Revolver News: The America First Movement Has a Sean Hannity Problem

Iraq was a disaster.

The unintended consequences of Iraq was the rise of ISIS which spilled over into Syria, empowering Iran and unleashing terrorism and a refugee crisis in Europe.

Afghanistan was a disaster.

The unintended consequences of meddling in Afghanistan to own the Soviets was ultimately Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda, 9/11 and the whole arc of the Global War on Terror (GWOT) and a failed twenty year occupation that lasted a generation and costed us trillions of dollars.

Libya was a disaster.

The unintended consequences of NATO overthrowing Gaddafi was sparking a refugee crisis in the Mediterranean and encouraging Russia’s intervention in Syria and Ukraine.

So, one might ask the obvious question: what are the unintended consequences of meddling in Ukraine, recklessly stoking tensions with Russia and declaring total economic war on Russia?

Revolver News:

“In 2016, Donald Trump showed that a Republican candidate can run, and win, without swearing fealty to the permanent war party. He ran on a platform of “America First,” and since that moment almost all Republican politicians and commentators have at least paid lip service to the idea.

Yet now, all of that is being thrown aside for the sake of Ukraine.

In 2019, would-be America First Senator Josh Hawley delivered a speech about “Rethinking America’s Foreign Policy Consensus,” condemning “endless wars” and “metastasizing commitments” to far-off countries, and demanding a new narrower focus on keeping America and Americans safe and prosperous.

And then Ukraine came along, and Hawley suddenly looked like any other Republican from 2006. …”

We’re about to find out.

As many people have pointed out, this time the evil dictator who is the target of regime change has WMD and hypersonic missiles. How much trouble could this evil dictator create for us around the world?


  1. Shauna Vanity? LOL! Ain’t nobody got time for that drywall banger slumlord poser.
    Only drooling dullard dupes fall for that or Mickey Mouse Levin.
    FAUX news called the Stig Beal first and pulled the Jo Jo Brandon hearse up to park in front of the corporate HQ.
    No room for Long Marchers.

  2. Slava Russaya!!!!!

    Slava Russaya!!!!….over Barack Obama any day of the week!!!

    Richard Spencer is a homo…

  3. Just a note on Hawley. His background is well known. His pre collegiate training was at strict Jesuit schools, and he graduated high school from an elite Jesuit school.

    On to college, Stanford (AKA U. Of NSA), and on to Yale Law ( Yale, AKA U. Of CIA). His banker father must have been proud.

    When exactly he was recruited, we don’t know. But his background has CIA written all over it. The chance that he is false opposition is exactly the same as the chance that J.D. Vance is false opposition: 100%.

  4. Everything the US gets involved with when it comes to ‘nation” building is a disaster because it’s all built on lies. Hannity parrots the same talking points as CNN and the other leftist media outlets. I saw through him rather quickly when I used to listen to him.

  5. The three disasters you mention were disasters only for the little people – those who in the immortal words of (((Leona Helmsley))) have to pay taxes. They were huge successes for the big people. Neo-Klown Jew-supremacists and their MIC shabbas-goys made mountains of shekels off the capers. Not only did a bunch of clueless goys sign up for the Imperial Rainbow Legion to fight to expand and enrich Golobopedo and the Sacklers have their opium supply secured for two decades, but Israel made plenty of loot selling rehab equipment for the thousands of goys with arms and legs blown off along with their usual rackets. The “Federal” reserve counterfeiting machines got to add many more zeros to accounts – some trillions literally vanishing in a vast black hole which Pentagon cannot account for. It all depends upon how one defines “disaster”. While the hapless whites who served in the IRL get plenty of cheap Fentanyl to kill themselves, the borders are wide open to wave after wave of invaders – most of them military-age males.

    How much trouble could this evil dictator create for us around the world?

    Lots. Not only does he have missiles which can hit the continental USSA, he also has his own “Samson Option” which would create 4500-foot tsunamis to destroy the coasts of any country they are deployed against. What would such a wave do the Gulf Coast? Florida? The east and west coasts in general? So if Hannity and Lady G really want to go full-retard and nuke Russia, they can look forward to their own total destruction.

    • “The three disasters you mention were disasters only for the little people (…) They were huge successes for the big people. Neo-Klown Jew-supremacists and their MIC shabbas-goys made mountains of shekels from those capers”:

      My reaction exactly. You get it.

  6. This Kyle guy is wrong, “we” didn’t arm anyone, “we” didn’t have a say in the matter. The ruling class, Usual Suspects in the lead, made these decisions always with “advice” from Our Greatest Ally. By sheer coincidence the “advice” from Our Greatest Ally just happened to align perfectly with Our Greatest Ally’s agenda, simply remarkable!

    Our job is to show up for their wars and take it in the neck, their job is to profit immensely from the mayhem they create. Until White males, disproportionately from Dixie too stop showing up for The Rainbow, GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire’s wars nothing will change. Ruining the dollar, which these geniuses are doing now may have the same effect in stopping The Empire’s wars though. War is always an expensive proposition, in many different ways.

  7. Lol Americans are so doomed is even funny. Make an utopia out of shit. See how that goes. Some greatness in that. Guess power self-anihilating. Beware of those that hide deserts within.

  8. Hey people. Dying is the best. I`ve done it.= Russia is just the truth of the earth. Germany will be sent to be butchered. Germany is the truth of the world. = America is electricity and porn + power to the proletariat. The rulers of the world are here, waiting in silence. The Caesar is a jew and god is an ass.

  9. Do an image search of Hannity wearing a CIA pin on his blazer lapel. He must of been nursing a hangover the day they were covering discretion of Mockingbird assets.

  10. John Derbyshire (I think) mentioned some long forgotten element of World War I was the Kaiser German government talking with Mexico about honoring Mexico’s territorial claims in the South West of the United States.

    Putin’s Russia can make all kind of trouble – talk with Alaskan Independence folks – If I lived in Alaska I’d listen.

    Putin’s warlord in Belarus started the war tactic of flooding Europe with military/raping age Arab migrant/refugees.

    I’m sure Syria could empty out their prisons same as another Russian/Soviet ally Castro’s Cuba did during the Mariel Boatlift during Jimmy Carter’s brief tenure. There was huge red state resistance to this mass migrant invasion of Cuban criminals, Cuban insane inmates. Never could understand why resisting the worst mass migration invasions wasn’t/isn’t a winning issue for Whites in the USA pretty much everywhere.

    We almost took out John McCain but LDS Mormon voters and military patriotards kept McCain in, same as they do lisping Lindsey Graham.

  11. Hey Hunter W – please run my/Farstar’s comic where the big, tough White Amurikun soldier is being run out of Afghanistan by a bearded dwarf Taliban fighter and the Taliban Fighter is making the Amurikun soldier take the Rainbow homosexual flag with him as the American’s…

    “Run Away”.

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