1. Cohen (a Talmudist) was fairly good on THIS subject, but be advised, he was an opponent of socialism and a very poor historian of Stalin. Also, Cohen said he admired the very vain, spineless and stupid Mikhail Gorbachev, who sold out Russian socialism, the treasure of the Russian people, for nothing but crumbs of personal praise by Western politicians and media! Cohen admired Gorbachev who might have been the worst leader Russia ever had. At least Boris Yeltsin the chronically intoxicated clown was amusing to watch, but Gorby was always boring and nauseating.

    If Stephen Cohen was alive today he would oppose the Russian “invasion” of Khazarkraine, and wish that Putin had listened to his counsel, and continued to compromise with the U.S., and that the U.S. had also listened to his counsel and been more patient and diplomatic with Russia – just as he advised the Palestinian leaders, and Assad other Middle East leaders to compromise instead of fight with Israel, and realize “they can never defeat Israel.”

    A must-read bio of Stephen Cohen: https://jewishstandard.timesofisrael.com/steven-p-cohen-71/

  2. Regarding the coup of Yanukovych….Cohen said that set a precedent for “American behavior.”

    I’d argue it was more of an indicator of global jewish hegemony

  3. Cohen’s fellow jews are going to have his synagogue privileges revoked for going against the narrative.

  4. After the end of the Cold War the world could have and should have enjoyed 50 to 100 years of peace. But ZOG USA saw the end of the Soviet era as an opportunity to embark on a nonstop campaign of imperialist aggression. Too bad Prof. Cohen never acknowledged the true reasons for America’s meddling in the Ukraine, viz., to promote American-Zionist world domination, establish the Ukraine as a jewish gangster state and remove Vladimir Vladimirovitch from power.

  5. Cohen was married to movie and music heiress Katrina vanden Huevel. The big Jew bucks were on vanden Huevel’s mother’s side of the family, but, her father was also, connected.

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