John Avlon: Behind The Calls For America First

Are you unwilling to fight Russia in World War III over the status of Crimea and Donbas?

Are you opposed to being cannon fodder for George Soros and Lloyd Blankfein?

Do you fail to see what we get out of signing mutual defense pacts with Montenegro?

Do you fail to grasp why we are in a proxy war with Russia over Ukraine which is not even a NATO member? Who gave these people permission to start a war with Russia?

Are you a traitor to Zelensky, Ukraine, NATO and the American foreign policy establishment?

If so, you might be an America First isolationist.

Note: The overwhelming majority of people on this planet want nothing to do with this war in Ukraine. Yeah, it is sad what is happening there, but we shouldn’t be fueling the conflict or getting more involved.


  1. Maybe Avlon should talk about all the bases the US has around the world when he talks about expansion.

  2. Macedonia must have a puppet government now. Shame that. Skopje is a really nice city.

    • And camp Bondsteel is barely one hour tank ride away from Skopje No wonder that they joined Nato and all other organisations to avoid bombed to the ground.

  3. No surprise that the MSM and our ruling masters are all for US involvement in the war. What gets me is that Boobus Americanus apparently (if polls are to be believed) wants significant involvement, up to US troops in Ukraine and a US Air Force enforced no-fly zone over Ukraine. At least prior to Pearl Harbor, most Americans were against involvement in the European and Asian wars. It would seem that a false flag and/or finagling behind the scenes (as in the case of Pearl Harbor) would only be icing on the cake this time.

    Avlon hasn’t gotten the message – Dr. Seuss has been canceled.

    • There’s a “Sheriff” in the woodpile! I’m glad Suessbergwitzcohen is cancelled. He should have been hanged at Nuremberg for propaganda but the wrong side won.

  4. Don’t be so harsh on the 51st state Ukraine.
    Put on your blue and yellow face panty and hail Zelensky so that everyone knows a good and virtuous person you are.
    Saw a “pride” gig poster style agitprop that showed a genetic misfire with the blue and yellow obedience muzzle for the laugh of the day.

  5. There are a fair number of virtue-signaling idiots in my largely white locale who have little Country 404 flags on the lawn, though I seriously doubt even half of them could find the place on a world map. I expect this expressed support for the Kolomoisky krime-family will evaporate if they are required to do anything which might disturb their decadence. Wait until the economic fallout from Putin’s latest move (making unfriendlies pay for natural gas in rubles) hits Wokeunduh’s casino economy.

    Gonzalo Lira ‘splains this pretty well. As he notes, things will really start to swirl down the toilet bowl when the clowns in Sodom-on-Potomac start to ramp-up the sanctions escalator on the Chinese.

  6. The Klain-Biden administration has been a clear disaster. From record high gasoline and diesel fuel prices to what I suspect are the highest rate of inflation in US history, and now food shortages that will be felt at home and abroad. Oh, did I mention the jewish oligarch’s war in Ukraine?

    The jews’s mask has completely been abandoned. Bear witness to the malevolent and foundational aspirations and thought of talmudic international jewry at play.

  7. I don’t care what happens to Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. Why should I care what happens to them, just because they are white? Let China and Russia have them. As long as Tucker Carlson is on the TV, RamZPaul is on Twitter, I have my Ayn Rand collection, and delivered fast food, I’m good.

  8. If there were real public support for the Ukraine War the U.S. Government would bring back conscription (the draft) which ended in Jan. 1973 with the end of the Vietnam War. These war mongers are itching to do it. The wealthy, the well connected, and The Usual Suspects would be exempt, of course.

    Support for the Ukraine War is a mile wide and a millionth of an inch deep, it is a mirage. People give the “correct” answer i.e. the expected answer to poll takers all the time while they believe the opposite of what they say. Once the U.S. Government demands personal sacrifice, such as military service, this supposed support for the Government’s war will evaporate.

    Support for the U.S. Government’s war may evaporate anyway as fuel shortages cripple travel, food inflation impoverishes people and the flood of wogs through the southern border start committing crime wholesale later this year. There will be widespread anger at the multiple failures of the Dementia Joe administration by the summer that the Lügenpresse won’t be able to hide. They are scared to death of a political backlash at the voting booth in November and are doing their best to ignore the domestic problems and focus on foreign wars instead, an old trick.

    Perhaps the war mongers in Washington, NYC, London, Brussels, Tel Aviv and elsewhere are pinning their hopes for U.S. intervention on a false flag chemical attack by the CIA although that is a risky proposition. They already got caught once in Syria with their false flag chemical attack. People are on to their evil scams now and are expecting dirty tricks from the CIA.

  9. The devil can not come in to your house unless you invite him in and the devil can not lead you to hell unless you agree to go. That devil John Avalon is trying to lead you, me, and us all to hell. Do not follow the devil.

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