Azov Regiment: Patriots or Nazis?

As you might expect in a brutal civil war in a distant region of the world, there are two sides to the story. There are Ukrainians who are pro-Western and others who are pro-Russian.

Some people there are saying that Azov Battalion are Ukrainian patriots with nationalist views who are defending the homeland while others say they are Nazis. There are Russians who are rallying behind Putin and Russians who are disgusted with their own government and the war in Ukraine.

The war is a disaster for most of the Russian YouTubers who I follow like Natasha/Yeah Russia. The sanctions and the new laws in Russia are falling the hardest on pro-Western English speakers. People like Aleksandr Dugin are thrilled with the sanctions.

Note: Obviously, I don’t trust the corporate media. I’m strongly opposed to American involvement in the war. Americans didn’t care about Ukraine three months ago. We also know too little about the situation to get involved. We only care about Ukraine now because “journalists” are pointing cameras there.


  1. Eastern Ukraine up to Kiev belongs to Russia… doesn’t belong to the US Military which would put US troops on Russia’s borders directly facing Russian Troops…..They only possible reason for doing this is to existentially threaten the continued existence of Slavic Russia…

    Slavic Russia almost died during the Clinton years….

    The US wants to murder Slavic Russia through a proxy Army……later followed the US Military on Russia’s borders…….Russia will nuke the US in response…..

    And all of this occurs in parallel to the Democratic Party’s policy of White Genocide within the borders of America….

    If you don’t support the Democratic Party’s open policy of Genocide against Slavic Russia….you will be called a traitor to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and the Democratic Party’s majority nonwhite majority Democratic Party Voting Bloc…I proclaim my “treason” to the Democratic Party…how bout you?

  2. “Russians who are disgusted with their own government and the war in Ukraine”:

    They are a very small minority, consisting of urban cosmopolitans thoroughly corrupted with Western “culture” and deluded with propaganda to the point that they are really not Russian anymore. Many have left Russia in the last month, and they should all emigrate to the U.S. that is their real multicultural homeland.

    There is a much larger minority that believes Russia is not going far and fast enough in its struggle to defend against the U.S. in Khazarkraine.

    The vast majority – the working class, in capitalist Russia – is solidly (100%) supportive of Putin and the police action in Khazarkraine.

  3. I’m tired of people using the “nazi” word. It was a derogatory or slur word for the National Socialists of Germany. It’s like the racist word.

    • From now we call shitlibs nazis racists and all other degratory words. Let them taste their own medicine

    • “I’m tired of people using the nazi word. It was a derogatory or slur word”:

      Yes, I’ve been told not to use it at all. But now I’m beginning to use it only with quotation marks and always with the prefix Zio-, in reference to the U.S.’s and Israel’s Khazarkrainian thugs. thus, the Khazarkrainian Zio-“Nazis” – so there you have it!

      Some of the Khazarkrainian Zio-“Nazi” militias even contain Orthodox Jews, who say They never experienced any anti-Semitic slurs, discrimination or other mistreatment by the majority Gentile Khazarkrainian Zio-“Nazis,” who are supposed to be anti-Semitic. Jewish and Gentile Khazarkrainian Zio-Nazis are united in hatred for Russia.

      Galicia prior to WW2 had probably the highest demographic percentage of Jews in an part of Europe, and certainly the highest in the USSR, up to 20%! Galicia (Ukraine proper) is said to have had the highest incidence of anti-Semitism and the most pogroms in any part of Tsarist Russia, yet both Jews and Banderites were then and still are fully united in hatred for Russia.

      • I went to high school with a kid born in Poland and he always railed about how Lvov belonged to Poland and Russia stole it from them and Poland wants it back so I know the border is unsettled somewhat in the western Ukraine. How much population transfers occurred and how deep the Polish influence goes I don’t know but evidently according to him it is there.

        • After the War Stalin moved the Soviet and Polish borders 100 miles west, taking the former East Prussian city-state of Konigsberg in the process. I figured that decision would eventually be challenged by future generations of Poles, Ukrainians, etc.

    • Oh, it’s clear Russia is taking one from the oldest leftist playbook by calling their opponents “nazis.” While some Ukrainian nationalists cooperated with the Germans during the second world war. The situation was “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and after the communists starved them and ruined their farms why shouldn’t they side with anyone who is against their hated bully conqueror? Nazism itself is something from 30s Germany that died when Berlin was destroyed by the Russians. These people just hate the Russians for their mismanagement of the Ukraine during the Soviet years. They hate them so much they let themselves get used by the CIA for a war they were outmatched for, a war Sun Tzu would never approve of and would have advised they play it cautious around the Russian bear to keep their independence.

  4. And this is all you really need to know:

    During the Clinton years the Democratic Party’s neoliberal shock program exterminated 6 million Slavic Russians….

    In 2022, The Democratic re-launched it’s extermination program for Slavic Russia by invading Ukraine with a proxy army backed up by the US Military on Ukraine’s border with Poland and the US Military is directly facing Russian Troops on the Lithuanian-Russian borders….

    Just a reminder…the US Military is illegally occupying the sovereign nation of Syria….

    Vladimir Putin is reversing the Treason of the Clinton Puppets Gorbachev and Yeltsin….

