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  1. Perfect. He needs to get is pink ass over to Kiev and take over the reigns from that Jew clown. He should forget to take his house-kneegrow Mr. Tim. Maybe Putler can scrawl his name on a Kalibr and reduce the number of incitatae by two.

  2. The pink palmetto princess is the voice of the Derp State and the face of the WOKE rainbow poop emoji empire of lies and soft weak queefs.

  3. Here is a picture of “Lady G” hanging out with Al Qaeda terrorists (aka Al Nusra, Syrian freedom fighters, etc.) who are being used to destroy Syria for the benefit of Israel: https://www.mintpressnews.com/lindsey-graham-prophesies-iraq-steroids-syria-scenario-israel-obliges-attack-damascus/254096/

    “Graham, who should be required to mention every time he opens his mouth that his two largest campaign donors are Lockheed Martin and General Electric, failed to mention who has been injecting those ‘steroids’ into the Syrian war theater. Top honors in that category would have to go to the U.S. military and Israel Defense Forces….”

  4. That filthy bottom-bitch coward, forever running his soft, lispy mouth calling for OTHERS to fight to the death while he takes nigger cawks up his crusty poop-chute in the safety of the District o’ Corruption.

  5. I have still to meet anyone from SC (and i have met quite a few) that backs this entity or the street shitting whore Haley “Namaaasimaaapeeetalaaan” or WETF her real name is! still these vermin are firmly in power

    on the other hand i have yet to meet the Arizonan who voted for Mc Cain

    Something very very odd is clearly at play here? it´s like voting doesn´t matter and the table is already set…..strange right?

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