Virtue Signaling About Ukraine

Are you a traitor to Ukraine?


  1. Proof of Ukraine support is required to enter, comrade.
    We have some kitsch items on sale at the hot dog stand which will be used for weapons purchases, guns are usually bad but not this time.
    But if borders are a construct of the white male capitalist patriarchy then why are Ukraine’s so important?
    Yemen is in a similar situation with ethnic animosities and external forces operating by proxy but there is no Deep State/NWO interest there.

    • @Hiveborg

      You asked the most important question, why is Ukraine’s border sacrosanct but the borders of White countries are wide open for the dregs and scum of the 3rd world?


    • “Yemen is in a similar situation (…) Deep State/NWO interest there”:

      Deep State/NWO/Global Hegemonic interests in Yemen include: 1) Yemen has relatively large, mostly untapped high quality oil reserves, (2) it has the large, environmentally-pristine, beautiful (described as “paradisaical”) and very strategically located island of Socotra, that is wanted for commercial tourist development and military use by the U.S., UAE and Israel, and (3) being a Shiite Muslim nation it is under attack by Sunni Saudi Arabia along with its ally Iran for heresy.

      If it was not for U.S. assistance and direction, the royal House of Saud would never be genociding the Houthi people of Yemen.

      “After nearly seven years of conflict, the bloody war in Yemen, waged by Saudi Arabia at the instigation of the United States….” Like the forgotten coronavirus that keeps mutating and killing, the “forgotten” (ignored by mainstream media) U.S. wars to destroy Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and other countries go on, while one war that you are supposed to think about now (and blame on Russia) is being featured in the “news.”

  2. Indeed. I’ve noticed that some of the usual homes of midwit White members of the local Coalition of the Fringes have Ukrainian flags flying on their front porch masts in my area.

  3. Isn’t it telling that most of the people supporting Russia are brown and their Christian brethren in the US?

    According to these people, Poland, Hungary and the other V4 countries can oppose the EU degeneracy but Ukraine with its National Socialist militias armed to the teeth cannot.

    Oh well, let’s support the destruction of one of the Whitest political entities in the world by a multikulti empire, I love Chechens now.

  4. Also, a message to Chechar since he keeps banning me from commenting on his website.

    You will never be White, stop trying to out-extreme the extremists by shoehorning Christianity into everything.

    • Nah. Cesar was on the “Christianity is a Jewish psyop” train a good ten years before Mating Call Mark and the Appolonian bunch. I haven’t read “Fair Race’s Darkest Hour” since 2019, but he used to publish way more compelling essays and writings about Christianity then any of the REM/JEM crap on Brahmin’s website.

      I legitimately considered what Cesar had to say until he lost me with the same old atheist nonsense that souls and spirits don’t exist, and that this life is all there is. You don’t even have to be a Christian – or an Abrahamist of any type – to literally believe in the existence of gods, souls, spiritual forces, magic, miracles, and the after life. Carl Sagan was wrong when he said the physical universe is all there ever was or ever will be.

  5. A grown man in a football jersey?

    The guy who never left pre-game Friday school day

  6. It’s all about controlling the propaganda. Most people believe whatever the TV tells them.

  7. What I have seen in the past few days on the back windows of cars:”

    The 1960’s iconic Peace Sign… next to the Ukraine Flag… war is peace for the hippies and yippies…

    Vladimir Putin is a human being

    Joe Biden is a cockroach

    And this is the how one must think about the Ukraine War….

    The Democratic Party is the cockroach Party….

  8. The boobs care more about what’s happening in Ukraine than they do their own country. Many of these people suffer from Stockholm syndrome.

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