1. Dago Joe Manchin is now supporting Ketanji for a seat on the SCOTUS! Manchin is just getting back to his Italian Roman Catholic roots with Ketanji.

    • @Merthyr Rising, 1831 (formerly, “anonymous”) HA !! — good one! Credit where credit is due, THAT would have been the six-million-dollar question! I suppose asking her to define what “a White person” is would have gotten the asker booted out of the Senate.

  2. Her non-answers should be cause for a “No” vote, but the maniacs who rule over us will vote her in. Pay special attention to the Republicans who submit.

    • The National Review and the WSJ writing sometime late next year: The Conservative Case for Ketanji Brown for SCOTUS.

      Even though she is barely literate, not qualified to be a kindergarten teacher and carries a 10 pound chip on her shoulder directed at Whites she is an excellent Supreme Court Justice because she is blackety blackety black.

  3. She should be disqualified for refusal to answer simple questions but at the end of the day, it’s all a charade and she will be voted in. Being black in America comes with very special privileges.

  4. It’s like watching Planet of the Apes. Seeing this other species trying so hard to do what we do and failing under the whole guise of being equal.
    What’s scary is…they are doctors, pilots, and politicians, and no, they don’t do an equal job. The idea that they can have their say in nuclear arms is downright maniacal.

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