huge fraction of the patriotard Right eats shit like this up.

  4. Remember only the winning side ever commit atrocities against it´s own people by gassing them….like Syria!

    ..Oh wait

  5. The Long Marching comrades always broadcast the next move.
    Arrogance, hubris and the Peak Stupidity of the drooling mongoloid masses.

  6. Putin was trying his best to limit engagement to a few prime military targets, avoiding civilians as best possible. The zoglings are doing everything to feed fuel to the fire, engaging civilians, feeding in weaponry, providing satellite intelligence. The zoglings knew full well that escalation will follow.

    It’s an evil neighbor that pours gasoline on your house fire.

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