Compact Mag: The Return of The Hawks

Congrats to Sohrab Ahmari and Matthew Schmitz on the new site. At least on this subject, we are in complete agreement. You may have noticed how our ruling class is united on the things that truly matter like pushing the Empire into ever more far flung parts of Eurasia and starting devastating wars there in the name of “democracy” and faux humanitarianism that are not in our interest.

Compact Mag:

“Liberal hawks are flying high once more, talons extended for the hunt. For weeks now, Javelins, NLAWs, and other “defensive” arms have been flooding Ukraine, courtesy not just of the Pentagon, but good liberals and social democrats in Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Lisbon, Madrid, and elsewhere. Hawks dominate TV news and major editorial pages on both sides of the Atlantic, and their propaganda multiplies online, aided by friends in Silicon Valley.

A NATO no-fly zone over Ukraine would lead to a direct and possibly apocalyptic confrontation with nuclear Russia. Nonetheless, some hawks continue to press for it. When even The Guardian publishes claims that a NFZ “shouldn’t be off the table,” it becomes clear that a deep consensus is in formation. Judging by some polls, broad majorities in the West favor a perilously escalatory response to Vladimir Putin’s misbegotten invasion. …

The goal, according to the formal documents: to counter threats to “our broad system of liberty . . . from outside our borders and from within.” The external threat emanated mainly from the Kremlin, which many of the attendees believed had installed Trump in the Oval Office; some no doubt still believe it. The internal threat was more or less understood to be Trump himself and his allies, as well as “the rapid rise of digital communication, [which] has posed unique challenges for democracy, including the viral spread of fake news.” …”

We haven’t seen this much unanimity among our elites since the devastating withdrawal from Afghanistan last summer. Staying there for 20 years to teach Afghans lessons in women’s rights wasn’t enough. Joe Biden never recovered in the polls from the one good deed he did as president.

It is important to emphasize here that it was liberals who started both World War I and World War II. In both cases, they pushed America into the conflict by arming one side while disingenuously promising to keep America out of the war. In the case of Japan, we got into the war by crushing that country with sanctions in order to strangle its economy. Later in the Cold War, the need to play the role of “leader of the Free World” kept America permanently engaged in imperialism in Europe and Asia. We have long recognized that war against some Other has always been essential to sustaining liberalism.

This war that liberals are starting with Russia is incredibly dangerous. It won’t be a war merely against Russia. It will inevitably turn into a war against anything associated with Russia like Orthodox Christianity, nationalism and traditional values. World War II didn’t end with the military defeat of the Axis Powers. It continued with a war on the “proto-fascism” of the “authoritarian personality” inside the West. The West is screwed up in countless ways because liberals emerged as the winners of World War II.

Rusty Reno has written a book about this. I’m sure that Ahmari and Schmitz are familiar with it and recognize the danger of liberals starting World War III and defining America against Putin’s Russia.

Note: If you are wondering what hell on earth looks like, watch the TikTok video above. This is what will be fighting for against Russia.

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  1. (((They))) worship Moshiach the God of destroying and enjoying. Just be thankful, once their job is done, their mission is accomplished and their destroying is done we will be rid of this filth. The Jews do not build or create they destroy and you can’t destroy a huge pill of dirt, cinders and rubble. There is a merciful God.

  2. Western “liberals” have never forgiven Russia for throwing off the Worker’s Paradise 30 years ago.

    • Yes, the anti-nuke propaganda was nothing more than an attempt to save their darling Communist Bloc. Joe McCarthy was 100% right. When Gerald Ford said Poland and Hungary were not under Soviet domination, what he meant is that he was very happy that Catholics were under the thumb of Communists, and he was just parroting the commonly held position in DC among the sewer rat population there.

  3. “World War II didn’t end with the military defeat of the Axis Powers. It continued with a war on the “proto-fascism” of the “authoritarian personality” inside the West. ”


    The greater USZOG’s power, the more we will be subjected to SJW tyranny.

  4. Talmudistic hawks (or vultures?) who are returning (did they ever leave?) want to kill and eat thousands of good, peaceful Slavs like Olga and Dmitry: (I see a predator flying already at the end of the video) and corrupt the unspoiled, traditional women, like these: and take and develop (destroy) the rich, productive farmland (most fertile in the world) for selfish commercial purposes.

  5. Russia is losing this war. If they were winning, there is no way they would be discussing using nukes, like what they discussed last night. Kiev was supposed to fall in two days according to Kremlin internal documents.
    According to Russia’s own media, they have lost 9,000 soldiers so far. The number is likely much higher – 9,000 is just what the pro-Putin media outlets are allowed to report. But even assuming their numbers are truthful, this is more dead Russian soldiers in a few weeks than the 6,000 US soldiers who died after twenty years in Iraq.

    Putin is Russia’s Bush, and this is their Iraq, only much worse.

    No need for World War 3.

