Zelensky Suspends 11 Opposition Parties

Are you ready to fight for Ukrainian democracy?


“Ukraine plans to ban 11 political parties with ties to Russia, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced in a video released via Telegram on Sunday.

Driving the news: “Any activity of politicians aimed at splitting or collaborating will not succeed,” Zelensky said. …”

Don’t be fooled.

This isn’t about a grand ideological struggle between Democracy and Autocracy. Ukraine is a client state of the United States and NATO that has been invaded by Russia. The proxy war there has been going on for eight years. This is the sequel to the previous proxy war in Syria.

Lots of states have been battlefields for Great Power conflict: Korea in the 1950s, Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s, Afghanistan in the 1980s, Syria in the 2010s, etc. The biggest loser in all of these wars is always the state that is caught in the middle and gets trampled.


  1. Yes banning all parties in opposition of you is truly the signs of a great democracy

    Remind me of Bloody Abe the great liberator jailing all news paper editors and journalists disagreeing with him

    The west do not now shit about “Democracy”however it´s fluent in “Hypocracy”

    • Regardless what you think about the Civil War, Abe showed exactly what needed to be done when faced with a subversive threat like academic and media leftism post WW2 confronted by McCarthy in a mild, ineffective way.

  2. At the very end they gonna kill each other. What is very good because this will spread all over the Empire. In the very end knives come our everywhere. Who f…ed up communism ????

  3. The Nation(article on Ukraine) – “Today, increasing reports of far-Right violence, ultranationalism and erosion of basic freedoms are giving the lie to the West’s initial euphoria. There are Neo-Nazi pogroms against the Roma, rampant attacks on LGBTQ and feminist group, book bans and state-sponsored glorification of Nazi collaborators.” – and yet the Alt-Lite continues to simp for shitbag Putin and shitbag Russia. It’s almost like the US Alt-Lite leadership actively steers White Nationalists into supporting people like Trump and Putin and all of these other go-nowhere dead-ends.

    • Ukraine looks like a state run by a bunch of delusional savage sadomasochistic faggots, sucking thespian Jewish dick. If anything Zelenskyy is akin to Antichrist and the Ukrainians volunteered for Hell.

  4. Slightly off topic, but interesting, I think: Zio-Evangelicals in church this morning were praying fervently for Ukraine, but not for Russia, just like they pray fervently for Israel, every Sunday, but NEVER for Palestine.

    Pastors are telling their congregations “Ukraine is the most Christian place in Europe” (while nothing is said about having the most human traffickers and the most terrorists in Europe) and “we have a lot of missionaries there.” Papua New Guinea also has a lot of missionaries, for the same reason (because they are allowed) while the other half of New Guinea that belongs to Islamic Indonesia has probably no missionaries at all. One reason why Russia has fewer foreign evangelical missionaries than Khazarkraine is that Russians don’t like the preaching against the Russian Orthodox church.

  5. How long until the Democrats or the Republicans ban each other for their ties to Russia? It’s turning into the new Red Scare of early nineteen twenties America. When will thousands of Russian sympathizers be arrested by FBI men and sent on a ship to Murmansk? Will we see a twenty first century Emma Goldman writing My Disillusionment with Russia/My Further Disillusionment with Russia?

  6. That Jew is worried about elections, at this time? The Christian armies are taking central Mariupol right now. That opens the land bridge to Criimea. Once Odessa is liberated by Christendom, the Jew’s Kingdom will be landlocked. And he is worried about elections.

    • Muh Christian Armies – because nothing says “Christ” like White Christians killing one another.

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