Joe Biden: We Have To Lead The New World Order

The madman said the quiet part out loud!

We have to make the world safe for the power elite and multinational corporations … uh, I mean democracy. That’s what this is about, man. Give me a break.


  1. Woooops!…

    Maske slipping everywhere for everyone right now! a great war and with that great change is coming my friends

  2. Biden is mentally gone and just repeats what his jew advisors tell him. Most think it’s coming from him but it;s not.

  3. The New World Order is one world government ruled over by the Jew messiah, the Moshiach the anti-Christ. The good Catholic boy is working for the anti-Christ.

    “I may be Irish, but I am not stupid.” Think again retard.

    • ” New World Order is one world government ruled over by the Jew messiah, ”

      That is called ‘Olam ha’ba’.

  4. “There’s going to be a new world order out there and we have to lead it.”

    We will establish SJW hegemony globally, as a mask to establish tyranny throughout the world and call it ‘democracy’.

    (Great quotes by Butler. He was so right.)

    • We will promote homosexualism, racemixing, feminism, and anal sex as the highest values globally, as a mask to establish tyranny, decadence, and degeneracy thoughout the world, because this is what jew democracy is, and of course because that’s who we are.

  5. Washington — President Biden on Wednesday called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “war criminal,” marking the first time the president has used the term to characterize his Russian counterpart since Moscow launched the invasion of Ukraine nearly three weeks ago.

    “Oh, I think he is a war criminal,” the president responded without elaborating.

    White House press secretary Jen Psaki pointed to the bombing of a maternity hospital among other Russian aggressions in Ukraine.

    “We have all seen barbaric acts, horrific acts, by a foreign dictator in a country that is threatening and taking the lives of civilians, impacting hospitals, women who are pregnant, journalists, others,” she said. “I think he was answering a direct question.”

    Psaki said a legal review is underway at the State Department to review Russia’s actions in Ukraine and whether they constitute war crimes.

    Putin’s press secretary reacted angrily to Mr. Biden’s comments, according to TASS, the Russian state-owned news agency. “We consider unacceptable and unforgivable such rhetoric of the head of state, whose bombs killed hundreds of thousands of people around the world,” said Dmitry Peskov…
    — CBS News: “Biden calls Putin a “war criminal” in sharpest condemnation since Ukraine invasion”, 03/16/2022.

    Nothing like living in the Yankee Empire with all these pro-Yankee lies about how righteous this dystopian spying-on-its-citizens fake-democracy is and how bad everyone else is constantly being pumped out of all these pro-Yankee propaganda organizations 24×7.

    Hey Yankee-Doodles, what about the Yankee Empire dropping nukes on civilians just so they could end the conflict quicker. What if Putin dropped nukes on Ukraine to get the conflict over quicker and “save” lives? You lying self-righteous Yankee hypocrites would go absolutely crazy!

    The United States detonated two nuclear weapons over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 and 9 August 1945, respectively. The two bombings killed between 129,000 and 226,000 people, most of whom were civilians, and remain the only use of nuclear weapons in armed conflict…

    Plans for more atomic attacks on Japan

    Memorandum from Groves to Marshall regarding the third bomb, with Marshall’s hand-written caveat that the third bomb not be used without express presidential instruction.
    Groves expected to have another “Fat Man” atomic bomb ready for use on 19 August, with three more in September and a further three in October; a second Little Boy bomb (using U-235) would not be available until December 1945. On 10 August, he sent a memorandum to Marshall in which he wrote that “the next bomb … should be ready for delivery on the first suitable weather after 17 or 18 August.” Marshall endorsed the memo with the hand-written comment, “It is not to be released over Japan without express authority from the President”, something Truman had requested that day. This modified the previous order that the target cities were to be attacked with atomic bombs “as made ready”. There was already discussion in the War Department about conserving the bombs then in production for Operation Downfall, and Marshall suggested to Stimson that the remaining cities on the target list be spared attack with atomic bombs.

