1. The bigger question is how do the Jews of the Great reset and one world global Jew rule, lead and rule over human kind without Christ? It is an impossibility. It can never happen and the people who wrote the bible knew what would become of the Jews without Christ. It is going to be interesting to see the undoing of the Jew plans by the will of God.

  2. The only right you have left in the New World Order is to own private property. So if you don’t own property, I suggest you get yourself a home and some land. Because they are even trying to take that right away.

  3. We are already in this “NWO” and have been since WW2! what is happening now is that everybody is scrambling to get out before the empire falls and drags them with it into the abyss

  4. He says the quiet part out loud. First it is “voter fraud” organization, then Whites will become a minority, then pushing mixed race couples everywhere, and now the new world order!

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