Stop This War

My thoughts on this …

  1. The war should end immediately
  2. Neither side of this conflict is my enemy
  3. Americans shouldn’t be involved in this conflict
  4. We’re all the losers in this conflict
  5. The enemy are the evil elites who caused this war
  6. The same people who incited World War I and World War II are inciting World War III
  7. Down with ZOG and the NWO

No one has any control over their foreign policy. Everyone is dealing with the fallout.

Note: Inflation is out of control here too.


  1. “It makes no difference what men think of war. War endures. As well ask men what they think of stone. War was always here. Before man was, war waited for him. The ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practioner. That is the way it was and will be. That way and not some other way.” – Corman McCarthy/Blood Meridian

    • The only way ZOG can be defeated is through war, explicitly a foreign war. Some people even now think we will vote our way out of this. But ZOG counts the votes, and there is only one party anyway.

      I will continue to live peacefully and obey the laws. But I will continue to pray for war. It seems we have a good start!

    • “War was always here. ”

      Warfare is as intrinsic to humans as it is to ants.
      It’s in our very nature.

  2. If this was the quality of propaganda that got the “Greatest Gen” to go to war they were seriously dumber than dog shit.

    • The enthusiastic Doughboys of WW1 were exponentially more stupid than the “GG”. The preacher at my old church had two uncles who changed their German family name and voluteered to go “over there”.

  3. You are beating a dead horse, Hunter. Conservative Russia is going to get owned by the Liberal New World Order. Why? Conservatives always get owned by liberals. We have seen it happen so often, it is practically a law of nature.

    I’ve been thinking about why consevatives always get owned, and came up with a couple of ideas:

    Cons don’t want to lead institutions, and they won’t discipline them, when they turn lunatic. They prefer to retreat into their own worlds. They are selfish. They are suspicious of education and novelty.

    Put these things together, and you get an atomised, pooly educated, low tech, group of people, vs one that is highly educated, has the technological advantage, and can forge big alliances, all of which is used to crush conservatives.

    • you do realize that revolutionary/ Napoleonic France, the Americans in 1812, most of the revolutions in 1848, and the Spanish republicans lost right. oh, and the Soviet Union fell. more examples can be given.

    • “Conservatives always get owned by liberals. ”

      Only in times of prosperity.
      Wait until the prosperity goes away.

    • “Conservatives” willingly play the part of the “loyal opposition”. Their number one priority is to never offend our Anti-White overlords, aka NWO crowd. You never can win when you let your enemy approve or reject your agenda.

  4. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

    You advocate doing nothing while evil Jews and Jew-pet Putin fight their personal battle over the dead bodies of good white people.

    There are good guys in this war, the Ukrainian men fighting for the their folk.

    In the battle of good versus evil if you don’t pick a side how will god even know you?

    • There are good guys in this war, the Ukrainian men fighting for the their folk.

      Would that be the Judeo-Nazis who’ve killed around 10,000 Russians in Dombass for the last 7 years or so on behalf of Globopedo or some other Ukrainians in Country 404 – serving as cannon-fodder for Globopedo’s forward base? Oh yes the same Judeo-Nazis who are in command of the entire Ukrainian army and shoot those who want to talk with the Russians. The war started 7 years ago moron.

      Jew-pet Putin as opposed to Jew clown-puppet Zelensky who plays ‘Hava nagila’ with his penis on a piano? Filthy Jew Zelensky also threatened to nuke-up after hosting Globopedo bio-warfare labs.

      No sale. Go join Azov battalion, Schlomo. They need you.

  5. Yes nobody wants to see women like this be slaughtered, regardless of which side of the border they live on. They’re just ordinary people who can’t help what happens in their nations political arena, yet are dying needlessly.
    I’m with everyday Ukrainians and Russians, but not their leaders……….. they’re all scum!

  6. Any thoughts.
    I only see two possible directions , from our present situation.

    1) Zog continues with inflation, ever escalating, as inflation typically does.
    2) Attempts to arrest inflation with higher interest rates and the consequent deep recession.

    Which direction will it go?
    Any other alternatives?

  7. Russia’s New Reality by Svetlana from Siberia:

    Granby Missouri

    1 second ago
    Hello Svetlana:

    I live in Granby in Southwestern Missouri in the 4-State area of Missouri /Arkansas / Oklahoma / Kansas.

    The retail prices are going up by a third since the past month.

    What you call “real food” like potatoes and broccali are cheaper in Siberia. Turnips much cheaper. Other produce about the same.

    The vodka in Russia is 40 % of American liquor prices and incredibly cheap. I prefer beer though which has risen in price as well.

    The gasoline which is cheapest in Missouri because of low sales tax is $3.69 per gallon which is .95% of 4 liters. The diesel is $4.00. The Russian gas is 92 octane without the ethanol which isn’t good for gasoline engines and thus 87 octane. You are literally paying half for five points better octane gasoline.

    The banannas are $.50 per pound at Walmart, the biggest retail outlet in America.

    I don’t go to malls because I despise them and they have nothing I want. I buy my clothes at Walmart or the thrift store.

    Granby Missouri is a poor place. I imagine a number of people here in Granby would like to trade places with you. The leaders of your country obviously care more for you than the worthless pack of idiots and thieves running this country right into the ground. I would know as I’ve run for governor of Missouri and US Senate on minor political parties and have been jailed and fined heavily myself.

    We have crooked and idiotic politicians over here as well, as witness my video channel fighting with the Granby City Council-Criminals. Like Mayor Crooked Evil Awful Ira, Senile Heifer, JoAnn Skank, Pfat Jackass Kelly, Baal Sh*trell, Gomer-Goober and others. Actually living in an autocracy is far more honest than living in a dem[on]ocracy because you get punished if you believe that you actually have “rights” when you really do not. In an autocracy you know where the lines are drawn and your place in society and so in many ways you have more freedumb than in a place supposedly free which isn’t really.

    Actually life in Russia for Russians I see in your video reminds me of life in rural Ohio or Michigan from back in the 1970s and 1980s when I was in my 20s and 30s. Life in Russia seems much safer for children than in the Amurrikwa / ZOG and those able to think are in despair for their children’s future. I was born and raised by my grandparents born in 1894 in Central South Dakota whose parents came over in 1884 from Scania and Prussia and whose defining life event was the Dirty Thirties Great Depression. Central South Dakota looks a lot like the Siberian steppes.

    I was raised to think of Russians as primitives clad in bearskins living on the collective farms. From 1981 to 1980 I was stationed in Crailsheim West Germany in a nuclear battlefield missile unit. Germany was so much different than Missouri back then. But your video as said before reminded me of life in the 1970s and 1980s some place in the Upper Midwest US. My 1957 birthdate is 64 years and long gone for me. I suppose in 20 years looking back these will be the best days of your life when you were young and pretty.

    Anyways, just some observations from Missouri.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    US Senate Candidate from Missouri

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