Mark Levin: What Are Putin’s Intentions?

Mark Levin has resumed our ongoing argument.

It has nothing to do with Vladimir Putin or Ukraine. There is no such thing as a “Putin wing” of the GOP. We’ve been having the same argument with Mark Levin for years now.

Back in the day, we clashed with Mark Levin when we supported Ron Paul and opposed getting more deeply involved in the proxy war in Syria. Last summer, he was crying over the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan. He has said invading Iran would be a cakewalk. He still believes that Saddam Hussein actually had the WMD. He was all for going into Libya with Hillary Clinton to take out Gaddafi. The common thread is that Mark Levin has always supported wars in Eurasia.

Mark Levin is a Reaganite. We’re Jeffersonians.

Mark Levin is an imperialist. We’re anti-imperialists.

Mark Levin is a globalist. We’re nationalists.

Mark Levin is a jingo. We recoil from jingoism.

Mark Levin is a neocon. We’re more influenced by paleocons and libertarians.

Mark Levin is a conservative liberal. We’re populists and nationalists.

Ukraine is only the latest flashpoint that illustrates this philosophical divide over foreign policy.

If we had it our way, we would have withdrawn from NATO a long time ago. We would have never meddled in Ukraine. We would have never invaded Iraq. We would have never fought a proxy war in Syria. We would have never toppled Gaddafi in Libya. We wouldn’t have assassinated General Soleimani like some kind of gangster in the Sopranos. We would have never occupied Afghanistan for 20 years.

If we had it our way, we would reject militarism and imperialism. We would radically cut the Pentagon’s budget and close all of its military bases outside of North America. We would end things like CENTCOM and AFRICOM. We would kill off the military-industrial complex which is a corrupt scheme for washing out wealth from the American taxpayer and redistributing it to the Beltway. We would abolish the “intelligence community” and gut the Deep State and restore democratic control and accountability over our foreign policy which is currently controlled by unelected bureaucrats like our monetary policy.

We’re tired of getting sucked into these endless wars in Eurasia to vanquish a revolving cast of “evil dictators.” We’re tired of being told by chickenhawks like Mark Levin that we have to fight for “democracy” in places like Donbas and Fallujah. We’re tired of seeing our money squandered on these crusades and our interests neglected and actively harmed due to the massive spike in inflation and gas prices.

Yes, it is true that Vladimir Putin thinks Ukraine is a fake country. It is true that Putin sees himself as the defender of the Russian World. It is true that Russia has set up these frozen conflicts all over the region to forestall NATO expansion. It is true that Russia is a autocratic multicultural empire. We can grant all that and look at it and see the same Russia that has always existed and thus fail to see why it is our problem. The entire history of Ukraine has been being dominated by one regional empire or another and it was part of the Russian Empire for 200 years of American history until the 1990s.

The real question is why Ukraine and specifically Donbas is now worth fighting for to Americans. No one cared about Ukraine three months ago. The war has been going on there for eight years with zero coverage. It is easy to see why Russia is involved in the war, but why is this war our problem? Why are people like Mark Levin so incapable of minding their own business? Why can’t Russia and Ukraine sort this out? Why can’t we choose not to get involved in this like the rest of the Western hemisphere?

Why is Mark Levin so convinced that Putin is evil? What is the moral argument against Putin? What has Putin done that makes him so uniquely evil? Mark Levin supports assassinating foreign leaders and generals like gangsters. Look at what happened to Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi. Mark Levin supports attacking foreign countries which haven’t attacked us like Iraq, Libya and Syria. Mark Levin supports occupying the territory of sovereign countries. Mark Levin supports wars which have killed at least 500x more people than the war in Ukraine. Mark Levin supports crushing all sorts of nations with sanctions. Mark Levin supports leveling cities and killing civilians. Mark Levin is an imperialist who seeks world domination, not merely regional domination. Mark Levin also has imperial designs on Ukraine.

