Mark Levin Takes On The Putin Wing

Every few years or so we have the exact same argument with Mark Levin.

Mark Levin and his fellow crazed Boomer neocons advocate invading and occupying this or that country or whacking this or that foreign leader in Eurasia. Every single time we respond and patiently explain why that would be a bad idea and point out all the negative consequences that have flowed from previous misguided interventions like 9/11 and the rise of ISIS or major refugee crises.

The countries which Mark Levin has supported invading over the past 20 years have changed over time: Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Libya and now Ukraine. Similarly, the evil doers who have to be stopped has changed over the years: Saddam Hussein, the Taliban, Soleimani, Assad, Gaddafi and now Vladimir Putin. He thinks we should have invaded Iran instead of Iraq although he still insists Saddam had WMD.

The bottom line is that Mark Levin is a neocon, a warmonger, a jingoist, a chickenhawk, a militarist, an imperialist and a blustering fool who never learns anything from experience. This is what has always separated us from his ilk. It was watching people like Hannity, Mark Levin and W. and Lindsey Graham plunge us into the disaster in Iraq who shaped our foreign policy views, not Vladimir Putin.


  1. “… the negative consequences that have flowed from previous misguided interventions like 9/11 …”

    Not sure whether I’ve mentioned this here, at Occidental Dissent. Early in the Desert Storm air-assault, in 1991, I saw, on TV, some gloating juvenile of an American pilot joyously recounting his air-run, in which, as he put it, “Baghdad was lighted up like a Christmas tree.”

    I’ve wondered where he was a decade later, for another Christmas-tree lighting:

  2. Mark Levin learns plenty from experience. Specifically, that amping up retarded boomers is a good way to destroy Israel’s enemies.

    • Yep…we have them out where I live…White Boomer retards known as the Setaucket Patriots.

      Here is the funny thing…Since Gulf War Two…every Saturday Morning…100 yards down the road from the famous Hedge Fund Renaissance Technology…Setaucket Patriots held a pro-war protest. Across the Street, the White Leftists and White Liberals hold their anti-protests.

      Both sides still hold these protests….but here is the twist:on both sides of 25A Setaucket Patriots wave the Ukraine Flag…across the street the “anti-war” White Liberals-Leftists wave the Ukraine Flag calling for arming Ukraine. The only difference is that the Trump Tard-Setaucket Patriots want to nuke Russia now………And these shenanigans all take place right by SUNY Stony Brook which has been literally been handed over to mainland China….

      White Boomer Trump Tards are an evolutionary dead end…to be culled from the human population by evolution…and their own retardism…it’s going to happen…

      • The Zionist state has been remarkably calm and diplomatic during this crisis. They are genuinely unwilling to join the “International community” in imposing sanctions on Russia. “Another Hitler” indeed!

        • “The Zionist state has been remarkably calm and diplomatic”:

          It is an act. They will let the puppet governments They control take all blame.

  3. Mark Levin, just like Zelensky, just like Victoria Nuland, just like those at the center of every ill and disaster that has afflicted the US and White Christian civilization in general: Jew.

    They are a curse without limit in either duration or scope. Now that we are on the cusp of nuclear war, the truth has become clearer than ever: it’s them or it’s us. We cannot afford to let this race of demons live in our midst. To do so will mean our extinction.

    • Truly, the kikes are The Synagogue of Satan. When you’re nourished on the lie “You are the center of the universe” along with your mother’s milk, to not grow up to be a narcissistic sociopath would be exceptional.

    • “Year after year, out of the inexhaustible Polish cradle there streams over our eastern border a host of hustling, pants-peddling youths, whose children and children’s children will someday command Germany’s stock exchange and newspapers.The jews are our misfortune.”

      – Heinrich von Treitschke. 1874

  4. Mark Levin represents the Moshiach wing of the Republican party. And the Moshiach wing is occupied by the Jews, the Irish and the out loud and proud crowd. Ronald Reagan was an Irishmen. George Bush check. You gotta go back to Ford and Nixon to find a Republican president who was not down with the anti-Christ. It is a miracle we have not been nuked already.

    • “Nixon to find a Republican president who was not down with the anti-Christ”

      Who was the moron who put Kissinger in as sec state, kissinger who then filled the NSA and NSC with his j-crew ?

      • Was it the white southerns who knifed Nixon in the back? The Jews did Nixon in because he would not obey. If you obey you are great, if you rebel you are persecuted and torment and nailed to a cross. Get it todd?

        • Nah, Brownie! It was treacherous cowardly Yankee scum like you who instead of acting like real men and fighting against the Southern men folk as soldiers in the many battles during the American Civil War dogs like you were attacking Southern civilians and ransacking and burning their homes and fields sometimes murdering the young and old in the name of your satanic Yankee Empire and helped to totally ruin the South for generations to come.

