Sean Hannity Interviews Tulsi Gabbard On Ukraine

We DON’T support Sean Hannity’s foreign policy.

We made this crystal clear during the Trump administration. We made up our minds on this issue a long time ago when Hannity was the biggest jingo on television cheering on the Iraq War.

Where to start?

1. Hannity says “we can’t be the world’s policeman.” This is exactly what we have been in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and now Ukraine. We are constantly meddling and intervening in the internal affairs of foreign countries in far flung parts of Eurasia. Hannity and Mark Levin had a meltdown last summer over the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan. We had only been stuck there for 20 years. Washington has been involved in some kind of frontier war for my entire adult lifetime.

2. Hannity claims to be a supporter of the “Reagan doctrine.” Hannity cites the Soviet war in Afghanistan as a successful example of the Reagan doctrine. He ignores the fact that the mujahideen who we armed there were Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda. He cites arming the Contras in Central America as another successful example of the Reagan doctrine. He ignores all the illegal immigration that has come out of the region since the 1980s. Much of Central America lives in the United States now.

In both cases, Hannity ignores the unanticipated consequences that stemmed from meddling in Afghanistan and Central America. It is even worse than that though. Both Woodrow Wilson and FDR armed Britain before entering World War I and World War II. There is a direct line between crushing Japan with sanctions and Pearl Harbor. American presidents and the media have a long history of promising peace and limited involvement in foreign conflicts only to end up dragging America into war based on false flags and dubious intelligence. There was “Remember the Maine, to hell with Spain!” in the Spanish-American War. There was the Gulf of Tonkin incident that got America into the Vietnam War. There was Colin Powell waving around his vial of white power at the UN in the run up to the Iraq War. There were repeated attempts to drag America into another regime change war in Syria based on false flag gas attacks.

3. Hannity claims to be a supporter of the Trump doctrine. In the case of Russia, Donald Trump had a good relationship with Vladimir Putin. In fact, one of the key reasons we voted for Trump in 2016 was because he strongly condemned the Iraq War. He was skeptical of our so-called NATO allies. He ran on a better relationship with Russia. He was also running against Hillary Clinton who wanted to establish a No-Fly Zone in Syria. Trump himself was impeached for halting arms shipments to Zelensky.

4. Hannity claims to support “no boots on the ground” and providing Ukraine with intelligence and weapons. There are American boots on the ground in Eastern Europe. There is a massive military buildup of “boots on the ground” in Poland. The result of flooding Ukraine with billions of dollars worth of weapons and providing intelligence that allows them to take out Russian generals and soldiers is thousands of dead Russian soldiers. What are the long term geopolitical consequences of this policy? What are even the short term consequences if something goes wrong and those troops are brought into the conflict?

5. Hannity argues that Putin has to be stopped in Donbas. What is being put at risk by starting a war with Russia over Donbas? Is there anything worth taking on that risk?

6. Hannity argues that America has a moral obligation to fight a proxy war with Russia because of Mariupol. Every single night Hannity has Lady G on his show who literally caused the war in Ukraine. The proxy war has been going on there for eight years. Hannity never cared about Ukrainian civilians then. The war has only expanded to other parts of Ukraine since February. He also ignores the fact that the reason Mariupol is being decimated is because it is being defended by Azov Battalion. There is a fight to the death going on there because of Russia’s commitment to “de-Nazification” in Ukraine.

7. Hannity claims the devastation caused by the war is a justification for flooding Ukraine with weapons to cause more destruction. Obviously, the solution and the quickest way to end the war is stop supporting Zelensky and force him to resolve the status of Crimea and Donbas, which would bring the war to an end, but Sean Hannity and Hillary Clinton and Lady G don’t want that to happen.

8. Hannity insists on drawing a red line in Ukraine over chemical weapons and nuclear weapons. Hannity is ready to plunge into World War III in Ukraine and blow Russia off the face of the earth. Anyone who doesn’t agree with his foolish blowhard foreign policy (see Iraq) is a coward.

9. Hannity says Putin is unwilling to negotiate. Zelensky has refused to concede the independence of the Donbas republics. This is the sticking point which is why the war continues to drag on.

As a result of Hannity’s ridiculous foreign policy, we have neither peace, strength or prosperity. The American middle class and working class is getting poorer by the day. We have more censorship. We are seeing further erosion of our civil liberties. These are the fruits of the disease of militarism and imperialism as it runs its natural course. Wiser men wanted to avoid this a long time ago.

