My Position On Russia

Editor’s Note: This is my definitive statement on Russia.

On Russia: Russia is an autocratic, multicultural, expansionist empire. It is not the savior of the White race. It is not a bastion of Christianity. It is not a trad model for how we ought to live here. It is not Aryan women in wheat fields or any of that nonsense. It is the same old Russia as it has always existed except for during the Soviet period. We have coexisted with Russia for centuries.

On the Russian people: The Russian people have no more control over their foreign policy than we do here. This was entirely Putin’s decision. He made this call. “Democracy” isn’t at stake. Elites are responsible for setting foreign policy on all sides of this conflict. In the United States, foreign policy is made by elites and unelected bureaucrats under the pressure of interest groups like the Israel Lobby and the military-industrial complex. Blaming the Russian people for this conflict is nothing but ignorance, bigotry and xenophobia. This invasion of Ukraine came as much as a surprise to them as it did to us.

On Putin: He sees himself as a “civilizationist” and the defender of the “Russian World” who is guiding Russia back to strength from a position of weakness after the collapse of the Soviet Union. He IS NOT a communist. He has a very deep sense of history and grievance. In Ukraine, Putin essentially erected a gigantic NO TRESPASSING sign in front of the country in 2008 and a drew a bright red line around the country and repeatedly told us what would happen if we continued to cross it. Ukraine is a vital interest of Russia for cultural, historic and strategic reasons. Putin could no more tolerate it being drawn into an anti-Russian military alliance than we could tolerate Canada being used against us in this way.

On the conflict in Ukraine: First and foremost, we should stay out of it because Americans have no vital interest at stake in that country, but a lot to lose by getting drawn into a war with Russia. This has never stopped our foreign policy establishment or our bored and foolish senators though who just finished fighting a similar devastating proxy war with Russia in Syria. The question isn’t why Russians are in Ukraine – it was part of the Russian Empire for 200 years of American history before the 1990s – it is what we are doing there fueling the conflict and picking fights with Russia over the status of Donbas. We’re the ones who are operating over 5,500 miles away from our own country.

On who is to blame for the conflict in Ukraine: Putin is to blame for invading the country. Yankees are to blame for being chronically incapable of minding their own business and repeatedly setting up devastating wars like this all over Eurasia and North Africa. I’m referring to everyone in America who has this mindset which requires them to constantly meddle in the business of others in a foolish attempt to recreate the world in their own image. The Ukrainian government is to blame for refusing to settle the issue in Crimea and Donbas and its insane and reckless position of trying of become a de facto member of NATO.

On being a pro-Putin shill: In the United States, the debate is between the Zelensky stooges who are overwhelmed by their emotions and who want to intervene in every way on the side of Ukraine – economically and militarily – against a nuclear power over a region (Donbas) of utterly no strategic importance or value to us and those who want to remain neutral and who are pushing back against the Russia hysteria. Those of us who are neutral are content to mind our own business and live alongside Russia as it has always existed. Unlike the Zelensky stooges, we don’t want to intervene in the war on the side of Russia, but we try to understand and respect the Russian point of view and push back against war fever. No one else is even trying to consider the Russian perspective.

On Ukraine: There are millions of people on Twitter who want American soldiers to intervene and die for a place which they didn’t care about three months ago and couldn’t identify on a map and probably haven’t read a single book about in their entire lives. Such is the power of the mainstream media to confuse, agitate, misinform, manipulate and hypnotize the public. “Journalists” are some of the dumbest people in this country and it is disappointing that so many gullible people who ought to know better after years of BLM riots are now are listening to them and swallowing their war propaganda.

On the European Union and NATO: As an American, I have never sworn an oath of allegiance to the EU, NATO or Ukraine. I don’t have any loyalty to the foreign policy establishment. As we have seen in Yugoslavia, Libya and Syria, NATO isn’t a “defensive alliance.” It is a gang. The EU and NATO are supranational organizations that spread “liberal” values around the world. I use the term “liberal” in air quotes because at this point it has really just degenerated into a dictatorship of the professional class which wields arbitrary, despotic power against anyone who opposes their values and interests.

On this website: Occidental Dissent has always been the polar opposite of people like Lindsey Graham on foreign policy. This website has always been nationalist, isolationist and dovish on foreign policy in contrast to Washington which is overwhelmingly globalist, imperialist, militarist and hawkish. The people who guide our foreign policy and who created the present crisis have the latter instincts while those who have our instincts aren’t anywhere close to the halls of power.