    Two more Fat Man assemblies were readied, and scheduled to leave Kirtland Field for Tinian on 11 and 14 August, and Tibbets was ordered by LeMay to return to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to collect them. At Los Alamos, technicians worked 24 hours straight to cast another plutonium core. Although cast, it still needed to be pressed and coated, which would take until 16 August. Therefore, it could have been ready for use on 19 August. Unable to reach Marshall, Groves ordered on his own authority on 13 August that the core should not be shipped…
    — Wikipedia: “Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki”

    Yes the Yankees are so respectful of “civilians” of the enemies they fight — it just “warms” the heart and brings “tears” to the eyes — deadly radiation can probably do that and more. What a joke of a dystopia this Yankee Empire is! This country is so brain-dead it can’t even see what a monster it truly is! But the American South has known that for 160 years.

    PARTIAL list of CIVILIAN OCCUPIED towns burned by the Yankee army, culled from the Official Records.

    Osceola, Missouri, burned to the ground, September 24, 1861
    Dayton, Missouri, burned, January 1 to 3, 1862
    Columbus, Missouri, burned, reported on January 13, 1862
    Bentonville, Arkansas, partly burned, February 23, 1862
    Winton, North Carolina, burned, reported on February 21, 1862
    Bluffton, South Carolina, burned, reported June 6, 1863
    Bledsoe’s Landing, Arkansas, burned, October 21, 1862
    Hamblin’s, Arkansas, burned, October 21, 1862
    Donaldsonville, Louisiana, partly burned, August 10, 1862

    And then there was the sack and pillage of Athens, Alabama, on June 30, 1862, by Colonel Turchin’s men, who committed rapes and other atrocities on the inhabitants. Turchin was subsequently court-martialed and put out of the military. What happened next? Turchin was rewarded by lincoln, was promoted to Brigadier General and put back in the military.

    Athens, Alabama, partly burned, August 30, 1862
    Randolph, Tennessee, burned, September 26, 1862
    Elm Grove and Hopefield, Arkansas, burned, October 18, 1862
    Napoleon, Arkansas, partly burned, January 17, 1863
    Mound City, Arkansas, partly burned, January 13, 1863
    Hopefield, Arkansas, burned, February 21, 1863
    Eunice, Arkansas, burned, June 14, 1863
    Gaines Landing, Arkansas, burned, June 15, 1863
    Sibley, Missouri, burned June 28, 1863
    Hernando, Mississippi, partly burned, April 21, 1863
    Austin, Mississippi, burned, May 23, 1863
    Columbus, Tennessee, burned, reported February 10, 1864

    Meridian, Mississippi, destroyed, February 3 to March 6, 1864

    “For 5 days 10,000 men worked hard and with a will…with axes, crowbars, sledges, clawbars, and with fire, and I have no hesitation in pronouncing the work as well done. Meridian, with its depots, store-houses, arsenal, hospitals, offices, hotels, and cantonments no longer exists.” — w.t.sherman

    Washington, North Carolina, sacked and burned, April 20, 1864
    Hallowell’s Landing, Alabama, burned, reported May 14, 1864
    Newtown, Virginia, ordered to be burned, ordered May 30, 1864
    Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia, burned, June 12, 1864
    Camden Point, Missouri, burned, July 14, 1864
    Kendal’s Grist-Mill, Arkansas, burned, September 3, 1864
    Shenandoah Valley, devastated, reported October 1, 1864 by sheridan
    Rome, Georgia, partly burned, November 11, 1864
    Atlanta, Georgia, burned, November 15, 1864
    Griswoldville, Georgia, burned, November 21, 1864
    Somerville, Alabama, burned, January 17, 1865
    McPhersonville, South Carolina, burned, January 30, 1865
    Barnwell, South Carolina, burned, reported February 9, 1865
    Columbia, South Carolina, burned, reported February 17, 1865
    Winnsborough, South Carolina, pillaged and partly burned, February 21, 1865
    Tuscaloosa, Alabama, burned, April 4, 1865

    If the Yankee-Doodles had bombers, nukes, etc there probably wouldn’t even be a South left if maniacs like Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, etc had their way.

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  6. I thought we already had a New World Order which Col. House put in operation during the Wilson administration! If red state America was an independent nation is could establish a more natural order for the ages based on multipolarity, non-interference, and independent development.

    • There’s a true bastard right there. Never served in the military and had an honorary rank. When he visited Germany, they put on a big military parade for him because they thought that’s what a Colonel would want to see. So the cocksucker goes back to Wilson and tells him the Germans probably want to conquer the planet. And then history went all to hell.

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