1. This is going to get memory holed along with the presenter.

    It’s almost 2 hours, it is well worth listening to and taking notes.

    Lots of details you will not remember, some effort went into this presentation.

    A lot of it is ” NEOCONSERVATIVE 101 ” , an overview , plus all sorts of interesting details.

    Talks about ancestral Jewish hatred of Russians and Christians.
    Goes over her family history, Nuland is from Ukraine and wants
    to see it get wrecked.

    NULAND married into the the KAGAN family , of PNAC .

    Orwellian ” Project for the New American Century ”

    Where they WRECK THE WESTERN WORLD beyond recognition.

    • It’s an excellent overview. Nuland is the de-facto ruler of Ukraine. Zelensky is like Biden – a drugged-up puppet who dances to Nuland’s tune via the Right-Sektor character who is the Nuland’s second in command. Yet another example of a “Nazi” who willingly takes orders from an insane Jewish bitch to kill his fellow slavs. Coach Red-Pill’s account is a very perceptive one. The other important takeaway is that the whole Hunter Biden corruption tale is merely the small tip of a very massive iceberg.

  2. How long until Lira gets caught? They’ve already been looking for his hideout in Kharkov. This is the best video talk he has done yet, excellent for sharing with all your misinformed (by mainstream media) not-yet-red-pilled friends. I’m sure They are doubling Their efforts to find and stop him a.s.a.p. And how long until YouTube censors or removes his videos?

  3. So mental illness runs in Victoria Nudelman’s family and she’s working through her personal issues by driving the slaughter and destruction of untold multitudes. What an evil woman, yet how typically Jewish.

  4. I’ve heard his other talks on the situation, and this is excellent, thought-provoking, and frightening; moreso when you consider how stupid and ignorant most Americans are about this situation. Also makes you realize how completely hollow and brainless is Biden, yet it’s true he has been waist deep in this Ukraine corruption. Ukraine is like Potterville in It’s A Wonderful Life, and where is our George Bailey?
    The presentation is a strong telescope into the neocon/Jewish mind. I write pieces in countercurrents publishing, and there have been pro-Ukraine pieces that are rabidly anti-Russian; simply full of bile.
    I’m writing a review of the 1964 movie Failsafe, about an accidental nuclear strike, and Groeteschele, played by Walter Matthau, is an excellent, dark side of the Nuland personality. I urge all of you to watch this film.
    Nuland recalls the tragedy Medea, where she kills her sons to get back at Jason, and he screams why did she do it. She replies “because I hated you more than I loved them.” An excellent insight into a vengeful woman’s mind, and the Greeks seemed to know a lot about this.

  5. Note: Lira says, at about 18:40, that she is very stereotypical in terms of ethno-religious origin….

  6. No Coach Red Pill. The promise of the Jew religion to the Jew people is the subjugation of the non-Jew. If you refuse to submit to Jew hegemony, to Jew supremacy rule you are an enemy of the Jews, be it you are Russian Christian Chinese or a slug. You will be hated by the Jews for wanting to be a free man as God created and intended for you to be. And if you fight for you freedom against these Christ killers you will be hated by them until the ends of time.

  7. Gonzalo pretty much named them.

    Excellent dissection of the parasitic and malevolent cabal of satan’s kids.

  8. A “nu” name for Nudelman-created (and micromanaged) Khazarkraine is:

    Nudelman Land. Yes, I shall call it Nudelman Land, at every opportunity.

    The Nudelman-created and micromanaged Khazarkrainian war is now: “Operation Nudelrossa”

    The Zio-“Nazis” are now: the Talmudo-Nudelistas. Victory! (I mean Victoria) to the Nudelistas!

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