1. Mentally sick people have usually good instincts and they understand that their world is going down in flames.

    So they using their most powerful weapon. Only that Putin and Xi are not Western conservatives. You can not scream and defame them into retreat and silence. Actually for all white males it is tome to be exactly as evil as communists describing us.

  2. “Nazi” by itself is a vague term. Classical and Neo- Hitlerian Nazis are quite different from Khazarkrainian Zio-Nazis, which are different in turn from Latin American (Bolivian, Chilean, Peruvian, Brazilian, etc.) hyper-Catholic “Nazi” fascists, although they all make the same salute and wear some of the same insignias.

    • Then, of course, you have the American neon-Nazis who glow as brightly as a Klan-lit cross on someone’s front lawn…

      I seriously find the whole swastika fetish and swastika fear b.s. beyond tiring. Can’t we just take care of our problems without the need to LARP as followers of a movement from 100 years ago? Nothing wrong with knowing about history (revisionist history very much included), having an affinity for a certain German leader (and/or an Italian one) from the 30s, etc. But grown men and women don’t need to role play in order to fight anti-White hostility.

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