Breaking Points: Putin Threatens To Cut Ties With Biden Over “War Criminal” Comment

The adults are in charge.

We were told the grown ups are back in power.


    • (((Gaslight media))) has by now far exceeded Pravda at its very worst. Spawn of Satan just doing following in the footsteps of dad (e.g. father of lies). Utterly despicable.

  1. When you have a nonexistent education system and corrupt media completely in bed with the regime that brainwashes and indoctrinate the kids and adults it’s not hard to see why most are buying into all the lies the regime is telling. All done by design by the jews who control both and use it as a propaganda tool.

  2. So our hyper smart high IQ white people supporting another World War with the same enthusiasm as they supported previous ones and all other wars.

  3. A majority of American voters support U.S. military intervention in case of a Russian… Attacks on NATO weapons convoys (52%)

    I see — presumably an equal or larger percentage favor NATO providing lethal military aid to Ukraine — it’s worth emphasizing that Ukraine is not a member of NATO.

    So let’s summarize: NATO is sending lethal weapons to Ukraine, weapons that will be used to kill Russian soldiers engaged in combat there, an act which Russia has every right to regard as overtly hostile, if not an outright act of war, and presumably a clear majority of Americans approve of this — also, a majority, if perhaps smaller, favors ‘military intervention’, i.e. direct hostile action, against Russian forces should the Russians decide to target NATO weapons deliveries.

    Clearly a majority of Americans are fucking insane.

    Russia can and must attack these deliveries of weapons — even though allegedly now only professional soldiers are fighting on the Russian side in Ukraine (reportedly some conscripts were used earlier, but they were withdrawn), it is imperative that the Russian military leadership do everything they can to minimize losses among Russian soldiers and bring the war to an end sooner — the soldiers, who are risking their lives every day, are owed this.

    Putin should explicitly warn the West that weapons deliveries from NATO will be targeted, and any hostile acts by NATO in response will be met with an appropriate Russian reply.

    linkAmerica is increasingly weird and dumb and I never signed up for any of this. This whole crackpot empire is going totally mad, and I can’t be the only person who just happened to be born here and just wants a home and feels pretty much stateless.

  4. Perfectly fitting Hunter’s banner pic, the argument that Ukraine War is Stage 2 of a plan in which Covid was Stage 1 –

    A curious thing you can see on the Klaus Schwab WEF website itself, is that just 4 months before the war, 13 Oct 2021, Putin & Schwab made a deal to have Russia be a leading ‘4th Industrial Revolution Centre’, i.e., the Great Reset

    Former Russian military Dr Igor Shepherd who emigrated to the West in the 1990s, writing on Lew Rockwell, says it is clear to him that Putin still works for Schwab just as much as Zelensky, the slow-grinding disastrous war perfectly serving Schwab’s plans … indeed you see increasing pieces on how the Ukraine war global economic plunge just makes the need for the Great Reset oh-so-ever-clear

    • What magical powers do you believe Schwab has that he can dictate all current events to sovereign heads of state? And what purpose does Schwab have for starting these pandemics and wars if he already controls every country on earth?

  5. The majority of even White ‘Murcans are just stoopid, pig-ignenrt assclowns: pure putty in the hairy hands of the kikes, billionaires & race traitors who control the media, edjewcation and all other mechanisms of control. The only reason to care about whether or not they continue to exist is the fact that only they can produce the tiny handful of intelligent Whites who create everything good & beautiful that exists in this shithole of a world.

    I wish that all those shitlibs & Ol’ Glory-wavin’ sooper-patriots who are for war with Russia will join “our” FABulouth new sequined trannyfag military and go get obliterated like those that were in that hypersonic missile-hit base in western jewkraine. They are retarded scum, the enemies of the White race & sanity itself, and therefore unfit to continue to cadge our oxygen.

  6. These pollsters report whatever results they are paid to report. They are meaningless and do not reflect reality.

    • ” the country is full of idiots” not really, just seems that way, the idiots are loud though, ” I want out ” and go where? There is no place to run too, even if their was, I ain’t leaving…..

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