Apollonian Civil War Erupts

I don’t know what is going on.

I know this much though. It is disturbing and hilarious.

I have never seen anyone whose takes are so obviously driven by ressentiment. I hoped for a long time that Spencer would pull out of this nosedive, regain his focus and move on with his project, but the hot takes and the bitterness just kept getting worse and worse. The most recent twist in the Richard Spencer saga is that it has culminated in becoming a MSNBC shitlib to own the Dissident Right.

He is so blinded and consumed with bitterness and resentment toward various other online personalities that he has cracked and lost the plot. Once again, it was nothing we did to him. We plod along in our own spaces.

Note: The whole trajectory of this reminds me of David French’s hot takes on Twitter and the trolling in response and the feedback loop it created.


  1. “Hitler told senior Nazis that “everyone has lied to me, everyone has deceived me” just eight days before he killed himself in his bunker, declassified diaries that Guy Liddell, head of counter-espionage at MI5, kept during the 1940s and 50s, have revealed.

    Hitler ranted that the German people had not fought with enough heroism and they “deserved to perish”, according to the documents.”

    Spencer fell into this same mindset after his own personal setbacks.

    • I put most of my hopes on Richie Spencer some years ago, he not only looked like an Aryan but his soul was Aryan.
      It seems he betrayed us and himself, my heart is broken

      • Richard Spencer was Jamie Lanister if Jamie was a philosopher instead of a soldier. Born into wealth, lispy voice, somewhat charming but also a spoiled douchebag. On the other hand, Jamie at least had a moral compass, whereas Spencer’s only morality is a twisted Nietzchien sense of “might makes right.” His morality is that 2004 Bush Administration official who anonymously bragged about “we create reality, you react to it.” Turns out the only reality Spencer could create was different mixes of alcohol.

        I told you this years ago Cesar: An army of Arya Stark’s will save the White Race. There’s nothing psychopathic about what she did. Make a list, put all the awful people on that list, profit. Collect some masks along the way. House Stark is the ideal for the White Race to strive for. Its the only version of the White Race worth saving. Degenerates like the Lannister children, tyrants like Tywin Lanister and House Targaryen, rich strivers like the Tyrells and Baratheons…all Jewish souls in Aryan bodies. All worthy of absolute destruction.

        If the White Race survives and thrives, it will be done the right way, on our terms, using our methods, not the methods of savages and scumbags. White Christian men conquered North America and subdued most of Africa. White Christian men will rise again to save the White Race – or the White Race won’t be saved at all, as we will devolve and die under the filth of our atheist, modernist degeneracy.

        Richard Spencer, for all his high falutin talk about “will to power” and “Aryan Globalism,” never had the balls to take a knife and stab someone with it. He always wanted someone else to do it – “those people” below him which he would command. Like Elizabeth Moss from “Handmaid’s Tale,” Spencer and Racist Modernists like him are the type that holds the knife in their hand, glares at their enemy with the heat of 1000 suns…and then proceeds to do absolutely nothing.

        “You spic! You peasant!”-Spencer on the phone

        “Can we just talk?”-Spencer in person

        White atheists always were the biggest pussies.

    • Nonsense.Hitler was the greatest champion the White race has ever had.All the lies written about him come from orgs which are under Jewish control.The source you reference was the same British government which caused WW2 on behalf of the Jews.They also caused holocaust against White South Africans to give the Jews the gold and diamonds.They invaded India to give Jew shareholders immense wealth whilst the White English just got death and maiming.Read Hitler’s will and testament,it is right on the mark and blames the true culprits.His drive also gave an accurate account as did originally his secretary Traudl Junge before she had the screws put to her.You are just dumb.Hitler was a hero,nothing shows me otherwise.

  2. I knew Spencer was a faggot when he took up a collection to fix his car. Fix your own car faggot. Not one of us.

  3. Just unfortunate. The people criticizing Spencer were, for a long time, universally worthless conservative trash who were indistinguishable from the likes of Fuentes. Now Spencer has become the conservative.

  4. Worshipping Jews is the logical consequence of Spencer’s “might makes right” philosophy. Jews are very powerful, so clearly they must be right. Upper class Anglos developed their historical one-sided love affair with Jewry through similar reasoning.

  5. I’m always sad when the right is split and broken, but at this point is clear that the guilt is of Spencer. I have hoped in Spencer, even in this period when he does lives on youtube with Jean Francois Gariepy, Edward Dutton and other right-wing personalities, but his defending the liberal left side is boring and getting tired. How we can save our culture with “surfing the woke wave and support liberals” as Spencer said?? I admire people who don’t get too many mental wankers and go straight to the point by being consistent, like Jared Taylor, Michael Hill, Dominique Venner and a lot of others. Spencer is always complicated but the substance is in consistency not in being complicated just to appear intellectual.

  6. What is Spencer’s day job? — does he have one?

    All the infighting is effeminate, and the reliance on a kiddie club argot (now I’m supposed to know what an ‘Apollonian’ is and believes?) is something only a pseudo-intellectual could take seriously — altogether it’s a huge turnoff.