One last thing: Don’t we have our own continent and hemisphere?

Note: This country lost its way at the turn of the 20th century when it went down the road of imperialism and militarism and ended up like the old British Empire. The media similarly bamboozled the public into jumping into the Spanish-American War.


  1. Nothing like this would ever have happened if not the Yankees would have planned,funded and formented the Maidan coup

    As usual the US is to blame for everything bad in the world since it´s founding while cotributing to nothing but misery death and the displacement of Millions

    Attacking the phony colony called THE Ukraine was purely self defense by the Russians other politics the may have aside
    Putin had no choice! it´s like shooting a nigger busting into your daughters bedroom in the middle of the night

    Russia is not the champion we asked for or wanted but it´s the one we got, this is the first check on the system since 1945

    End the US End the union End reconstruction End the wars

    Death to america and the global american pig-system
    Deo Vindice

    BTW Hunter “It is not a bastion of Christianity” Even if i give you right most of the time here is where you get it very very wrong

    • Roughly 25% of the population in Russia is Christian, roughly 18% of the population is Muslim. Islam is the largest growing religion in Russia, and projected to be 1/3 of the population in 15 years, and will outnumber Christianity. Just wait until Islam controls (or rather is openly allowed to control) the Russian government. Russia is not a bastion of Christianity.

      Russia is not the champion of White people. White nationalism is not tolerated in Russia. Putin has the same ancestry as Zelenskyy, and is not your friend. Putin wants the Soviet Union borders back, he is not “fighting the globalists”, he is just another brand of globalist. Russia is allying with China, who wants you dead.

      As for the “yankees” meddling in world affairs, it is not so much “meddling”, as it is using the U.S. as a hammer and battering ram. The U.S. has outlived it’s usefulness to them, and will go down hard soon, whether or not war with Russia is openly fomented. It will be bad for us when the U.S. crashes, but empires rise and empires fall, or in this case, is destroyed from within. Just be sure to voat moar harder, maybe Twump can save Merca…

      • Putin is not a jew otherwise you are mostly correct

        Russia is as i have said is a Third power in this fight, they are not us and they are not the enemy of us
        i see them as a force of nature fighting our enemy that will break the system and open the door for us

        The military of ZOG must be mitigated for any great change to come and Russia will bring this to happen as soon as this war go global! this will end NATO in Europe for good and leave the US and Russia both heavily crippeled

        Whatever we are seeing right now we are at the beginning of the end of globohomo and you can also see signs of this in the desperation of the liberal world establishment when now since the end of WW2 they are facing a real threat

        You should see Russia as a sudden hurricane a storm destroying the massive enemy fleet before you, it´s neither malevolent or benign but it´s there for us touse it to our own advantage

        Embrace the coming hardship and it will be hard i asure you that

        • I understand what you are saying, and do not see the Russian people as an enemy; I got over that after the wall came down. However there are plenty of claims contrary to what you are saying about Putin. That does not matter much in the end, as he has openly stated his goals.

      • Kyke, Muslims accept Christ and his teachings. The Jews are the enemies of Christ not the Muslims. Are you Irish Rob157? You are coming off like some really bad corn beef and cabbage.

        • You should get out of your Mom’s basement more often. Take a nice long swig of Irish whiskey, and go play in traffic or something. And don’t forget your dunce hat.

          • And you need to be Moshiached up to your tonsils Christ killer. You are going to love your Big Mo, he is going to give it to you good. You are not a girth phobe are you kyke?

        • Browno! Have ye nat learned yer lesson yet, after dat workin’-over the Ardoyne lads gave ye? Said ye squealed like a feckin’ campie…

      • “Roughly 25% of the population in Russia is Christian, roughly 18% of the population is Muslim. Islam is the largest growing religion in Russia, and projected to be 1/3 of the population in 15 years, and will outnumber Christianity. ”

        Also, Russia has more mosques than all of Europe.

        The “Christian” Dissident Right/America First movement, must be the dumbest useful idiots in history, for supporting Russia against the countries they live in.

  2. My guess is that Putin was forced into doing something because of various threats made by Zelensky. The nuclear threats were public, the NATO threat was public, we only recently found out about the bio-weapons threat.

    The O’Assholes and the Jews stirred the pot, now we are on the brink.