    • “Killing Toy,” how about that genocide of the indigenous people of Palestine that you never mention?

      “Kiev was supposed to fall in two days”:

      If the Russians were anything like the Anglo-Zionists, then yes, Kiev would have looked like Raqqa, Syria and Fallujah Iraq, and dozens of other Anglo-Zio genocided cities, in just two days.

      Would you like to see the Russians carry out 5,000 airstrikes and launch 20,000 munitions on Kiev, full of innocent Slavic people, the vast majority of them Russians – just like the Ango-Zionist Coalition did to the the city of Raqqa full of innocent Syrian people? Hundreds of thousands killed.

      The Anglo-Zionist Empire is doing to Russia in Khazarkraine exactly what it does to Syria, Iraq, and other countries: creating a fake, unnatural resistance (the Zio-“Nazis” in the case of Khazarkraine) that would never have existed, loading it with weapons and training, and feeding it more money, until it causes Russia to have to undertake a very difficult, precisely targeted police action to try to capture and disarm it without harming the millions of innocent people who have been trapped in it.

      • This the second time that the U.S. has stirred up Galician resistance against Russia.

        At the end of WW2, when semi-socialistic Henry Wallace who would have elected to succeed FDR had been removed and hyper-capitalist Harry Truman had taken his place; and FDR was also out of the way, and Truman moved up to his place, the Truman administration re-launched the cold war against Russia that was begun by Woodrow Wilson (ordered U.S. boots on the ground inside Russia) and had been suspended during WW2. The Truman administration prepared to destroy Russia with atomic bombs (until Russia unexpectedly developed its own arsenal), established the CIA and NATO, destroyed democratically-elected communism in Italy and Greece, and created a new Galician (aka Ukrainian) Banderite anti-communist terrorist resistance movement inside the Ukrainian SSR! But the USSR under Stalin’s leadership penetrated the U.S. network and hunted down and killed the U.S.’s proxy fighters. The U.S. ordered them to fight to the last Galician.

        But the U.S. continued the war by pumping anti-Russian propaganda into Ukraine by “Free Europe” radio broadcasts and through letter contacts with the mostly anti-communist and Banderite Ukrainian diaspora in the U.S.

        Then, not ten years ago but almost forty years ago, in the late 1980’s as the USSR “opened up” (was betrayed) the U.S. went back in, and began the current stage of proxy war in western Ukraine.

    • “According to Russia’s own media, they have lost 9,000 soldiers so far. ”

      Why is Russia using ground troops ?
      Why isn’t Russia using standoff weapons, like the cruise missiles fired from ships in the Black Sea , to attack kyiv ?

    • Russia is not losing, moron. Russia has lost troops because they have been trying to avoid civilian casualties, while the Ukraine military has been using civilians as shields. The US military lost fewer of their latinx and mulatto soldiers in Iraq because they indiscriminately slaughtered hundreds of thousands of civilians. Russia obviously could have gone in and razed every Ukrainian city to the ground from the start and murdered millions of people, like America does, but that wasn’t their goal.

    • There is no evidence for anything that Israeli agent has said (Gnilliki Yot). Vladimir Vladimirovitch knows what he’s doing. Ukrainian troops are abandoning their positions and going home. They don’t want to fight for some villainous jew who wears women’s shoes and lives in a comfortabe exile in Poland.

    • > According to Russia’s own media, they have lost 9,000 soldiers so far

      You are completely full of it. The Russian MoD says they’ve lost about 500 so far – it’s the Ukrainians who are claiming 9k. The Ukrainians have lied about pretty much everything during this entire war, and not just little lies – they regularly tell whoppers. Maybe you support Ukraine. There are valid reasons to have sympathy for them. But they’ve repeatedly proven that you can’t take their word for anything. You’re better off knowing absolutely nothing about the conflict than getting information from western or Ukrainian sources. Even NYT is starting to walk back taking stuff the Ukrainians say at face value.

    • I dislike the 6000 to 9000 comparison. Whites are always more competent soldiers than browns. Plus the Ukes have a full spectrum of fairly modern equipment.

  6. 23 Mar, 09:53

    Russia has nothing to do with rising fuel prices in U.S. — Deputy PM
    Alexander Novak reiterated that Russia had never used energy resources as a weapon and has been their reliable supplier to world markets for many decades

    MOSCOW, March 23. /TASS/. The United States has been trying to shift the blame for rising fuel prices on Russia, but Moscow has nothing to do with this situation, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said during a government hour in the State Duma, lower house of parliament.

    “The US-announced ban on the supply of Russian oil and petroleum products has become one of the reasons for the surge in fuel prices. In the United States, since the beginning of the year, fuel prices have risen by 19%. However, the share of Russian energy resources in the United States of Russian exports is only 3%,” he said.

    “But our partners are trying to shift their problems associated with rising prices on Russia. Although our country has nothing to do with this,” he added.

