1. A point that tucker didn’t address is Biden’s promising the EU our LNG.
    If the US attempts to supply the EU with a substitute for Russian nat gas, most Americans will see their heating bills skyrocket.

    Americans aren’t aware of how cheap their nat gas is, compared to world prices.

    • I believe this is a major reason why all this was instigated. Energy profits for Amurika….keep Europe/Germany under globohomo rule.

  2. Another point,
    Chinese (and other nations) buying our farmland.
    Nations like the Philippines and Thailand don’t allow foreigners to own land, of any type.
    This nation is going to see the dire consequences of undirected capitalism, very dire.

  3. I urge you to keep an eye on what your leftists over there are saying about Ukrainian refugees. Here in Australia, our compassionate ones aren’t real fond of Ukrainians being let in rather than more Afghans. Maybe they’re too suitable, or too white, perhaps…
    Refugees that the left actually oppose…….who would have thought!

  4. Monuments Across Dixie

    This is the grave of an 11-year old girl who is buried at Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Paulding County, Georgia, just north of the Dallas and New Hope Church battlefields. She was a victim of war crimes perpetrated by Federal soldiers who invaded the area in 1864.

    Rosanna Twilley experienced seizures from head injuries she had received in a fall. One day she had such a seizure, and fell into a fire. She was badly burned. As her mother, Priscilla, tried to nurse her back to health, the mother noticed that the only nourishment her daughter could keep down was milk from their family cow.

    When Yankee troops marched through the area in 1864, they wrought devastation upon the neighborhood by destroying property and stealing everything they could carry off. When Ms. Priscilla saw Yankee soldiers outside, walking off with her cow, she ran and caught them, desperately pleading to them not to take it, because her daughter was very sick. She told them that Rosanna would die from starvation if she could not get any milk from the cow. The Yankee soldiers responded by shooting the cow in the head, tearing out its liver, and leaving the carcass there in the Twilley’s front yard.

    Rosanna was buried in Mt. Moriah Baptist Church Cemetery in Paulding County. In 1984, a collection was taken up, and a suitable marker was erected over her grave. Rosanna Twilley was only one victim of many atrocities the Federal army perpetrated on Georgia’s civilians during wartime.

    Written by Angie Riley

    As the commander of the Col. Allen R. Witt Camp #615 Sons of Confederate Veterans stated: “We Southerners don’t live with hate, but you ask why we don’t forget? This is why.”

    • ….and nobody who committed that crime is alive today. The jews have a very similar philosophy.

      • You can’t blame the Jews for all the Yankee atrocities in the South. In fact some of the Jews were even fighting with the South against the Yankees.

  5. Fag band drummers dropping dead for no reason. Military heath issues up 1000%.

  6. “You would have to be the GOP to screw this up!” They’re too busy screaming for war to think about all that–especially food shortages.

  7. Tucker the Fake Populist Twat won’t feel the pain of inflation or food shortages at Whole Foods – he gets paid $5M/year to shovel his shit over the airwaves.

  8. Biden is an old man and will soon die. He really doesn’t care how fucked up he leaves this country.

  9. While gentiles around the world are going broke over food, gas prices and war, false prophet and Christian Zionist John Hagee wants Christians around the world to help rich jews from Ukraine to get to Israel. Take a listen to the fraud if you can stand it.


  10. I’m a grocery manager and we already have a food shortage in that we only receive 40% of what we order at the grocery store. If it gets worse than the situation now, there’s going to be a huge panic.

    I hate it when airheads like Elizabeth Warren and liberals attack the grocery industry. Grocery companies don’t make money by jacking up prices, we make money by selling volume, it’s a volume business. Are there businesses taking advantage of the inflation by jacking up prices? Yes, like Amazon for example, but the grocery business doesn’t operate that way, the profit margin in the grocery business is 2-3% at max, sometimes less than that.

    • ” airheads like Elizabeth Warren and liberals”

      Airheads and liberals…….??? Is there a difference?

    • Wonder if the liberal Yankee Blue states are experiencing 40% of their placed orders not being shipped out.

      The South may need to form a watchdog org to monitor these shortchanging/cutbacks/etc and develop a strategy to make sure the agriculturally focused South is getting all it needs instead of having things grown/produced in the South being shipped up to the Yankees or out of the country. Yankees in the past would shortchange/tax the South to death to the North’s advantage.* Need to shut these Yankees/carpetbaggers down if they are stealing from the South.

      Those foreign countries that have bought land here to feed people out of the country may need to have their land taken back (temporarily) from them if there are shortages here in the South.

      The South needs to secede and mange its own country/resources here in the South — the Yankees and other carpetbaggers sure won’t!

      Democracy hell! The North forced the South into the Yankee Empire with bayonets and canister to take advantage of the South’s resources and money generated by tariffs — that’s not a democracy!!!

      * Southerners were already paying 85% of the taxes yet 75% of the tax money was being spent in the North. Secession meant turning all that money inward, back on the South.
      — Abbeville Institute: “Robert E. Lee and Me” by Gene Kizer, Jr. on Apr 6, 2021

      • It’s actually 60% of our placed orders are not getting shipped out. I said we only receive 40% of what we order.

  11. Weimar conditions worsen to the point of crossing over to pre-French Revolution food insecurity circumstances.

    Buckle up goys and girls! We are going to experience extreme turbulence in a Tower of Babel multiracial maelstrom.

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