Russell Brand: Oh, So This Is What They Are Really Fighting Over

Don’t ask questions, Russell.

Trust the war propaganda on corporate media. This is a war between Democracy and Autocracy. It is a war between Liberty and Oppression. It is a war between Good and Evil. We are on the side of the angels. We must have moral clarity about this. It has nothing to do with those natural gas pipelines or natural resources.

I’m sure you remember how painful the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan was last summer for the corporate media. After 20 years of war in Afghanistan, it has been over SIX MONTHS since the last war. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITHOUT A WAR GOING ON?

Conspiracy theorists on the internet are saying it is about globalist elites who aim to create a New World Order. NATO is a purely defensive alliance. Ask Serbia and Libya. This has nothing to do with destabilizing Russia or fomenting regime change in Russia. We don’t attack sovereign nations with brute force like Iraq or Syria and occupy their territory to control natural resources like the oil fields in eastern Syria.


  1. Brands inability to pronounce any word with the letter ‘t’ in it properly is distracting. This British should be the last word in how English language words are said.

  2. Our ancient racial ethnicities war chiefs were of consent of the Thingstead, who had earned honor and loyalty in our societies where individual freedom to think and act is of the highest value, not the embrace of a theocratic autocracy and subservience!!

  3. Speaking of conspiracy theories, the John Birch Society was talking about a One World Government and New World Order in the 1960’s. It sounded crazy at the time. Now everyone takes it for granted. JBS was using non secret information sources that the media simply ignored. To paraphrase George Washington, the truth comes out when pains are taken to bring it to light.

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