    The Deputy Prime Minister reiterated that Russia has never used energy resources as a weapon and has been their reliable supplier to world markets for many decades.

    “Even now, despite the most difficult geopolitical situation, we continue to supply gas to European consumers in compliance accordance with applications and contracts, using the Ukrainian gas transmission system in accordance with the contract until 2024,” he added.
    US sanctions

    US President Joe Biden signed the executive order on March 8 banning import of energy resources from Russia. The Department of the Treasury set the deadline to complete import transactions as April 22. Oil import transactions with the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) are not banned because the executive order allows import of energy resources not originating from Russia, which are carried by transit via Russia or are exported from it.

    After that, the cost of gasoline at gas stations in the United States began to rise. According to the US Department of Labor, the cost of gasoline at gas stations has recently repeatedly updated its all-time high. On March 10 it exceeded $4.31 per gallon (3.785 liters) of the Regular brand (corresponding to AI-92 gasoline in the Russian Federation). Biden attributed the surge in gasoline prices to the fact that the situation was influenced by the crisis around Ukraine. He also argued that inflation in the United States as a whole is breaking records due to the actions of Russia.

    23 Mar, 09:52
    Gas price in Europe exceeds $1,350 after Putin order to accept payment for gas in rubles

    Earlier on Wednesday, the Russian President said that Russia would refuse to accept payment for natural gas supplies in “compromised” currencies

    MOSCOW, March 23. /TASS/. The price of gas in Europe exceeded $1,350 per 1,000 cubic meters after the order of Russian President Vladimir Putin to supply gas to unfriendly countries only for rubles, according to the London ICE exchange.

    The April futures price at the TTF hub in the Netherlands rose to $1,353 per 1,000 cubic meters, or 118.75 euros per MWh (based on the current euro/dollar exchange rate, ICE prices are presented in euros per MWh).

    Since the beginning of trading, the price of gas has increased by almost 20.3%.

    Earlier on Wednesday, President Vladimir Putin said Russia would refuse to accept payment for natural gas supplies in “compromised” currencies, including dollars and euros, and would move to payments in rubles. The head of state stressed that future changes in gas contracts with unfriendly countries will only affect the currency of payment – it will be changed to the Russian ruble.

    Putin instructed the government to issue a corresponding directive to Gazprom to amend existing contracts. The Finance Ministry and the Central Bank within a week should determine the procedure for the purchase of rubles on the domestic market by importers of Russian gas.

    23 Mar, 10:03
    Dollar drops below 95 rubles first time from March 2
    The euro tumbled 2.74% to 111.36 rubles

    MOSCOW, March 23. /TASS/. The dollar drops below 95 rubles during the trading session on the Moscow Exchange for the first time since March 2, according to exchange data.

    The dollar lost 8.3% to 94.98 rubles.

    The euro tumbled 2.74% to 111.36 rubles at the same time.

    So bye-bye, Miss American Pie
    Drove my Chevy to the levee burning $4/gal gas…(Thanks Joe!)

  7. The chickenhawks never went anywhere.
    They have been deferring since the 1960’s.
    Going off to war is for the deplorable kulak classes.

    • Now join by wahmen who never had their precious careers in human resources interrupted by involuntary servitude.

  8. These clowns who are pushing for a hot war with Russia should consider the damage and disruption that 9/11 caused. Now consider what a 1 megaton nuke would do to New York City.

    It pays to consider what might happen in any major metro area.

  9. The Russians, North Koreans, Iranians or even the Islamo-fascists are not the greatest threat to the US. The neocons are. But most normies are too stupid to recognize that they and their countries are being shepherded by smiling Judases, masquerading as their countrymen, to the abbatoir.

    Woe to any nation, to any people, ruled by foreigners, as is now the United States, for Schumer, Schiff, Sanders, the Kagans, Mayorkas, Garland[Garfinkle], Blinken and Nuland[Nudelman] are all foreigners.

  10. I followed the link to the full article in Compact and recommend it to everyone. Short but informative. It’s vital to know the names of these demons who are hell bent on our eradication. They bring this fight to us. We have tried to live in peace with them but that isn’t possible because they hate us and want us dead, just like Lana says. We can choose to fight or choose to perish.

  11. The chickenhawks never seem to want to join the military and fight the wars that they start. They cheer lead from the sidelines while others go off to fight their wars and than pretend to care about them when they die or get maimed.

  12. “If you are wondering what hell on earth looks like, watch the TikTok video above. This is what will be fighting for against Russia.”

    Presumably a high skool. How different from mine in the early ’80s. There were a couple of faggots: they were almost universally laughed at; voted “Homecoming Queen”, etc. What you see with that mob is the direct, planned effect of decades of brainwashing due to the god damned kikes’ total control of all sources of propaganda.

    I wish the limp-wristed scum & their shitlib punk “allies” could have been hit with one of Russia’s thermobaric bombs. They are nothing but enemy trash that will have to be destroyed eventually.

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