    • Yes. Putin had no choice but to intervene. Bio-warfare labs, massive military buildup, continual shelling of Russian civilians in Dombass since 2014, and finally Jew-puppets threat to build or acquire nukes. He would have been insanely irresponsible not to remove the threat. The aggressor here was Globopedo operating via it’s puppets in Country 404. Meanwhile, a new caravan of 170,000 invaders in crossing our own Southern border and will be aided and assisted by the US military who transports them to various locales inland – and act of treason which they dutifully obey.

      • A lot of them are time servers and bennie gobblers who will shit bricks and run if posted to the Donbass front.

  3. Who is the guy in the broad brimmed hat pulling down the flags in the 1890’s cartoon on your banner? It’s obvious from the context of the cartoon that he opposes the Spanish-American war and the US taking Cuba and the Philippines, but I don’t recognize him.

  4. Putin is also a personal friend of Clause Schwab and is fully on board the WEF’s plans. Zelensky has personal ties to the WEF as well. The WEF is a common thread amongst all the major players in this tragedy.

    • Satan-Klaus has kicked Putin out of the WEF. Yes he did attend WEF starting in the 1990s. It might be for show, but the usual suspects are hysterical over the fall of Country 404. This of course could be a distraction for some other evil they have planned with Llord Fauci the King of Science, Big Pharma, etc.

    • @Christop1970—— Kyke instead of spouting off about the same inane drivelings over and over why don’t you clue us all in on the totality of the total awesomeness of the Moshiach? Tell us how great he is, can you do that retodd? How much you love him, how much you need him and how much you have just got to have him. Tell kyke tell.

  5. As I stated before, HW’s position is the traditional American position – one which would have been held by something like 90% of Americans circa 1900. It’s straight out of Washington’s warning against foreign entanglements. Much has changed for the worse since that time. We are now ruled by a foreign oligarchy – a Jewish clique who might have been born here but who share nothing in common with the founding stock of the country. Part of the reason they were able to take absolute control, which now extends to every single institution from finance, commerce, medicine, academia, arts and entertainment, media, military, foreign and domestic policy, law, and even what calls itself Christianity in the USSA lies with that portion of the founding stock centered in New England.

    Always the zealots, the Puritans had by and large already jettisoned any meaningful Christianity by 1900, replacing it with progressive utopianism. They soon chose to ally and ultimately to serve the imported Jews who rule over them. The die was already cast by 1865, when the forced union was enshrined. Before 1860, individual states had much more leeway in how things were governed locally. State power, having been dealt a fatal blow in 1865, gradually declined. The compromise of 1877 for the former confederacy was only a temporary respite in the imposition of imperial control, which was completed by 1965. The most important thing for the survival of our own people is the total dismantling of the Empire of Lies. We are not voting our way out of this. The empire’s fall will have the additional benefit of enabling people in other lands to chose their own way to an extent.

    The whites in the south have also largely abandoned anything resembling traditional Christianity for a Judeo-Masonic creation very aptly-named the “Judeo-Christ”. Based on the heresies of Darby and the con-man Cyrus Scofield, its followers now worship a Satanic skin-suit whose purpose is to serve the interests of Satan’s spawn. They even proudly call themselves “Christian Zionists”, utterly oblivious to the profoundly blasphemous nature of the term. This war might already be World War III, as its quite obvious that Gobopedo, an empire which stretches around the planet, is being opposed by several nations which include China, Russia and Iran. I refuse to give any sort of support to Globopedo, which is irredeemably evil. China, Russia, Iran and others who stand against it will go their own way.

  6. “Russia is an autocratic, multicultural, expansionist empire. It is not the savior of the White race. It is not a bastion of Christianity. It is not a trad model”:

    I think that is going too far. You seem to imply that it could NEVER be a socialist national republic, only a multi-racial empire like the United States, and Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, etc.

    “He sees himself as a ‘civilizationist’ and the defender of the ‘Russian World’ who is guiding Russia back to strength from a position of weakness after the collapse of the Soviet Union. He IS NOT a communist. He has a very deep sense of history and grievance”:

    I agree (and I have often stated here) that he is not a communist. It is his greatest fault and failure. He wants to have BOTH “the free market” AND Russia. He cannot have his capitalist cake and free Russia too, because there is no real nationalism without socialism.

