1. A 25% increase in cost of living will absolute annihilate the lower middle class.

  2. Again,
    Notice how none of the networks do an exposé on the fake gov numbers for inflation ?
    It would be so easy to calculate real figures and show solid proof, but not a single network will touch thiz subject. This is absolute proof that the media is a coordinated propaganda machine in collusion with USZOG, as if we needed more confirmation.

  3. Stop being a good consumer and it’ll be a lot easier to stretch the Zog-dollar.

    No cable/satellite (why are you still watching (((TV))) anyway)?
    Older model car/truck
    Older model phone/laptop
    Cook your food instead of eating out
    Buy in bulk
    No name brand anything. Starve the cancel-culture Brands.
    It’s not like they’re going to give you a raise at work.

    Spend time with family.

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