          But in the future with the help of God we Southerners may be avenged when your whole godless Yankee Empire world who you now claim is being threatened by the Irish will be nuked to smithereens and will come crashing down on your wicked South-hating heads. May God Speed That Day!

          Women of the South, who took an active part in the Civil War as nurses, soldiers, spies, and teachers, did so out of choice, but other women of prominence were forced to fight back. As the war stretched out in time, it also stretched its destructive hand across the boundary of the woman’s sphere. Violence found a new battlefield when it reached out to the women who tried to protect their homes, families, and their lives. Union troops invaded the South and were met by hostile women. Union General William T. Sherman, who was responsible for a great deal of the pillage, wrote of the women he encountered. He witnessed a land left to women and children who had been “bred in luxury, beautiful and accomplished, begging in one breath for the soldier’s ration and in another praying that the Almighty… [would] come and kill us, the despoilers of their homes and all that is sacred.” Many diary entries recorded the decimation inflicted by Sherman’s wrath. He and other Union men were responsible for the burning, looting, and depredation that drove many Southern white women from their homes; their safe sphere. Accounts were written of plantations burned and of food and valuables stolen or ruined. Sarah Morgan disclosed an instance of Yankees who shelled her home. Everything was gone and the Morgans were left with nothing. She called it “deviltry” on the part of the Yankees who tended to treat the ruination of their homes and goods as “sport” as they wasted the land. Confederate ladies were not usually granted the “armor of gender.” Although upper-class women were rarely raped, seldom beaten or harmed, their children were not as fortunate. Union guerrillas terrorized Mary Hall and her family on their plantation. After setting fire to the room where her three younger children slept, Union soldiers shot and killed her eighteen year-old son in his bed. Another plantation mistress in Virginia was forced to shelter Union officers in her home only to have them burn it in the morning as they left. She managed to save her small children, but all else was lost. Plantations were not the only buildings burned. Sherman not only torched a cotton factory in Rosswell, Georgia, but he also took the four hundred women who worked there as prisoners of war and sent them to the North. Sherman’s “march to the sea” plagued the South and its women. The Confederate Congress formally complained about the acts of “cruelty and pain” that Union troops inflicted upon women and children. They characterized the ransacking, burning, theft and degradation as acts of “dishonor worse than death.”
          — Matherne, Erin “Crossing the Threshold: The Roles of Elite Southern White Women in the American Civil War”

      • Kissinger did succeed in exploiting the rift between Red China and the USSR, making it possible for Nixon to establish diplomatic relations with Peking. But Kissinger also saved Israel’s tuchas from certain defeat in the 1973 war. Damn it!

      • Kissinger destroyed Rhodesia, gave arabs control of the oilfields, botched vietnam, set the path to destroy south Africa, set the path for China to be a super power.
        Nixon followed along like a lost puppy. He was a buffoon to the manipulation of hk.

    • BROWNO! Rannin’ yer gob agin, loik de boggin gobshite ye are! Noice package headin yer way…

      • @Jerry—-Have you been Hannotized Jerry? Are you up to date on your boosters.? I think you need another injection. Bend over Jerry, it won’t hurt an inch.

  5. Levin is terrible and should never receive views and attention, so I did not open any of the linked videos. Fox News, Levin, and other sources of “information” that are promoted and easy to find are invariably bad. But there are some good, accurate sources of information, which are not promoted or easy to find.

  6. You are never going to hear a Jew say you are entitled to your opinion. Ditto an Irishmen. Either you obey or you are their enemy. There is in between and there is no getting along with this kind of filth either.

    • BROWNO! Stop yer cock-gobbling! Ye wouldn’t last two secs in The Maze. But the Derry lads are sure going te smear ye with shite!

  7. Levin or (La vin ) to sound less jewish is your typical jew neocon warmonger. I used to like when he and Savage used to attack each other on the airwaves.

    • @John – I was a Savage listener in 2014 and 2015, and then gave up neo-con talk radio altogether. Savage could be a bit of an unhinged lunatic, but he was infinitely more likeable than Mark Levin. I was such a normie on global politics back then, that Savage was the first person I ever heard call John McCain a war criminal instead of a war “hero”. He made a simple and devastating case that left no doubt in my mind.

      So, yes, Michael Savage started me on the path to radicalization.
      And here I am.

      • Mother,

        Out of all of them I liked Savage the best because he didn’t repeat the same talking points as Rush, Hannity and Levin. Those 3 were a continuation of each other. Savage was the most honest when it came to the political sphere. He didn’t carry water for the Republican party like Rush, Hannity and Levin.

        He would call a spade a spade and would defend Whites up to a point. He could also talk about other things besides politics, the others couldn’t.

        I stopped listening to Rush and Hannity about 15 years ago, Weiner about 5.

  8. They are loyal to themselves first no matter what host country they are in.
    Once the place is picked clean then it is time to move on to a new host.
    Mickey Mouse Levin doesn’t have a good voice for radio and has no skin in any war game.

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