The difference between Mark Levin and Vladimir Putin is this … Mark Levin wants to do this in our name and with our money at our expense and wants to endanger our own people.


  1. Mark Levin is a Jew. That’s all you need to know about him. His ideology is not something he actually believes in, it is merely his chosen pathway of infiltrating and controlling goy society. Most Jews are liberal, some are ‘conservative’, but with ‘conservative’ Jews like Levin you will find they are actually also liberals. His beef with Putin stems from the fact that liberalism in Ukraine dies when their western-backed puppet government falls. That is the only reason. Reminder: Jews don’t espouse liberalism because they believe in it, they merely recognize it as the ideological framework most beneficial to Jews.

    What is Putins intentions? Whatever they were he should change them to the complete incorporation of Ukraine into the Russian federation. He has already paid a high price the invasion and to not get more territory for such an effort would be a huge waste.

  2. “Vladimir Putin thinks Ukraine is a fake country”:

    It really is a fake country. Putin is correct.

    “it was part of the Russian Empire for 200 years”:

    What is “IT”? Galicia (Ukraine proper) was taken from Poland by Catherine the Great over 200 years ago. It was an independent Catholic Crusader duchy (crusading against Orthodox Russia) for only a short time in the distant past. Four of the five main parts of what is called Ukraine now – Malorossiya, Donbas, Novorossiya, and Crimea – were all Russian LONG before “Ukraine” was created after WW1. The majority in those areas still speak Russian, although there are fines and other punishment for speaking Russian in public and writing Russian Cyrillic, and although ethnic Russian schoolchildren are forced to speak and write Ukrainian (and punished for using Russian) – like the Welsh children who were subjected to the ethno-cidal “Welsh Not!” policy by imperial Britain:

    Crimea was taken by Russia from Ottoman Turkish control over 150 years ago and has an indigenous population of Tatars who speak their own language – which is not Ukrainian! It is majority Russian and the Galicians are a small minority.

    Like “Kosovo” and “North Macedonia,” Khazarkraine is an artificial creation by the global Hegemon.

  3. I don’t care about Putin’s intentions. I do care very much about the intentions of our own, insane psychopaths at the helm.

  4. I have met so many “conservative” whites who think Putin is wrong, because Russia was “the aggressor” and acted first. To me, that’s such a narrow view of what happened. The same conservatives complain about the liberal news, but then they go right along with them on this issue.

    • I have met so many “conservative” whites who think Putin is wrong, because Russia was “the aggressor” and acted first.

      More proof of how they are thoroughly gaslighted by Jewsmedia. The notion that Russia is the “aggressor” here is a barefaced lie. The war has been going on since 2014-15. The breakaway sections around Dombass and Lugansk have been attacked, bombed and shelled continually since then by “Ukrainian” military (with Azov and Western “advisors” in charge). Breakaway republics have pleaded with Russia to intervene since it started. Putin didn’t want to because he has much on his own plate at home to deal with, but Penis-piano-puppet finally left him no choice. The aggressor is the puppet-regime of Country 404, not Russia.

  5. And Mark Levin is a Jew and he worships Moshiach and we are Christians and we worship Christ. Big difference.

  6. Can’t tolerate the whiney little worm. His voice (and rhetoric) is so typically Jewy that I just have to immediately turn off the car radio (or switch stations) when he comes on.

  7. Why do I think this hared of Putin arose after he exiled certain oligarchs who were not ethnic Russians? We talk of “Russian collusion ” but we forget the good ole U S of A sent actual political operatives to run Boris Yeltsin’s elections. We are proud of it and even made an HBO movie about called Spinning Boris!

  8. Mark Levin is an eloquent argument for why White Christian countries should host no Jews at all. He calls himself a “conservative” and says some things that make sense, but at the crucial moments he sides with fellow Jews in pushing the things that are most harmful to White Christians, in this instance World War III in order to save a Jew-dominated regime in the Ukraine. Having elected the sickening little Jew with 73 percent of the vote, the fake country of the Ukraine can go to hell.

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