Assad: In ‘Democratic’ West, You’re Only Allowed One Opinion

In the Free World, we all know what happens to anyone who dares to express their real opinions in a public forum, especially those who speak out inside our institutions.

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  1. “we all know what happens to anyone who dares to express their real opinions in a public forum”:

    You practice what you preach, by allowing a wide variety of dissenting views, some the very opposite of your own, to appear in the comments section of Occidental Dissent, a Southern nationalist blog. Thank you for that.

  2. I wonder what it’s like for White Aryan type people to live in Syria. I think they are now allied with Russia (yes) and sort of Iran. Iran was is named Aryan.

    the President of Syria and his wife are very handsome.

    International ZOG hates the Assads, so does the Anglo Zionist New World Order. Russia and Syria won their battles, wars against ISIS in Syria. .

    But the refugees flooding to of Syria for Italy, Greece, Germany, Sweden, UK seem to me to be typical Algerian type nasty Arab Muslim Paki rapeugees.

    • I had a female Duh-tch friend that lived there un the 90’s. She absolutely loved it. I can’t imagine she is very pleased with the US/ZOG right now.

  3. Official narrative is bestest narrative you unvaxxed heretic scum.
    There are 57 genders and we have always been at WAR with Eurasia.
    Get with it deplorable kulak untermenschen unperson or I will turn you in for a fully charged EBT card while you go to the gulag.
    Repent and accept Zelensky as your lord and savior.

  4. If you are not down with the totality of the total awesomeness of the Moshiach you better learn to STFU or learn to put the Christ killers in their place.

  5. Assad can reason and think critically unlike many Americans who subscribe to group think. It’s pretty embarrassing that a foreign head of state can see the US for what it is while many living here can’t.

  6. OD and the Daily Schmear should just merge at this point since both sites basically run the same stories at the same time with the same underlying themes.

    • Nah. Gab and the comment section at Counter Currents have come around to more or less the same conclusions as OD and Daily Stormer. There’s some debate at CC, but most articles defending the Ukraine/“Aryan EU” side of the argument are met with skepticism or dismissed outright. Torba went all in after he found Gab was spammed with pro-EU bots.

      The Pro-White Movement doesn’t support the European Union, doesn’t support NATO, and doesn’t have a problem with Russia. The only two factions of the movement that support the EU – Aryan Globalists and Radical Feminists – are an isolated clique on twitter that get 8-12 likes at a time from each other. The Aryan Globalists are already turning on each other, and the RadFems are either renouncing Whiteness or periodically deactivating their accounts (Dagney/RadFemHitler).

      Side note: I know for a fact that I got one RadFem to delete most of her substack articles and close the comments on the others. She’s doubled down on twitter and now writes daily schizo posts about Peter Thiel and his Kremlin-CIA network led by Bronze Age Pervert and a commentariat of pajeets and latinos. Some real Glenn Beck chalkboard stuff.

      Ressentiment is what defines all you insects: Spencer, RadFems like Grace and Dagney, and of course, anti-Russian kikes such as yourself. How dare the peasants tell you “No!” We’re going to continue telling you “No,” and then we’re going to eat a burger, hit on some vapid bitch out of our league, take some shots of Vodka, and talk about how ugly Jewish children are. Only your Sampson option can stop us.

  7. I can’t think of a better commentator on the West’s treachery, lying, and sensless provokations of Russia than the late, great Prof. Cohen. The US is the greatest terror state in world history.

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