    “Putin is to blame for invading the country (…) The Russian people have no more control over their foreign policy than we do here. This was entirely Putin’s decision. He made this call (…) Blaming the Russian people for this conflict is nothing but ignorance, bigotry and xenophobia. This invasion of Ukraine came as much as a surprise to them as it did to us”:

    Putin is not to blame for invading the country. The majority of elected representatives of the Russia people were pushing him to take action, and what he finally ordered is not an “invasion” at all, but a defensive, police action aimed precisely at the U.S.’s Zio-Nazi proxy army, bioweapons labs, CIA, MI6 and NATO “trainers,” private mercenaries, etc. that are presecuting and killing Russian people in Khazarkraine and threatening Russia itself.

    The Russian people do not have “no more control than we do.” They have more control, more political choice than the U.S. population does. In election after election, they overwhelmingly support Putin and his United Russia Party. The communist party of Russia, which is also in full support of the police action in Khazarkraine, is the second most popular party, and the party that receives the third largest number of votes is even more in favor of the police action in Khazarkraine than Putin’s party. The Russian people overwhelmingly support the police action in Khazarkraine. It is entirely defensive, legal under international law, while the U.S.’s decades-long hybrid war against Russia is pure aggression, the worst possible crime in international law.

    Finally, you cannot be “neutral” about the facts. A geometric line (like the “fence” you try to sit on) is invisible, imaginary, does not even exist, so you cannot sit on it.

  7. WEF wants WWIII for the Great Reset Leap Forward.
    There won’t be any vote on the matter.
    All governments and apparatchiks are WEF and they expect a ROI.

  8. Whether I like or don’t like Modern Day Russia is a nuanced question. I have no ethnic ties to that nation ethnically being a White Southern Anglo-Norse-Germanic-Celt but I will say this… during the Soviet Union days, the Jewish media was constantly mocking those who were concerned about the spread of Communism and decried the likes of Joseph McCarthy and the John Birch Society. Even when Mitt Romney said America’s biggest threat is Russia, Barak Obama said “the 1980s called we want our foreign policy back.”

    But ever since 2016 after everyone’s favorite witch, Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump, Russia all of a sudden has been the boogeyman for undermining “our democracy” as the Jews like to say it.

    Even though modern day Russia has problems such as trading with Israel, allowing Jews to live there, and Putin having some Jews in government positions, has been the nation that Western European countries should strive to be like. Russia doesn’t put up with homosexual behavior, race mixing, anti-White narratives, degeneracy, or anti-Christian dogma. Russia has made an effort to rebuild the nuclear family that the Jews have deconstructed here in the West and is ultimately a force for good in the White world so I approve.

    David Duke suggests that all of these reasons are why the Jews that control the media hate and want war with Russia so badly. The Jews don’t care about “our democracy” because that is code for every degenerate practice destructive to White society.

    Our current corrupt political class spanning from John McCain to Lindsey Graham to Antony Blinken, have been spearheading war with post Soviet Russia ever since the start of the Russian Federation. George W. Bush even wanted the geopolitically volatile nation of Ukraine to be incorporated into NATO, an alliance which should have been disbanded long after the Cold War.

    I don’t hate the Ukrainian people but I do hate their government run by the sick and perverted filthy Jew called Zelensky who is little more than an Israeli puppet. Israel, NATO, the Neo-Con/Neo-Lib Military Industrial Complex, the EU, the Davos Group, George Soros, The Lincoln Project, Bill Kristol, George W. Bush, the woke corporations and every other global elitist individual or group are begging to get us into a war with Russia. The elites who support war are part of a greatest hits edition of everyone working to destroy us and enslave White’s worldwide.

    We shouldn’t be having brothers wars like this because only the Zionist Jews will win from such bloodshed. White infighting is one of the worst things to happen to us because our people get duped. The Jews fund and control both sides in order influence the outcome in their favor.

    The majority of Americans are tired of being involved in endless wars and not to mention, George Washington even warned against entangling alliances. If the founders knew what was going on they would be rolling over in their graves.

    To close as Pat Buchanan puts it “Whether we go to war for a nation that was formerly part of the Soviet bloc should be a matter for decision by the Americans of that day and time- not mandated, not dictated by our signature on a 73-year-old treaty, devised for another era and another world.”

    • “Whether I like or don’t like Modern Day Russia is a nuanced question. I have no ethnic ties to that nation ethnically being a White Southern Anglo-Norse-Germanic-Celt”:

      That is entirely natural. Being of Welsh and Frankish-German descent, I also have no personal or cultural bonds to Russia and other Eastern European peoples or nations. They are all just as foreign to me as the Italians, Greeks and other Mediterranean White ethnicities, which are almost as foreign to me as Indians and Chinese people. Nevertheless I respect the Russians, and enjoy some of their music (said to be “the universal language”), architecture and art – just as I respect all nations, without any exception. I always say that one cannot be a true nationalist without also being a a true internationalist with deep respect and good will for ALL other nations, and all men everywhere (and of course, also not without being a true socialist).