    There is nothing to debate:if the US threatens the continued existence of Slavic Russia…Slavic Russia will nuke the US…

  5. The photo:

    A traitor to Russia….and a worshipper of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama….a Jew no doubt…

  6. Azov men are Banderistas. Uniate Catholics. Followers of their hero Stepan Bandera.

    Bandera fought with the Nazi Germans. He specialized in Urban Warfare. Mass terror, assassanations, merging with civilians, hiding behind civilians. Extreme torture was normal. A fanatical constant search for traitors in their ranks, who when caught were always subject to the very worst sort of tortures before they were killed.

    Then the bodies were hung in public, as examples.

    The Nazis loved him.

    For a generation now this has been the model for Ukrainian manhood and warfare. A veritable Banderastan. All that they are doing now is what Bandera did.

    By the way, the CIA loved Bandera too. After the war he prospered, always with American support.

    To his credit, it should be mentioned, after the Nazis set him up in power in Ukraine, he defied them by declaring Ukraine an independent nation. Berlin was not amused and they tossed him into the camps, where he wss found in 45 at the end.

    Bandera/Azov cannot be allowed to control any nation. This is not actual Nazism, in most aspects it is far far worse. I say, kill them.

    • I agree, those Azov/Banderaistas are not true National Socialists, they are extrajudicial goon squads hired by jew gangsters to murder Russians and Ukrainian separatists.

  7. The Azov battalion and its fellow Judeo-Nazis were more than willing to lob artillery shells and launch missiles with cluster-bomb warheads into the civilian areas of Dombas, killing some 10,000 Russian civilians over 7 years starting in 2014-15 – at the orders of their Jewish bosses and Globopedo. These are not the actions of patriots. FYI, a majority of those who joined Azov are Russian speakers from the eastern (Russian) section of the fake-country Ukraine, not from the far west (where Ukrainian is actually spoken). These morons are no more “patriots” than are white American retards who sign up for the Imperial Rainbow Legion and carry out orders to murder Syrian Christian civilians in the name of Israel – even less so. These Judeo-Nazis are likewise using Russian civilians – literally their own people – as human shields. The only thing they are ‘patriotic’ to in reality is Globopedo, regardless of whether they comprehend this ugly fact or not.

    Also consider the fact that nearly all Russian You-Tube posters will be the so-called “liberals” who want Globopedo and all of its “benefits” in Russia. Basically a fifth column. This should not be a surprise considering (((who))) owns You-Tube. The term “nazi” for these characters only has meaning in a specific Russian context. Banderites would be a better term as to the specific ideology adopted by the leaders to these groups, those I expect most of the grunts are essentially mercenaries for Oligarchs like (((Kolomoisky))), hoping to move up in his “organization”.

    The article by Rolo Slavski (actually the entire series) gives a decent overview of how the “nationalists” in Russia, Country 404 and Eastern Europe in general have sided with Globopedo for their own narrow interests, ending up as tools for the (((Masters of the Universe))). The series is quite informative and explains many of the bizarre aspects of the situation. Slavski also notes Putin’s real shortcomings in dealing with the (((Oligarchs))) in Russia itself, though this seems to be improving now.

    • I’m certainly no expert in any of this but those Ukrainian “nationalist” militias come across as criminal gangs and mercenaries who will gladly torture prisoners and massacre civilians if the price is right. They give us real Nazis a bad name.

  8. Patriotism from the Latin word “Pater” denoting father. Thus in its most pristine state patriotism is loyality
    to a kindred stock.

    • That explains why I have no more for this mongrel, negro-worshipping country.

  9. The situation over there is too complicated for most Americans to understand. It is none of America’s business but that doesn’t matter. And ZOG probably won’t have any problem finding enough young white working class men to recruit as cannon fodder. The gaps can be filled in using women and minorities.

    • Unfortunately, Congress has already sent billions of dollars of weaponry to Ukraine, which has killed thousands of Russian soldiers, which means we are now up to our waist in this conflict and have effectively cosigned this war.

  10. Even Western finance has already admitted that sanctions aren’t going to do much harm to Russia. The harm will fall on the third world and on Europe.

    • Western Europe deserves a good dose of poverty. They need a good face-slapping. Something has to wake them up before it’s too late.

  11. They’re more like Zio-Nazis. Just like ISIS never attacked Israel, the Azov never attacks jews or their institutions as the adl claims.

  12. Another useful comparison for those who’ve followed the skulduggery by the CIA/Mossad/MIC in Syria is ISIS, basically a mercenary army of terrorists, criminals and thugs who carry out all manner of mayhem on behalf of the above – supposedly because of “Islamofascism” or “Islamism” or something. John McStain never got to be an admiral like his dad and grandad because of his antics on the USS Forrestal and later on in the Hanoi Hilton. He was kind of the honorary Admiral of the ISIS sand-navy though.

  13. The Jews do have a knack for subversion. Think of the advantage for the Jews in subverting a Nazi organization and using it to commit crimes for you. You would never be blamed no one would ever believe the Nazi group was acting on your say so. ” I am a Jew”. How could I be associated with a Nazi group? But you are aren’t you kyke?

  14. The Russian’s made a war/scifi movie that that portrays today’s Ukranian Nazis as WWII re-enactors. The plot is a couple of Russian WWII re-enactors and a couple of Ukrainian Nazi re-enactors time travel back to WWII. With all of the expected results. Amusing and free on Youtube.

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