    • Spencer is a trust fund kid. He does not have a job

      Lucky for him because at this point he is unemployable, without his parents money, he would be living under a bridge.

      Spencer likes to fancy himself as one of idle gentleman of old.

      The left will never forgive him, and the right will now not ever trust him.

      He is an untouchable at this point. Like some sort of Leper who has enough family money to stay comfortable.

  7. Athenian democracy always ends in disaster and the master of disaster Jo Jo Brandon will burn it all down better as the Long March is complete.
    It only gets worse and the morale will continue until the beatings improve.

  8. How to stay relevant and grift by Richard Spencer: Keep changing your ideology by playing both sides of the fence.

  9. Spencer has admitted that he does not believe in free speech. I guess he prefers the neo-liberal communist world order that tells what to think, what to eat, what to drive, who to support, what to buy, who to hate.

    • Free speech is retarded, though. Spencer is right about that. Many forms of speech ought to be banned, punished with imprisonment or execution. Wokeness, anti-Whiteness, gender theory, feminism, Judaism, praise for anti-social behavior like homosexuality, etc. Free speech is a pathetic lukewarm relativist standard, that says there is no good or bad other than free choice. Healthy societies actually have positive values and don’t allow undermining them.

    • “Spencer (…) the neo-liberal communist”:

      There are “communists” and then there are communists. He is no NATIONALIST communist, like Ho Chi Minh who said “I follow only one party, the Vietnamese party.” One kind will destroy a nation, the other will save it, and the two are enemies.

  10. “Free speech is retarded, though. Spencer is right about that.”

    The reason we have ideologies like Wokeness is because people are not given the choice to oppose it. Vast majority of people are opposed to wokeness. Wokeness does not occur because of free speech, it occurs because free speech is not allowed to oppose it.

    We do not have free speech, we have communist ideology muzzling the free will of the American people. We have no rights anymore, literally the only right we have left is to own private property and the neo-liberal communists even want to take that right away.

    I do not care about anyone’s ideology but my own. The only thing I care about is my local community, my property, my job, and my family.

    • “Wokeness does not occur because of free speech, it occurs because free speech is not allowed to oppose it.”

      This is false. Anyone can use their free speech to oppose it. They will just be fired from their jobs or have their bank accounts closed or be banned from various private media platforms for doing so, all of which is in line with free speech and private property rights. You aren’t living in “communism.” You’re living with the consequences of a society founded upon free speech and private property rights.

      “I do not care about anyone’s ideology but my own. The only thing I care about is my local community, my property, my job, and my family.”
      You can’t really say you care about any of those things if you don’t care about various ideologues using their free speech to undermine and destroy them.

  11. Richard Spencer is gay, but he is right to have nothing but contempt for the Dissident Right intellectual types who’ve spent years now going in circles in their ideological cul de sac like dogs eating their own puke.

    In another year or so, the dissident sphere will be so far out of touch that not even Zog will care what stupid shit they are talking about in the depths of their self created and self enforced information ghettos.

    There was a small window of time that what used to be the Alt Right could have manifested as a true political force, but the “intellectuals” pissed away all of that by fighting eachother over youtube views and d’nations like a bunch of jews chasing a dime rolling across a floor.

    Fortunately the anons are still out here in meatspace trying to get what little we can done with absolutely no media reach thanks to our brilliant e celebrities thinking this was all about them, forgetting they were just represtatives of those of us that made them popular to begin with by following and pushing their content, and who’ve now squandered their platforms at every opportunity.

    • No, we’re not following Sean Hannity and Lindsey Graham and all the rest of the herd of morons into World War III with Russia over the status of Donbas. That is absolutely a hill to die on.

      • No you aren’t shilling WW3 which is good. Though you should try the game anyway.

        But, our ability to communicate the message broadly to normies at this most crucial time is all but non existent because you and all the rest also thought the JQ was a hill to die on, so very few people will read your otherwise excellent articles.

        When I say you all pissed away your platforms, thats what I mean. Already chose the hill you wanted to die on and haven’t left it since. Basically nobody but us on that hill lol. Its not even being contested. Literally nobody cares.

          • No, I think nobody hears us because we have no reach anymore.

            We can say whatever we want now cause it doesn’t matter anymore.

          • Again, I don’t see it.

            It seems like our take on Ukraine is gaining a lot of traction. We’re hardly alone in saying this. Are Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk and Tucker Carlson alienating the normies?

          • Common sense manifests through parallel evolution anyplace folks have brains.

            Just because we are saying the same thing as Tucker or muh based negro Candace Owens doesn’t mean they are getting the ideas and rhetoric from us.

            Its more likely the other way around in most cases, but its not hard for different people to arrive at the same conclusion when its an obvious one.

        • Oh look the @Ironic Sock semi-literate vulgar loser whining AGAIN about the “JQ” that was no even mentioned.

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