Note: Why are the same cheerleaders of all our previous foreign policy disasters like Iraq and Afghanistan even still on television or in government?

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  1. She never once addressed the consequences of Hannity’s proposals, death and destruction by nuclear war. This is the thing. Why take that risk? Because some Irish retard says so? Sorry no dice. Putin could ground Ukraine into nuclear dust for all I care and I would not be willing to risk a single hair on my head.

    • @More of,
      ‘we shouldn’t be the world’s policeman’.
      ‘lets blow Russia off the face of the earth’.
      Two statements that are certainly in lockstep with each other! What a tard…..

  2. 25 MAR, 09:49
    Russian airlines carry almost 6 mln passengers in February, up 19.4% year-on-year

    According to revised figures, 14 mln passengers were carried in January-February

    MOSCOW, March 25. /TASS/. Russian airlines carried 5.96 mln passengers in February 2022, up by 19.4% year-on-year, according to the updated information provided by the Federal Aviation Agency on Friday. Earlier reports said Russian airlines increased air service by 28%, while passenger flow amounted to 6.41 mln.

    According to revised figures, 14 mln passengers were carried in January-February (up by 33.8% in annual terms).

    Particularly, Aeroflot carried 1.27 mln people in February (up 28.4%), S7 served 1.15 mln passengers (up 9.3%), Pobeda carried slightly over 1 mln people (up 19.5%), Ural Airlines – 468,500 (up 16%), UTair – 413,500 (up 24.2%).

  3. She could hardly get a word in edgewise over yapper-dog’s barking, but kudos to Tulsi for confronting the most aggressively stupid talking head on television, who makes Joy Reid look smart. If you die of radiation poisoning in the next few weeks, it’s because of people like Sean Hannity.

  4. Not advocating BDSM but I would love to see someone shove that F-ing football up Hannity’s ass.

  5. I saw the interview. Hannitys a pig. Whenever she was about to make her point, he’d cut in or talk over the top of her.
    Russia’s kind of, a big place. Blowing it up is not recommended.
    Tulsi is very logical and graceful……..and looks kind of ok as well!

  6. Republicans know that their positions are generally unpopular, so they have to use this kind of doubletalk that Hannity does.

    The template is something like “now, I don’t support [generally unpopular piece of the Republican party platform], but at the same time we must [position that directly implies support for the same generally unpopular piece of the Republican party platform].”

  7. I tried watching the video by fast forwarding every time Hannity spoke but it was impossible because all he did was interrupt her when she was making her points. I truly despise that neocon warmonger.

  8. Hannity loved Tulsi when her position on Putin and Assad bombing and murdering and torturing Syrian civilians was; what’s Aleppo? Who cares! Now that God heard their approval of mass murder of Sunni Arab Muslims, and answered; Aleppo is Ukraine, he now cares about civilians being bombed. He who for 20 years promoted wars where he said could be won if they “untied our quaint Geneva convention hands”; euphemism for killing civilians, now cares about civilians being killed. He who when Israel bombs a building filled with women and kids, says they are collateral damage, and that they are being used as shields, will not countenance Russia saying and doing the same regarding Ukraine.

    The only core belief he has exposed is that it’s all right to murder Arabs but not Ukrainians. Tulsi is in fact no better then him in that regard. But because in the case of Ukraine, she has no animosity towards either Ukrainians or Russians, she will logically want to see a negotiation to end the violence of war, unlike ME where she was glad to turn a blind eye to Putin’s bombs there. She and Hannity were glad that Assad /Putin was doing the killing of Arab civilians. Why stop a good thing was how they both reasoned. Hannity[like Tulsi] does not see Arab Muslims as having any human rights, but he is no racist towards Ukraine and for that reason feels empathy when they are being bombed. His aggressive Americanism comes out in wanting to fight the bully Russia, but he’s too hateful towards Arab Muslims and racist to see that the US /Israel have also been bullies in the ME.

  9. That compressed lump of rancid corned beef & cabbage and jewshit…when he started cryin’ over Those Poor Women ‘n’ Children, she should’ve come back with the fact that war-monger shills like him always SELECTIVELY pull that tear-jerkin’ shit: incubator babies, ad nauseam. Handjobbity was of course dead silent for the last 8 years when Donbas women & kids were getting blown apart by the artillery shells of our “brave” (((Ukrainian))) stooges.

    As for the vaunted Reagan/Dump Doctrine, she could have replied simply: “Al-Qaeda. ISIS. The Afghanistan debacle.”

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