      “We shouldn’t be having brothers wars like this”:

      I say that all aggressive, true wars – cold wars, “information” (propaganda) wars, financial sanction wars, blockades, proxy wars, as well as “conventional” (or hot) wars – are wars (and sins) against brothers, or “neighbors” – in the sense that Jesus explained to the Pharisee, who “seeking to justify himself said to Jesus, Who is my neighbor?” Everyone is.

  9. My position on Russia is the same as Putin’s position on my country:

    I don’t care about Russia.


    Russia! Russia! Russia! is a distraction from what is happening in America.

  10. I would like the war to end soon, I don’t wish to see it drag out. Putin needs to either force the Ukrainians to agree to a no-NATO agreement or do a full on blitz on Kiev and remove Zelensky from power.

    I’m more concerned about regime change in America than I am about regime change in Ukraine. O’Biden is a disaster. The economy sucks, inflation is insane, gas prices and energy prices are down the tubes, unrelenting immigration, increased poverty, surging crime. All this is going on and they are trying to sell us the idea that everything is fine and dandy and we should blame all our problems on Russia.

    I know a lot of people on this site like to shit on Trump, but honestly compared to what we have today, Trump was a decent president compared to the shit we have now. Anything is better than Obama’s third term.

  11. I fully agree with Hunter’s views. They are my own.
    I’m reminded of our dealings with the Indians…how we would sign a treaty of everlasting friendship, then prod Indian lands, slink in here and there, let settlers or prospectors move in, then when the Indians killed a few…BOOM! Time to intervene, beat the Indians off…and time for another treaty. it really is the American way, and I’m not really much of an Indian lover. This is simply the pattern, it got derailed in 1812 because the British and Canadians fought back. But since the Spanish-American war, every overseas war has started with a “regrettable incident’, and makes sure THEY fire the first shot. A recent YouTube podcast had Gerard Caliente elaborate on this.

    Putin certainly isn’t a white nationalist, and Russia is hardly ‘free’, but he is fighting against this decadent, arrogant slop that western civ has become. It might be comparable to Hitler and Stalin in 1941. Which is the more noble? But bad as they were, they lacked the slimy hypocrisy and sneakiness of the west, especially America…posing as an arsenal of democracy, while bleeding the British treasury dry demanding payment. They don’t tell you that. it was made clear in Britain that war would destroy the empire, but Churchill wanted war, and so there we are.
    I think at this point, the only things Americans can make with any degree of competency are wars and movies, although it seems Marvel superhero films are our final forte, and it’s noteworthy how Zelensky is cast as a Marvel hero (Peter Parker in his T-shirt) and Putin the evil villain, and the U.S….as the Avengers. I think this is how a certain point of the population now think.
    Also, I always enjoyed the cartoon of Bryan. It’s very clever. I recently re-read Gore Vidal’s Empire, about America during the 1890’s, and his observations of Bryan and the imperial class in America are very astute.
    I admire that then, political cartoons were very well drawn and inked, showing a lot of craft. Now, it’s just squiggles.

    • Watch out for a “Pearl Harbor” event to justify us getting into a declared war with Russia. Maybe a stink bomb in a Hollywood gay club? Or poisoned watermelons at a BLM march?

  12. “It is not the savior of the White race.”

    Maybe not directly. The Russian empire is racially neutral, in the same way that 19th century western empires were. The current Judeo-American empire and it’s European puppets are explicitly anti-White. They want the White phenotype to be wiped from the face of the earth. If Russia removes the west from its position of global dominance the White race stands a chance. Anything that challenges “western” power is good for the White race.

  13. In the 1980s, a Soviet defector Anatoly Golitsyn wrote a book “New Lies for Old” which forecast a false fall of the USSR. The Communists would retain power under a new guise. He also maintained that the Sino-Soviet split was a ruse.

    Several years ago, Putin remarked to a bunch of jews that many of the early Bolsheviks were jews. White nationalists in the west saw this as giving truth to power. In retrospect, I think it was a complement.

  14. America handled the Ukraine crisis as badly as MacArthur ignored all Chinese warnings not to push up the Chinese border or they would intervene.

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